SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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2011A Long-term Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal Number Proposal Title Project Leader Affiliation Country Affiliation Category Research Category Shift Beamline Proprietary(P)
1 2011A0027 Accurate determination of molecular orbital state and intramolecular charge transfer of endohedral fullerenes by single-crystal charge density analysis Ryo Kitaura Nagoya University Japan Educational Organization Materials Science and Engineering 21 BL02B1 Np
2 2011A0032 Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy (NRVS) of Iron-Based Enzymes for Hydrogen Metabolism, Nitrogen Fixation, Small Molecule Sensing, DNA Repair, Photosynthesis, and Iron Storage Stephen Cramer University of California, Davis USA Foreign Life Science 30 BL09XU Np
3 2011A0028 Study of the Earth deep interior by using Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopies Eiji Ohtani Tohoku University Japan Educational Organization Earth and Planetary Science 36 BL10XU Np
4 2011A0036 Structural study on initial stage of crystal growth of organic semiconductor thin films by real time 2D-GIXD measurements Noriyuki Yoshimoto Iwate University Japan Educational Organization Industrial Applications 18 BL19B2 Np
5 2011A0021 Visualization of brain tissues by phase-contrast CT ~to analyze pathomechanism of brain diseases and neuronal plasticity Hiroshi Onodera Nishitaga National Hospital Japan National and Nonprofit Organization Life Science 18 BL20B2 Np
6 2011A0022 Phase contrast X-ray imaging of the lung Rob Lewis University of Saskatchewan Australia Foreign Medical Applications 18 BL20B2 Np
7 2011A0034 X-ray microtomographic analysis of human brain circuits Ryuta Mizutani Tokai University Japan Educational Organization Life Science 9 BL20XU Np
8 2011A0035 Energy scanning X-ray diffraction study of extraterrestrial materials using synchrotron radiation Michael Zolensky NASA USA Foreign Earth and Planetary Science 6 BL37XU Np
9 2011A0024 XMCD study of capped ZnO Nanoparticles: The quest of the origin of magnetism Jesus Chaboy CSIC-Universidad de Zaragoza Spain Foreign Materials Science and Engineering 24 BL39XU Np
10 2011A0030 Pinpoint structural measurement of phase-change fine particle materials for next generation optical storage development Noboru Yamada Panasonic Corporation Japan Industry Materials Science and Engineering 36 BL40XU Np
11 2011A0025 Crystallographic analysis on the mechanism of membrane transport proteins Chikashi Toyoshima The University of Tokyo Japan Educational Organization Life Science 24 BL41XU Np
12 2011A0026 Materials and Process Integration for Advanced MIS Transistor - Hard X-ray Photoemission Study of Ge-Channel/High-k Dielectric/Metal Gate Stacks Seiichi Miyazaki Nagoya University Japan Educational Organization Materials Science and Engineering 24 BL46XU Np