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User Experiment Report No.1 (1997B)


Proposal List of Public Beamline Experiments in 1997
Location of Beamlines

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Studies on the Structure of Pd Supported on Zeolites by XAFS K. OKUMURA 1

Studies on the Structure of WO3 Dispersed over ZrO2 by XAFS K. OKUMURA 2

Solvation Structures of Iodide Anion in Various Solvents I. WATANABE 3

Total Reflection XAFS of Aqueous Solution Surface I. WATANABE 4

XAFS Study on Liquid Te and I under high temperature and high pressure Y. KATAYAMA 5

XAFS Study on EuC60 Y. KUBOZONO 6

XAFS Analysis of Dilute Zr, Nb and Mo Species in Metal Oxide Matrices T. TANAKA 7

Characterization of BL01B1 S. EMURA 8

General evaluation of XAFS beamline I -XAFS in the high energy region- Y. NISHIHATA 9

Evaluation of Energy Resolution of BL01B1 Using XANES Spectra of Various Metal Ions T. TANAKA 10

XAFS Studies of Local Structure of Thin Film of Alkali Halide Single Crystals T. MURATA 11

Preliminary results of fluorescence Cu K-edge XAFS spectra and high energy K-edge XAFS spectra of AgI-related Samples H. KAGEYAMA 12

XAFS spectrum observation system at BL01B1 M. TAKAHASHI 13

Comparison of conversion electron yield and transmission EuK -XAFS spectra for Eu2O2CN2 M. TAKAHASHI 14

EXAFS Measurements of Nd3+-doped Alkali Silicate Glasses on the Nd K-edge H. YAMAGUCHI 15

High-Resolution Powder Diffraction Experiments at BL02B1 H. TORAYA 16

Precursor Phenomena on the First-Order Phase Transition in Ferroelastic Compounds Y. KUROIWA 17

A Structural Study of Fullerene Compounds by the Maximum Entropy Method M. TAKATA 18

Structural Fluctuation in Ternary Alloys K. OHSHIMA 19

Lattice Modulation and Charge Ordering Associated with the Spin Ordering in CeP Y. NODA 20

Phase Transition of Hexagonal BaTiO3 Y. NODA 21

Precise Crystal Structure Analysis of K3H(SO4)2 by High Energy X-ray Diffraction Method H. KASATANI 22

A preliminary Study on the surface diffraction from SiO2/Si(001) interface I. TAKAHASHI 23

Structure refinements of a GeO2 rutile single crystal at 6GPa using hard X-rays of 25 and 50 keV T. HATTORI 24

Highly Accurate Measurement of Electron Density Distribution in Transition-Metal Complexes with SR and Vacuum Camera K. TANAKA 25

Single Crystal Analyses of e-O2 High-Pressure Phase of Solid Oxygen Y. AKAHAMA 26

Development of Electronic Excited State Crystallography by Modulation Method with Imaging Plate Detector Y. OZAWA 27

X-ray Diffraction Study on Ultra-Thin Barium Titanate Films Grown by Reactive Evaporation K. SAKAUE 28

X-ray Structure Analysis of Host-Guest Organic MicroCrystals Y. TAKENAKA 29

Micro-Crystal Structure Analysis and Its Application to the Study of Photo-Induced Structural Change of the Metal Complex K. TORIUMI 30

High-resolution X-ray Diffraction Study on Artificially Grown Quasi-Periodic Superlattices K. SAKAUE 31

Structure and Equation of State Study of Mantle Minerals Through in situ X-ray Observaion T. YAGI 32

In situ X-ray Diffraction study of the phase transformations,melting behaviours, and rheological properties of the earth's materials at high pressure and high temperature T. IRIFUNE 33

In situ X-ray diffraction study on kinetics of decomposition of spinel Mg2SiO4 at high pressure and temperature T. KUBO 34

Pressure Induced Phase Transition of CdI2-type PbI2 O. OHTAKA 35

Precise determination of phase relations in the system Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4 at high pressures T. KATSURA 36

In situ observation of graphite to diamond transition using catalysts W. UTSUMI 37

The determination of the P-T phase diagram of PbZrO3 S. ENDO 38

X-ray Diffraction Measurements for Expanded Fluid Selenium M. INUI 39

X-ray Diffraction Measurements for Expanded Fluid Mercury K. TAMURA 40

In-situ observation of first sharp diffraction peak for amorphous SiO2 under high pressures N. KITAMURA 41

Successful Operation of Noble Equipment for Magnetic Compton-Profile Measurements at the BL08W N. SAKAI 42

Measurement of Degree of Circular Polarization of 274-keV X-Rays M. MIZUMAKI 43

Performance of a Monochromator for 300-keV X-Rays H. YAMAOKA 44

The study of the Perturbed Nuclear Resonant Scattering T. MITSUI 45

X-ray inelastic scattering of myoglobin T. HARAMI 46

Surface Structure analysis of solid liquid interfaces M. NAKAMURA 47

Development of Nuclear Resonant Inelastic Scattering Technique M. SETO 48

Performance Test of the Goniometer for Surface and Interface Analysis T. TAKAHASHI 49

Nuclear-Resonance Scattering of Ferromagnetic Amorphous Alloy S. NASU 50

Nuclear resonant scattering by the nuclei with high transition energy Y. YODA 51

Fundamental process of nuclear resonant scattering Y. YODA 52

Structure Analysis of Tetrahedral-Molecular Crystal and Amorphous at High Pressure N. HAMAYA 53

Structural Phase Transition of Molecular Solids under High Pressure H. KAWAMURA 54

X-ray diffraction study of sulfur laser-heated at 11GPa N. SAKURAI 55

Density of Luquid Te and Bi under High Temperature and High Presure Y. KATAYAMA 56

Crystal Structure Analyses of Solid Oxygen High-Pressure Phases and Research for Molecular Dissociation Y. AKAHAMA 57

High Resolution Resonant Auger Electron Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules I. H. SUZUKI 58

X-ray fluorescence holography of Zn in GaAs:Zn K. HAYASHI 59

Development of high energy resolution detectors for trace chemical characterization K. SAKURAI 60

Chemical characterization of ultra trace metals in small liquid drop K. SAKURAI 61

Analyses of thin films interfaces by X-ray fluorescence and scattering using total reflection K. SAKURAI 62

X-ray Mangetic Diffraction of Iron with A Phase Plate on Au Undulator Beamline M. ITO 63

Bio-medical application of Total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis I. NAKAI 64

High resolution x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and spin selective XAFS S. HAYAKAWA 65

Chemical state analysis of trace elements with a scanning x-ray microprobe S. HAYAKAWA 66

Efficiency Test of Diamond Phase Retarder and Polarization Analysis H. MARUYAMA 67

X-ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering and Polarization Dependence H. MARUYAMA 68

XMCD Measurements at K-Edge using Diamond Phase Retarder H. MARUYAMA 69

XMCD Measurements at Pt L3-Edge in Fe-Pt Alloys H. MARUYAMA 70

Structure analysis of bacterial flagellar filament by X-ray fiber diffraction K. HASEGAWA 71

Structure of Diol Dehydrase containing Vitamin B12 analogue N. SHIBATA 72

X-ray Crystallographic Strudy of Pink Color Chromoprotein from Pleurotus Salmoneostramineus L.Vass Y. KAI 73

X-ray crystallographic Studies on Tabacco Necrosis Virsu, Peroxidase, and alpha-Amylase inhibitor K. FUKUYAMA 74

Mechanism for thermo-stabilization of enzymes from view of the three dimensional structure Y. YOSHIIKE 75

X-ray crystallography of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases complexd with tRNA O. NUREKI 76

X-ray crystallographic studise on hematopoietic and lipocalin type PGDS M. MIYANO 77

Crystal structure analysis of alpha- and beta-amylases from Bacillus species T. YAMANE 78

Test for the Routine Structure Analysis of Biological Macromolecules at the Bio-Crystallography Beamline N. KAMIYA 79

Tuning of the Bio-Crystallography Beamline Y. KAWANO 80

X-ray crystal structure analysis of ribosomal protein S7 by MAD A. NAKAGAWA 81

Evaluation of Performance of the Bio-Crystallography Beamline by Means of Refinement of High-Resolution Crystal Structure M. FUJIHASHI 82

Date Collection of Phenylethylamine Oxidase from Arthrobacter globiformis at Low Temperature H. YAMAGUCHI 83

Structures of Escherichia coli and Mouse 8-Oxo-dGTPase that Hydrolyze the Mutagenic 8-Oxo-dGTP to 8-Oxo-dGMP Y. YAMAGATA 84

High Resolution X-ray Crystallographic Analysis of Cytochrome c Oxidase H. SAKAI 85

Mechanism of Proton Pumping of Cytochrome c Oxidase based on its Crystal Structure S. YOSHIKAWA 86

X-ray fiber diffraction from the native thin filament and F-actin sols T. ODA 87

Crystal structure of Phe-tRNA-synthetase from T.thermophilus in complex with phenylalanyl-adenylate D. VASSYLYEV 88

Protein crystallography of muscle tropomyosin and complexes of tropomyosin with other proteins Y. MAEDA 89

X-ray structure analysis of drug-resistant HIV-1 protease, and protease inhibitor complexes, and rHCAI and substate/ inhibitor complexes M. HOSUR 90
BL45XU (RIKEN Beamline)

Tests of the Small-angle Beamline for X-ray Diffraction Experiments on Skeletal Muscles N. YAGI 91

X-ray Solution Scattering of Biological Supramolecules on an Undulator Radiation Source Y. INOKO 92

Structural Analysis during the Photocycle of Bacteriorhodopsin revealed by Time Resoloved X-ray Diffraction F. TOKUNAGA 93

Stability of Solution Structure and Photo-Induced Structural Changes of Photoactive Yellow Protein with Use of Mutants N. HAMADA 94