SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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SPring-8 User Experiment Report

The SPring-8 User Experiment Report covers all the results of non-proprietary experiments conducted using SPring-8 Public and Contract Beamlines during each research term.

The SPring-8 User Experiment Reports in and after the research term 2005B are published as a searchable database.

The SPring-8 User Experiment Reports from 1997B through 2005A have been published as PDF files below.

No. Year / Term Table of Contents
15 2005A HTML
14 2004B HTML
13 2004A HTML
12 2003B HTML
11 2003A HTML
10 2002B HTML
9 2002A HTML
8 2001B HTML
7 2001A HTML
6 2000B HTML
5 2000A HTML
4 1999B HTML
3 1999A HTML
2 1998A HTML PDF
1 1997B HTML PDF

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