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SPring-8/SACLA Research Frontiers 2022

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    Formation and evolution of the C-type asteroid 162173 Ryugu: Evidence from returned samples analyzed by X-ray micro- and nano-tomographies
A. Tsuchiyama and M. Matsumoto
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    Extracting order within disorder in disordered materials by high-energy X-ray diffraction
S. Kohara
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  Life Science    
  Protein Crystallography:    
    Crystal and cryo-EM structures of the gastric proton pump bound with potassium-competitive acid blockers
K. Abe
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    Structural basis for substrate discrimination and accommodation in bacterial site-2 protease homologue RseP
Y. Imaizumi, K. Takanuki and T. Nogi
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    Crystal structure of the small-molecule-bound apelin receptor
Y. Yue and F. Xu
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    Structural basis for neutralization of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant using engineered ACE2 decoy
T. Arimori and J. Takagi
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    Cell-free protein crystallization for structural analysis
S. Abe and T. Ueno
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    Master allostery in clock protein KaiC orchestrates circadian rhythm
Y. Furuike, A. Mukaiyama and S. Akiyama
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    Time-resolved X-ray crystallography of enzymatic reaction that degrades a mutagenic nucleotide
T. Nakamura
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  sacla Flavin photoreduction mechanism in a DNA photolyase elucidated by time-resolved X-ray crystallography
Y. Bessho, M. Maestre-Reyna, L.-O. Essen and M.-D. Tsai
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  Intact Human Skin Structure:    
    Lipid structure in stratum corneum of human skin
N. Yagi, K. Aoyama and N. Ohta
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  Eye lens:    
    Water channel proteins and their role in lens optics and cataract
B. K. Pierscionek, K. Wang and M. Hoshino
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  Nuclear Resonance Spectroscopy:    
    Nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy definition of intermediate Q in methane monooxygenase
D. E. DeWeese, A. Braun and E. I. Solomon
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    Unveiling an enigmatic fossil vertebrate from the Middle Devonian
T. Hirasawa
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  Physical Science    
  Thermoelectric Material:    
    MEM electron density and 3D-ΔPDF study of disorder in thermoelectric InTe
J. Zhang and B. B. Iversen
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  Phonon Softening:    
    Experimental determination of electron states with orbital degrees of freedom
T. Manjo and H. Sawa
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  Grain Boundary Tracking:    
    Multimodal assessment of mechanically induced transformation in TRIP steel using X-ray micro- and nano-CT and pencil-beam XRD-CT
Hi. Toda and H. Fujihara
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  Nondestructive Visualization:    
    Nondestructive visualization of inhomogeneous structure inside 40–500 nm single particles using Bragg coherent X-ray diffraction and phase retrieval analysis
N. Oshime
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  Stress Measurements:    
    Stress measurements of coarse-grained materials and welded parts by double exposure method with high-energy monochromatic X-rays
K. Suzuki
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  Strange Metal:    
    Critical slowing down in charge fluctuation in a strange metal probed by synchrotron-radiation-based Mössbauer spectroscopy
H. Kobayashi
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  SiO2 Liquid:    
    Structural origin of the anomalous properties of SiO2 glass under pressure reveled by in situ high-pressure pair distribution function measurement
Y. Kono
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  Hematite Mesocrystal:    
    Local structures of hematite-mesocrystal-based photoanodes for efficient and selective solar water splitting
T. Tachikawa
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  Fermi Surface in Cuprate Superconductors:    
    X-ray Compton scattering reveals electronic motions with a preferred direction in high-temperature cuprate superconductors
H. Yamase
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  Superconducting Material:    
    Effect of impurities on superconductivity in LaH10
D. Semenok
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  Magnetic Domain Imaging:    
    Three-dimensional visualization of magnetization reversal behavior inside a high-performance Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet
M. Suzuki and S. Okamoto
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  Skyrmion Visualization:    
    Direct visualization of three-dimensional shape of magnetic skyrmion string
S. Seki
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  Next-generation Magnets:    
    Magnetic moments of Fe site in ThMn12-type Sm(Fe1-xCox)12 compounds and their temperature dependence
Y. K. Takahashi
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  Ultrahigh Magnetic Field for XFEL:    
  sacla Road to X-ray science beyond 100 Tesla
A. Ikeda and Y. H. Matsuda
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  Ptychography Optics:    
    Coherent achromatic rotational reflective optics for ptychography (CARROT) at SPring-8 BL07LSU
T. Kimura and Y. Takeo
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  Organic Semiconductor:    
    Phonon dispersion curve of the organic semiconductor rubrene
Y. Wakabayashi
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  Radiation Induced Deformation:    
    Direct observation of local structure deformation induced by X-ray irradiation in κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br by X-ray fluorescence holography
A. K. R. Ang
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  X-ray Laser Science:    
  sacla Generation of femtosecond X-ray pulse pairs
U. Bergmann
74 1.4 MB
  Curing Mechanism of Epoxy:    
    Evaluation of dynamical behavior of epoxy resins in the curing process by X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy
T. Hoshino, Y. Okamoto and A. Yamamoto
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  Dynamics of Helical Polymers:    
    Kinetics of denaturation and renaturation processes of double-stranded helical polysaccharide, xanthan, in aqueous sodium chloride
K. Terao and Y. Tomofuji
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  Laser-plasma Physics:    
  sacla Nanoscale subsurface plasma dynamics observed by single pulse GISAXS
L. Randolph, M. Banjafar, C. Gutt and M. Nakatsutsumi
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  Chemical Science    
  High-entropy Alloy:    
    Formation mechanism of high-entropy alloy nanoparticles assisted by hydrogen spillover effect
K. Mori, N. Hashimoto and H. Yamashita
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  Microcrystalline Materials:    
  sacla Chemical crystallography by serial femtosecond X-ray diffraction: XFEL as a tool for accelerating materials discovery
J. N. Hohman and A. S. Brewster
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  X-ray Laser Imaging:    
  sacla Intact sea-island nanostructures of solid-state electrolytes snapshotted with a femtosecond X-ray laser
A. Suzuki and Y. Nishino
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  Hydrogen Storage Metals:    
    Hydrogen storage by earth abundant metals – high-pressure synthesis of Al3FeH4
H. Saitoh
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  Spin Tube Oxide:    
    Spin tube oxide obtained by topochemical dehydration
H. Takatsu, H.-B. Li and H. Kageyama
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  Proton Conduction:    
    Phonon-assisted proton(deuteron) transfers leading the antiferro-electric ordering in superprotonic conductors Cs3H(D)(SeO4)2
H. Matsui
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  Operando HAXPES:    
    Unraveling the resistive switching mechanisms in LaMnO3+δ-based memristive devices by operando hard X-ray photoemission
B. Meunier, E. Martinez and O. Renault
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  Layered Rare-earth Hydroxide:    
    Observation of rapid lift-up behavior of acetate-intercalated layered yttrium hydroxide interlayer in water: Application for heterogeneous Brønsted base catalysts
T. Hara and N. Ichikuni
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  Earth & Planetary Sciense    
  Earthquake Mechanism:    
    In situ X-ray and acoustic observations of deep seismic faulting upon phase transitions in mantle olivine
T. Ohuchi
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  Mantle Viscosity:    
    Viscosity measurements of bridgmanite by in situ stress and strain observations
N. Tsujino
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  EOS of Iron:    
  Equation of state of iron and nickel to 370 gigapascals
N. Hirao and Y. Akahama
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  Chemistry of Earth’s Core:    
    Stratification in planetary cores by liquid immiscibility in Fe–S–H
S. Yokoo
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  Elasticity of Earth’s Core:    
    Sound velocity of hexagonal close-packed iron to the Earth’s inner core pressure
D. Ikuta, E. Ohtani and A. Q. R. Baron
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  Industrial Applications    
  Li-ion Battery:    
    Operando X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy of zero-strain lithium-ion battery material Li[Li1/3Ti5/3]O4
K. Mukai, T. Uyama and T. Nonaka
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  Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 110 737 KB
  Beam Performance - Recent update on accelerators 111 625 KB
  Beam Performance - Recent update on accelerators 112 3.6 MB
  New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology    
    • High-fluence multilayer focusing optics attaining 2 nm spatial resolution in XFEL based coherent diffractive imaging
H. Yumoto
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  Facility Status 116 713 KB
    SPring-8 117 3.7 MB
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