SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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User Experiment Report No.15 (2005A)

This report presents 644 results of non-proprietary experiments conducted using SPring-8 Public and Contract Beamlines during the period April 2005 through August 2005, which is the fifteenth research term (2005A).

Table of Contents
Cover (PDF 20 kB)
Title (PDF 16 kB)
Contents (PDF 8 kB)
Preface (PDF 8 kB)
SPring-8 Operationl Results for the Eighth Research Period (2004A) (PDF 148 kB)
SPring-8 Beamline Map (PDF 240 kB)
List of Proposals and Experiment Reports

Public use beamline

Priority Research Proposals

Nanonet Proposals

Trial Use Proposals

Power User Proposals

Strategy Priority Research Proposals

Contract beamline

Author Index (PDF 164 kB)