SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Safety and Health

JASRI Health and Safety Committe

Here in SPring-8, every user requires discreet attention under unusual working environment. So, we suppose that some user went through “small incidents” here.

We want to improve the working environment safely and prevent users from occurring terrible accidents. So, we ask users to report “small incidents” for promoting safety.

We set up a mailbox at the counter in User's Office. Whenever you notice “small incidents”, please report them.

Please cooperate in our Health and Safety activity.

We use personal information you provide only for purposes of promoting safety.

* “small incidents”
It's the careless happening which may cause a serious accident in the daily life and the work time.

Scheme of Report
Hiyari-hatto cases at SPring-8
Case classcifications
Experimental hall, Storage Ring
♦ Machine room, Storage Ring
♦ Other buildings
♦ SPring-8 site
♦ way to work / home
♦ Collide violently or slamed by something
♦ Clean wound, Abrasion
♦ Electric shock
♦ Burst
♦ Pinch or rolled
♦ Something has come flying or fallen
♦ Come into contact with deleterious material
♦ Falling
♦ Come into contact with material at high/low temperatures
♦ Others

Hiyari-hatto report format Download (WORD)

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