SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Please follow the rules below to use the equipment managed and maintained by JASRI.

[Rules Applicable to Users]

1. Sign up through the beamline scientist. Consult with the beamline scientist before proposal submission and make sure to provide information about the desired equipment in the online proposal application form.
2. Instructions on how to use the equipment are given to users by the beamline scientist during the beamtime.
3. Keep a log of equipment use in the logbook for each item.
4. In case of any problem with the equipment, keep a log of how it happened in detail in the logbook and inform the beamline scientist immediately. Note that the beamline scientist is available only during office hours.

[Available Equipment]

1. Imaging Plate (IP) reader, BAS-2500
2. Beam Monitor + Cooling CCD Camera
3. X-ray Image Intensifier + High Speed CCD Camera
4. Flat Panel Detector
5. Cryojet

<Liquid Nitrogen>

There are five storage areas for liquid nitrogen dewars at even intervals along the wall inside the experimental hall of the Storage Ring building. In order to use liquid nitrogen, users must take a safety training course (viewing a five-minute safety video). To sign up, please contact the Users Office during office hours.

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