SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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User Facilities

Experimental Facilities Available to Users

Sample/Experiment Preparation Rooms

Sample preparation rooms and experiment preparation rooms are located between the experimental hall and its surrounding corridor in the Storage Ring building. The sample preparation rooms are accessible from the corridor, and experiment preparation rooms can be accessed from the experimental hall. Each beamline has its own sample preparation room and experiment preparation room and they are available to the users during experiment.

Biological Sample Preparation Room

The Biological Sample Preparation Room is located at D24 (right between the D2 and D3 doors) in the Storage Ring building and available around the clock (no need to sign up). Please read the instructions provided at the Biology Preparation Room website before using the room. For items requiring users to keep a log of equipment use, please provide the required information. Please also follow the rules regarding the disposal of effluent and the separation of experimental wastes. Please note that users are not allowed to check out the equipment in the room. If you wish to conduct experiments using organic solvents, use the preparation room in the Laboratory Building (Room No. 210) of the Medium-length Beamline Facility, where the draft chamber is available. For details, please visit the Biology Preparation Room website.

If you have any questions, please contact Hiroyuki IWAMOTO (Ext.: 3384 / email: iwamoto@spring8.or.jp)

Experimental Animal Facility

The Experimental Animal Facility is located to the south of the Storage Ring building, adjacent to the Medium-length Beamline Facility. The Facility includes laboratory spaces where experimental animals delivered by suppliers are temporarily kept until the end of experiments, the treatment room used for animal experiments, and the cell culture room, etc. To use the Facility, you need to have your animal experiment plan approved and be registered as an animal experiment researcher in advance. Please note that if you wish to use transgenic animals, you are required to follow the specified procedures. For detailed procedures to bring experimental animals into the SPring-8 and directions on how to use the facility, please click here.

If you need assistance or consultation regarding the use of the Facility, please contact the following supervisors:
  Animal Experiment Supervisor: Naoto YAGI (yagi@spring8.or.jp)
  Animal Experiment Deputy Supervisor: Keiji UMETANI (umetani@spring8.or.jp)
  Experimental Animal Facility Manager: Hiroyuki IWAMOTO (iwamoto@spring8.or.jp)

Chemical Sample Preparation Room

The Chemical Sample Preparation Room (dKanji Charactor1) is located on the south side of the D1 door of the Storage Ring building. The Room is available around the clock to users who have been given instructions on the usage and safety of the Room (As a general rule, the staff providing instructions is available only from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays). For details about the Room, please refer to the Chemical Sample Preparation Room website . Please also note that since the Room has card-controlled access, prior registration is required; if you wish to use the Room, please sign up from the website at least 10 days in advance.


The Rooms A25 and C09 are used as stockrooms and available 24 hours a day. A SPring-8 user card is required to enter the stockrooms. In the stockrooms are the bare minimum of consumables, which are intended for emergency use. Please note that users are required to pay the fees for consumables used.

To take out the items from the stockroom, users need to have their user card, and confirm the item and quantity by a tablet terminal. (If you are a contract beamline user, please use one of the cards distributed to and held by each Contract Beamline Office). For directions on how to use the stockroom system, please refer to the manual located in the stockrooms.

Once the registration of items is confirmed, notification will be sent to the e-mail address registered in the UI site “My Page” and the project leader.

Machine Shop

The SPring-8 has two types of machine shops: first and second machine shops. In order to use these machine shops, users must first attend machine shop safety classes to learn how to use the machine shop instruments.

If you have any questions, please contact Takuyo Oguchi (Ext.: 3826 / email: oguchiatspring8.or.jp)


Wireless Internet access is available at the Guest House. Before use of the network service, it is obligatory for users to agree with the "Rules for Use of Information Network".

The following network/computer services are available for users.

1: Thin client terminals for web access in the lobby of the Guest House Reception building
2: Wireless Internet access in the guest rooms
3: BL-USER-LAN in the experimental hall for data transfer to the outside of SPring-8. Please read the "Guideline for usage of the BL-USER-LAN" in advance of use.

Map around the Storage Ring

Map around the Storage Ring

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