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SPring-8/SACLA Research Frontiers 2018

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  sacla Ultrafast dynamics in atoms, molecules, and clusters induced by an XFEL pulse
H. Fukuzawa and K. Ueda
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    Imaging the increase in pulmonary blood flow at birth
S. B. Hooper, J. T. Pearson and M. J. Kitchen
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  Life Science    
  Protein crystallography:    
    Crystal structures of the gastric proton pump reveal the mechanism for the proton extrusion
K. Abe
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    High-resolution crystal structure of the LH1-RC complex from Thermochromatium tepidum
L. -J. Yu and J. -R. Shen
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    Structural basis of signal recognition and regulation at the full-length glucagon receptor
A. Qiao, Q. Zhao and B. Wu
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    Crystal structure of the human Frizzled-4 receptor
S. Yang and F. Xu
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    Structural basis of type IVb pilus-mediated bacterial adhesion to the intestinal epithelium
K. Kawahara, H. Oki and S. Nakamura
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    Structural mechanisms underlying anion selectivity and high-speed gating in anion channelrhodopsins
H. E. Kato
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  Time-resolved crystallography:    
  sacla Observation of enzymatic reactions by time-resolved X-ray crystallography using photosensitive caged substrate
T. Tosha and M. Kubo
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    Missing piece of two-component signal transduction systems unveiled by SEC-SAXS
H. Sawai and Y. Shiro
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  Medical imaging:    
    CT dose reduction factors in the thousands using X-ray phase contrast
M. J. Kitchen, T. E. Gureyev and S. B. Hooper
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  Insect biology:    
    Hidden morphological novelty enabling the evolution of female penis in the sex-role reversed cave insects
K. Yoshizawa and A. Blanke
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  Physical Science    
  Excitonic insulator:    
    Revealing the pressure-induced layer-sliding transition in Ta2NiSe5 by X-ray diffraction under high pressure
A. Nakano and H. Sawa
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  Phonon engineering:    
    Extreme disorder-phonon competition and liquid-like thermal conduction in AgCrSe2
B. Li
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    Microscopic origin of heat properties in ScN epitaxial film revealed by inelastic X-ray scattering spectroscopy
H. Uchiyama
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    Nature of charge density waves in the cuprate high-Tc superconductors
H. Miao and M. P. M. Dean
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    Three-dimensional observation of magnetic domain structure by scanning hard X-ray microtomography
M. Suzuki and T. Ono
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  Metal-semiconductor junction:    
    Direct band bending observation by angular-resolved HAXPES for semiconductor films in contact with metal nanoparticles
S. Sato and T. Morikawa
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  Topological insulator:    
    Experimental determination of the topological phase diagram by soft X-ray angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
K. Kuroda and T. Kondo
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    Tensile-strain-dependent spin states in epitaxial LaCoO3 thin films
Y. Yokoyama and H. Wadati
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    Shedding light on the coercivity mechanism in Nd-Fe-B sintered magnets through high-field magnetic domain observations
D. Billington, Y. Kotani, K. Toyoki and T. Nakamura
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  Raman spectroscopy:    
    Charge and lattice fluctuations in molecule-based spin liquids
T. Yamamoto
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  Liquid dynamics:    
    Roles of mesoscale dynamics in shear viscosity of high alcohol revealed by γ-ray quasielastic scattering
T. Yamaguchi and M. Saito
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  AgI nanoparticles:    
    Stabilization of the superionic conducting phase of silver iodide by size and pressure effects
T. Yamamoto, M. Maesato and H. Kitagawa
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  Hydrogen storage material:    
    Synthesis of H2-rich molecular compounds by laser heating at high pressures
J. Binns, P. Dalladay -Simpson and R. Howie
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    High-Tc superconducting phases of FeSe1–xSx at high pressure
K. Matsuura, Y. Mizukami and T. Shibauchi
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  Semiconductor device:    
    Three-dimensional atomic imaging of dopant sites in As-doped Si using spectro-photoelectron holography
K. Tsutsui, T. Matsushita and Y. Morikawa
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  Water science:    
  sacla The origin of water’s anomalous properties revealed by X-ray lasers
K. H. Kim, A. Späh and A. Nilsson
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  sacla How to make materials more resistant to extreme deformation
B. Albertazzi, N. Ozaki and V. Zhakhovsky
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  Nonlinear optics:    
  sacla Element selectivity in second-harmonic generation by using a soft-X-ray Free Electron Laser
I. Matsuda
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  Nonlinear optics:    
  sacla X-ray two-photon absorption spectroscopy
K. Tamasaku
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  Particle physics:    
    Different quark-antiquark production mechanism of from dd̄ and ss̄ studied by linearly polarized high energy photon beams at BL33LEP
H. Kohri
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  Chemical Science    
  Layered material:    
    Observation of weak interlayer interaction in layered 2D material TiS2
H. Kasai, E. Nishibori and B. B. Iversen
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    Arrayed CH-π hydrogen bonds in a circle for single-axis rotations of a bowl in a tube
T. Matsuno, S. Sato and H. Isobe
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  Hydrogen storage:    
    High-pressure synthesis of novel hydrides with high-hydrogen densities Li3AlFeH8 and LiAlFeH6
H. Saitoh
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    Microscopic mechanisms of the electric-field effect on proximity-induced magnetism in Pt revealed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
K. Yamada, M. Suzuki and T. Ono
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    Visualization of heterogeneous oxygen storage in platinum-supported cerium-zirconium oxide three-way catalyst particles by hard X-ray spectro-ptychography
M. Hirose, N. Ishiguro, M. Tada and Y. Takahashi
84 1.8 MB
  Fuel cell research:    
    Simultaneous operando time-resolved XAFS-XRD measurements of a Pt/C cathode catalyst in polymer electrolyte fuel cell under the transient potential cyclic operations
O. Sekizawa, T. Uruga and Y. Iwasawa
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  Earth & Planetary Sciense    
  Mantle dynamics:    
    Complete agreement of the post-spinel transition pressure with the 660-km seismic discontinuity depth
T. Ishii and T. Katsura
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  Planetary science:    
    Moganite in a lunar meteorite NWA 2727 as a trace of water ice in the Moon’s subsurface
M. Kayama, N. Tomioka and E. Ohtani
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  Core dynamics:    
    Synchrotron Mössbauer spectroscopy measurements of Fe-Si alloys: Implications for planetary cores
S. Kamada, F. Maeda and N. Hirao
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  Industrial Applications    
  Food science:    
    Application of X-ray computed tomography using synchrotron radiation to frozen food
M. Sato
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  Thermal conductivity:    
    Investigation of collective dynamics of solvent molecules in nanofluids by inelastic X-ray scattering
K. Yano and K. Yoshida
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    Structural change of cerium oxide-supported ruthenium catalyst during the biorefinery of platform chemicals
T. Mizugaki
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  Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 100 734 KB
  Beam Performance 101 1.2 MB
  New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology    
    • Ultraprecision ellipsoidal mirror with two-dimensional 100 nm focusing capability
H. Yumoto
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    • High-resolution display-type retarding field analyzer
T. Muro and T. Matsushita
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    Beam Performance 106 1.1 MB
  Facility Frontiers 107 845 KB
    SPring-8 Facility Status 108 3.1 MB
Machine Operation
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SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)
Outreach Activities
    SACLA Facility Status 120 712 KB

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