SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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User Experiment Report No.11 (2003A)

This report presents 739 results of non-proprietary experiments conducted using SPring-8 Public and Contract Beamlines during the period February 2003 through July 2003, which is the eleventh research term (2003A).

Table of Contents
Cover (PDF 548 kB)
Title (PDF 8 kB)
Contents (PDF 48 kB)
Preface (PDF 168 kB)
SPring-8 Operationl Results for the Eighth Research Period (2002B) (PDF 152 kB)
SPring-8 Beamline Map (PDF 216 kB)
List of Proposals and Experiment Reports

· Public use beamline

· Contract beamline

· In-house
Author Index (PDF 3,200 kB)