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Emergency Action Plans

A. Injury, Emergency, and Disasters

Emergency action plan

‹General rule›
In case of emergency (such as a fire, physical injury, or an emergency medical case), immediately call extension 119 (Security Guard).
In the event of an emergency, take the necessary measures keeping the following three general rules in mind.

1. Human Life First
Give first priority to the safety of human life and body.

2. Report
Alert the persons in the vicinity and call extension 119 (Security Guard) immediately.

3. Prevent Damage/Incident From Spreading
If possible, take measures to prevent damage/incident from spreading in the early stages.

Minor injury and poor physical condition

During office hours (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:30), the Health Office (near the great door D3 entrance of the Storage Ring Facility: extension 999 or 3299) is staffed by a nurse. Visit the nearest medical facility during weekends/holidays and after hours.

A first-aid kit is placed near the entrance of each Experiment Hall and in the storeroom of each evacuation site to be used for emergency treatment.

Contact SPring-8 Users Office (ext. 2225) as soon as possible after the emergency treatment of slight injuries and ill health.

Injuries and emergency cases

In case of injuries and medical emergencies, call extension 119 (Security Guard) immediately to ask for an ambulance. The Security Guard will call an ambulance. At SPring-8, an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), first-aid kit, and stretcher are provided in various places throughout the facility to be used as needed.

Click here pdf for the evacuation sites and the places of AEDs and first-aid kits (download PDF file).

When a person is found to be injured, move the person to a safe place and provide first aid as needed. In general, in case of burns that involve a larger area than the size of the palm, heavy bleeding, bone fracture, faded or lost consciousness, or respiratory or cardiac arrest, the person must be transported to a medical institution by ambulance for prompt treatment by physicians. Call extension 119 (Security Guard) and ask for an ambulance.

If a person receives a hard blow on the head, the person must see a physician regardless of the presence or absence of external injuries and disturbed consciousness. When transporting a person to hospital by ambulance, the person should be accompanied by a collaborator who can contact the organization to which the person belongs and JASRI.

Finding and treating chilling/alarming situations (request from Safety and Health Committee)

Regarding the finding of chilling/alarming situations

B. Fire/Accident Prevention

In Case of Fire

‹Call extension 119 (Security Guard)›
In case of fire, notify the people in the vicinity and call extension 119 (Security Guard) immediately. When calling, calm down and accurately inform the following items.

1. The location of the fire.
2. The state of the fire.
3. The presence or absence of injured people, their number and their condition.
4. Other items necessary for firefighting operations.
5. Organization, name, and PHS number of the caller.

‹Initial firefighting›
If possible, try a manageable level of initial firefighting activity.
If the cause of the fire is electrical equipment, first disconnect the supply of electricity to the equipment on fire.
Never use water to distinguish a fire. Use dry chemical fire extinguishers instead.

Users who are not performing initial firefighting activities must evacuate immediately.

‹When a fire alarm goes off›
If a fire alarm goes off, evacuate immediately. Listen carefully to the announcement and follow the instructions.

In case of an earthquake.

Click here for information regarding Earthquake Early Warning and emergency broadcast in SPring-8.

Procedure & file down load

The procedures differ depending on the organization the person belongs to.

jasri: Those who belong to Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute.
riken: Those who belong to Riken. & RIKEN Beamline User.
user: Public Beamline& Contract Beamline User and those who apply for user proposal offered by the Users Office.
contractors: Those who enter the controlled area for construction and delivery.

  Note 1: Access only inside the SPring-8 site (Japanese only)
  Note 2: Access only inside the SPring-8 site
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Radiation/Internationally controlled material
Radiation (SPring-8/SACLA)
Internationally controlled material (SPring-8)
Radiation (New SUBARU)
user contractors
High-pressure gas
note1 riken user contractors

Waste Disposal

Click here Outline of Industrial Waste
Click here for details(Access only inside the SPring-8 site (Japanese only)

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