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Priority Research Proposals 2007B: Medical Bio Trial Use Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
1 2007B1782 Microtomography of angiogenesis in tumor Kazuhide Nakamura Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Japan BL20B2 3
2 2007B1789 Evaluation of Atherosclerosis Plaque Components Using Wide-Area Phase CT Imaging with X-ray Talbot Interferometer; detection of component changes induced by medical treatments.  Masakazu Shinohara Kobe University Japan BL20B2 6
3 2007B1787 The use of differential phase X-ray imaging microscopy to study fine bone structure in mice: analysis of osteocytes and microvasculature in cortical and trabecular bones (part 2) Koichi Matsuo Keio University Japan BL20XU 12
4 2007B1792 A trial of a senile plaque imaging in Alzheimer disease human brain by phase-contrast x-ray micro-CT Kazuhiro Ishii University of Tsukuba Japan BL20XU 12
5 2007B1795 Live imaging of the sequence of skeletal movement during respiration and feeding of zebrafish and medaka fish. Kohei Hatta University of Hyogo Japan BL20XU 3
6 2007B1785 Angiography using fluorescent X-rays Mikiyasu Shirai Hiroshima International University Japan BL28B2 3
7 2007B1790 Tissue damage and plasticity of normal brain and brain tumor after microbeam rdiation therapy Takeshi Kondo Kobe University Japan BL28B2 15
8 2007B1784 XAFS analyses of intracrystal zinc in enamel remineralization Yoshihiko Hayashi Nagasaki University Japan BL37XU 3
9 2007B1788 Studies on evolution of thyroid functions by detecting the distribution and changes of iodine in endostyle of primitive chordate amphioxus. Kaoru Kubokawa The University of Tokyo Japan BL37XU 6