SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Reference Room

The Reference Room is located adjacent to the A2 door of the Storage Ring building and available to users around the clock. Only in the Reference Room, Staff or users can search or look through books and scientific journals.
The Reference Room also offers database services by which you can search the JCPDS data (database for X-ray powder diffraction files) through the computer in the Reference Room.

Eligible Patrons

  • RIKEN staff
  • JASRI staff
  • SPring-8 users
  • SACLA users
  • Contract Beamline staff

Reference Room Location

The Reference Room is located adjacent to the A2 Door of the Storage Ring building.

Reference Room Hours

The Reference Room and open stacks are open around the clock.
(Closed during the new year holidays: December 29 - January 3)

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