SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Outline of Experimental Drainage Treatment Facility

(1) Treatment of experimental drainage

  • Treatment capacity 250 m3/day
  • Treatment process
    raw water control → coagulation - precipitation with agent addition → filtration through sand / activated carbon → chelation treatment for mercury and heavy metal removal
    Discharged into sewerage after confirmation that analyzed values are under Effluent Standards.

    *Effluent Standards : standards are specified by Harima Kougen Joint Management Administration (based on Water Pollution Control Law.)

(2) Automatic analyzer equipment of water quality

  • Automatic analyzer equipment of water quality
    To secure the soundness of our facilities, seven autoanalyzers have been monitoring the exceeding condition of effluent standard limit after sewage treatment process.
  • Analyzer
    The following substances to be specifically measured:
    Fluoride ion, total chromium, total cyanide, mercury, oil/grease, phenol, manganese
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