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Priority Research Proposals 2007B: Industrial Application Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
1 2007B1799 Local structural analysis of Ruthenium in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) by XAFS Hiroyuki Yoshida Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. Japan BL14B2 3
2 2007B1820 Development of Functionalities of Ni- and Ti-based Glassy Alloys based on XAFS Analysis Eiichi Makabe Bulk Metal Glass Co., Ltd Japan BL14B2 6
3 2007B1828 Effect of sample pretreatment and temperature on As K-edge measurement of iron bacterial floc samples Yoko Fujikawa Kyoto University Japan BL14B2 6
4 2007B1829 Characterization of local structure in InGaN-nanostructures fabricated on semi-polar substrates by the assessment of XAFS Atsushi Sakaki Nichia Corporation Japan BL14B2 6
5 2007B1833 Local structural analysis on Li[LixMn2-x]O4 (0<=x<=1/3) by X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) Hiroshi Nozaki Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL14B2 5
6 2007B1834 Chemical Characterization of Hydrogen Storage Materials Composed of Metal Boride by XAFS Measurement Takayuki Ichikawa Hiroshima University Japan BL14B2 3
7 2007B1839 Mechanism of anti-bacterium and deodorization of washing clothes by silver ion coating
(XAFS studies on the interactions between metal ions and microbial cells )
Yasuhiro Konishi Osaka Prefecture University Japan BL14B2 9
8 2007B1840 Influence of Trace Element and Interface Layer to High-Speed Rewritable Phase-Change Optical Recording Media by SR-XAFS method. Tsukasa Nakai Toshiba Corporation Japan BL14B2 6
9 2007B1843 Structure analysis of zirconium compounds in solutions Fumiyuki Takasaki Daiichi Kigenso Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. Japan BL14B2 3
10 2007B1864 Local structure around Sn in rust using XAFS Takashi Doi Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Japan BL14B2 6
11 2007B1918 Structural Analysis of the new developed phosphors for vacuum-UV excitation by XAFS meansurements Takashi Kunimoto Tokushima Bunri University Japan BL14B2 3
12 2007B1921 XAFS capital of Water Coordination to Gd Complexes Katsuaki Kuge Canon Inc. Japan BL14B2 3
13 2007B1922 Chemical state analysis of tungsten ion in molten salt for tungsten electroplating Junji Iihara Sumitomo Electric Industories, Ltd. Japan BL14B2 6
14 2007B1923 Initial structure analysis of electrodeposition by sample current mode XAFS Junji Iihara Sumitomo Electric Industories, Ltd. Japan BL14B2 6
15 2007B1924 Chemical state analysis of trace iron in the epitaxial layer for Laser Diode Junji Iihara Sumitomo Electric Industories, Ltd. Japan BL14B2 6
16 2007B1929 Local structural analysis of the high-intensity fluorescence glass using nano-porous glass Toshihiro Okajima SAGA Light Source Japan BL14B2 6
17 2007B1933 Influence of Trace Element and Interface Layer to High-Speed Rewritable Phase-Change Optical Recording Media by SR-XAFS method (2) Tsukasa Nakai Toshiba Corporation Japan BL14B2 6
18 2007B1937 XAFS analysis of structures of active sites in γ-Ga2O3-Al2O3 prepared by the reverse strike coprecipitation Shinji Iwamoto Kyoto University Japan BL14B2 3
19 2007B1938 In-situ XAFS study for local structure change of catalysts for PEFC Taihei Mukaide Canon Inc. Japan BL14B2 3
20 2007B1939 Fluorescence EXAFS study of local structure around Hf atoms in high-k gate dielectrics (2) Masaharu Oshima The University of Tokyo Japan BL14B2 9
21 2007B1946 Chemical Characterization of Titanium Catalysts in Amide-Imide Hydrogen Storage Materials by XAFS Measurement Takayuki Ichikawa Hiroshima University Japan BL14B2 3
22 2007B1949 Study on luminescent center of europium doped aluminum nitride phosphor Takashi Takeda National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL14B2 3
23 2007B1952 The bonding conversion and local structure of metal-doped amorphous boron. Kaoru Kimura The University of Tokyo Japan BL14B2 1
24 2007B1953 XAFS study of Ca doping effect of dielectric properties in BaTiO3 Katsumasa Yasukawa Kyocera Corporation Japan BL14B2 6
25 2007B1957 The coordination number of B-site for SOFC cathode materials Takanori Itoh AGC Seimi Chemical Co., Ltd. Japan BL14B2 3
26 2007B1959 XAFS measurment for Pt catalyst Takashi Doi Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Japan BL14B2 6
27 2007B1960 XAFS analysis of ammonium zirconium carbonate in solutions Fumiyuki Takasaki Daiichi Kigenso Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. Japan BL14B2 3
28 2007B1961 Characterization of local structure in InGaN-nanostructures fabricated on semi-polar substrates by the assessment of XAFS Atsushi Sakaki Nichia Corporation Japan BL14B2 9
29 2007B1962 Determination of Adhended Element in nano-sized Particles by using XAFS Iwao Uchiyama Kyoto University Japan BL14B2 6
30 2007B1963 Production and Analysis of Highly Selective Heterogeneous Palladium Catalyst.
Development of a New Enantioselective Hydrogenation Catalyst for Practical
Synthesis of Chiral Pool Compounds
Takashi Sugimura University of Hyogo Japan BL14B2 6
31 2007B1968 Effect of melting condition on behavior of lead in melting slag Masaki Takaoka Kyoto University Japan BL14B2 6
32 2007B1838 Magnetic domains in the magnetized NdFeB magnets and their temperature dependence to be studied by XMCD-PEEM technique Yukio Takada Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL17SU 6
33 2007B1854 Layer analyses of LSI devices by the photoelectron emission microscope 2 Junichi Tsuji Toray Research Center, Inc. Japan BL17SU 6
34 2007B1809 Characterization of amorphous oxide semiconductor thin films for TFT using Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering Kazuhiro Takada Canon Inc. Japan BL19B2 6
35 2007B1816 Analysis of Residual Stress Distribution in Iron Single Crystal Muneyuki Imafuku Nippon Steel Technoresearch Corporation Japan BL19B2 6
36 2007B1823 Evaluation of the SiN stressor’s structure for MOSFET performance improvement 2 Atsushi Ogura Meiji University Japan BL19B2 6
37 2007B1836 In Situ Structure Determination for Polymorphic Phase Transition of Pharmaceutical Compounds using Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction Katsuhide Terada Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering Japan BL19B2 3
38 2007B1844 Study of correlation between crystallinity on a surface of alignment films and rubbing strength or molecular structures. Hidenori Ishii Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 9
39 2007B1851 The development of hydrogen storage materials by crystal structure analysis of light element hydrides Tatsuo Noritake Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL19B2 6
40 2007B1852 Strain of superconducting layers in high-performance superconducting composite tapes at service temperatures under external loads Hiroshi Okuda Kyoto University Japan BL19B2 6
41 2007B1858 Evaluation of structure determination from powder diffraction using very small quantity of industrial organic materials by synchrotron radiation-II Daisuke Hashizume The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Japan BL19B2 18
42 2007B1867 Measurement on the change of a morphology for the SOFC anode using X-ray imaging Hisataka Yakabe Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. Japan BL19B2 6
43 2007B1869 Polyimide molecular orientation induced by ion beam irradiation Yuko Kinoshita Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd. Japan BL19B2 9
44 2007B1915 Temperature dependence for the isotropic atomic displacement parameter and electron density of SOFC cathode materials by Rietveld and MEM analysis Takanori Itoh AGC Seimi Chemical Co., Ltd. Japan BL19B2 6
45 2007B1916 Development of control method of filler agglomeration in uncured tire compounds using time-resolved ultla-small angle X-ray scattering. Naoya Amino The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Japan BL19B2 6
46 2007B1920 Structure study on alloy anode for lithium ion batteries by x-ray imaging Yuki Kusachi NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD Japan BL19B2 3
47 2007B1928 In-situ measurement using XRD and SAXS for precipitation process evaluation of Nano-particles in ODS steel at high temperature Takahisa Shobu Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan BL19B2 9
48 2007B1930 Development of Vapochromic Organic Crystals for Sick-House Syndrome Gase Monitoring Systems Hikaru Takaya Kyoto University Japan BL19B2 5
49 2007B1931 Residual Stress Measurement near Weld Takayuki Kurimura Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 6
50 2007B1936 In-situ Observation of Corrosion Fatigue Damage in High-strength Aluminum Alloy Yoshikazu Nakai Kobe University Japan BL19B2 6
51 2007B1941 Detection and sizing of SCC cracks in austenitic stainless steels by synchrotron radiation CT imaging Shigeo Nakahigashi Japan Power Engineering and Inspection Corporation Japan BL19B2 6
52 2007B1942 Development of advanced rubber material having functionalized polymer ends (2) Tetsuo Tominaga JSR Corporation Japan BL19B2 6
53 2007B1943 Development of Fretting Fatigue Crack Propagation Model on Turbine Rotor Groove Takayuki Kurimura Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 6
54 2007B1944 Structure characterization of the amorphous transparent oxide semiconductor films by the powdered x-ray diffraction. Futoshi Utsuno Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. Japan BL19B2 2
55 2007B1945 Crystal Growth of ReBCO Coated Conductor with Optimized Intrinsic Strain and Effective Elastic Strain Kozo Osamura Research Institute for Applied Sciences Japan BL19B2 6
56 2007B1948 Characterisation of Applied Mascara on Eyelashes by X-ray CT Norimichi Sano Procter and Gamble Japan Japan BL19B2 6
57 2007B1954 Visualization of fatigue cracks from inside defects by micro-CT and investigation of fracture mechanism of structural materials Yuji Sano Toshiba Corporation Japan BL19B2 6
58 2007B1958 Microanalysis of Crystalline State of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients using Synchrotron Radiation Powder diffraction Katsuhiko Masuda Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation. Japan BL19B2 9
59 2007B1965 Stracture Analysis of Full-Heusler Alloy by Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Diffraction Hirobumi Ohmori Toshiba Corporation Japan BL19B2 2
60 2007B1797 Phase structural analysis of emulsion by monochromatic X-ray CT scan using synchrotron radiation Takuji Kume KAO Cooperation Japan BL20XU 6
61 2007B1819 Study of understanding spatial distributions of voids and structure materials in cement paste Takashi Hitomi Obayashi Corporation Japan BL20XU 9
62 2007B1845 Development of ferromagnetic materials for CPP-GMR films showing high magnetoresistance ratio. Kiyoshi Noguchi TDK Corporation Japan BL25SU 6
63 2007B1853 XMCD measurement of magnetic material in insulator using TEY and fluorescence method Tatsumi Hirano Hitachi, Ltd. Japan BL25SU 6
64 2007B1856 Observation of Magnetic Domain Structure at Interface on Exchange-Coupled Films for High-Density Magnetic Recording Head and MRAM Cell using Photoemission Electron Microscope (PEEM). Naoki Awaji Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd. Japan BL25SU 9
65 2007B1862 The behavior of trace elements in biogenic carbonate minerals of precious coral. Hiroshi Hasegawa Kanazawa Univercity Japan BL37XU 3
66 2007B1803 Involvement of water distribution in lipid lamellar structure in stratum corneum for development of transdermal delivery system Yasuko Obata Hoshi University Japan BL40B2 6
67 2007B1806 Structural analysis of the skin stratum corneum (SC) by solution injection cell.
-effect of glycerol on the structure of aquaporin-3-deficient mice (AQP3KO) SC-
Hiromitsu Nakazawa Kwansei Gakuin University Japan BL40B2 6
68 2007B1808 The analysis of structural change on intercellular lipid matrix of human stratum corneum in evaporation or absorption of water. Naomi Kunizawa Shiseido Company, Ltd. Japan BL40B2 6
69 2007B1812 Development of a new drug delivery system by the use of extracellular transporter proteins Takashi Inui Osaka Prefecture University Japan BL40B2 6
70 2007B1822 Structural evaluation for GaN nanodots formed on AlN/SiC substrate by small-angle x-ray scattering Kazuhiko Omote Rigaku Corporation Japan BL40XU 3
71 2007B1837 Analysis of cortex structure in the permanent processing hair by X-rays. Gang An COTA Co., Ltd. Japan BL40XU 2
72 2007B1841 Structural Analysis of Lamella Structure as Stratum Corneum Depth with Scanning Microbeam SAXS and WAXS Yasushi Katayama KAO Cooperation Japan BL40XU 3
73 2007B1846 Structural analysis of intermediate-filament and cell-membrane -complex in human hair by permanent waving treatment using small-angle X-ray scattering. Chiemi Konakawa Nousfit Corporation Japan BL40XU 3
74 2007B1850 Mechanism analysis of reagents to control the meandering shape of aged hair by Scanning Microbeam SAXS Takashi Itou KAO Cooperation Japan BL40XU 6
75 2007B1863 The relationship between hair body and the inner structure of the hair fiber in Japanese men Kaori Saito MANDOM Corporation Japan BL40XU 6
76 2007B1800 Structure Analysis and Microscopic Orientation of Poly(vinylalcohol) and modified Poly (vinylalcohol) Tomoyuki Yamamoto The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. Japan BL43IR 3
77 2007B1842 Structural analysis of precious coral carbonate layers using SR-IR rays Nozomu Iwasaki Kochi University Japan BL43IR 3
78 2007B1796 Higher-order structure analysis of the polymer/fullerene films from the molecular aggregation controlled solution for the developments of high performance organic ambipolar-TFT. Shuichi Nagamatsu Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan BL46XU 3
79 2007B1817 Crystal Structure Analysis of Poly(phenylene sulfide) (PPS) Thin Film at (PPS/Metal) Interface Using Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction Tomoyuki Koga Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL46XU 6
80 2007B1824 Preparative study of in-situ X-ray diffraction measurements of Bi-based superconducting wire during sintering process Junji Iihara Sumitomo Electric Industories, Ltd. Japan BL46XU 6
81 2007B1826 Structural analysis of pentacene single crystalline films fabricated by hot solution process for organic TFT application Takashi Minakata Asahi Kasei Corporation Japan BL46XU 6
82 2007B1827 Characterization of ultra-thin films of organic semiconductors for improvement of stability in organic transistors Noriyuki Yoshimoto Iwate University Japan BL46XU 6
83 2007B1865 Study about the growth mechanism of Carbon NanoWall by Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction. Masaru Tachibana Yokohama City University Japan BL46XU 6
84 2007B1866 Study on dependence of acid generator distribution on molecular weight of polymer Junichi Onodera Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd Japan BL46XU 9
85 2007B1919 Elucidation of mechanism of a direct bonding technique between different materials in MEMS Wataru Yashiro The University of Tokyo Japan BL46XU 3
86 2007B1925 Influence of Surface Treatment on Surface Nano-Structure and the Adhesion of Poly acetal Yasushi Okamoto Denso Corporation Japan BL46XU 3
87 2007B1926 Study on surface structures of rubbed polyolefin films by grazing incidence X-ray scattering. Hiroshi Yoshitani SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Japan BL46XU 6
88 2007B1932 Measurement of atomic density distribution for HfO2/SiO2/Si gate stack structure fabricated by low-damage neutral beam atomic layer deposition (NB-ALD) Seiji Samukawa Tohoku University Japan BL46XU 6
89 2007B1935 Study on acid generator distribution in ultrathin resist films Junichi Onodera Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd Japan BL46XU 6
90 2007B1955 Structural Analysis for Functional Organic Ultra-thin-films Takuji Kato Ricoh Co., Ltd. Japan BL46XU 2
91 2007B1964 Analysis of the crystal structures of the multilayer graphene using by grazing incidence x-ray diffraction applying to future LSI interconnects Yuji Awano Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies, Inc. Japan BL46XU 3
92 2007B1966 Study (I) on the formation mechanism of fibril structure of soluble semiconducting polymers for the development of solution-process organic thin film transistors. Yuji Yoshida National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL46XU 6
93 2007B1813 Characterization of the electronic state at the interface between the gate dielectric film and the metal electrode by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy using hard x-rays Yoshihiro Kudo Sony Corporation Japan BL47XU 3
94 2007B1814 Three-dimensional observation of microstructure change in optical fiber core formed by the CO laser irradiation using the X-ray micro-tomography system called SP-µCT Shinji Koike Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Japan BL47XU 3
95 2007B1825 Imaging of hair damage using X-ray micro-tomography : observation of micro structure in cortex using differential phase CT Kouji Takehara Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. Japan BL47XU 9
96 2007B1861 Structure optimization of carbon nanotubes via to realize carbon nanotube interconnects with a lower resistance than that of conventional copper Yuji Awano Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies, Inc. Japan BL47XU 9