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User Experiment Report No.2 (1998A)

BL01B1 BL02B1 BL04B1 BL08W BL09XU
Cover (408 kB)
SPring-8 Operational results for the Second Research Period
Proposal List of Public Beamline Experiments in 1998A (620 kB)
Location of Beamlines

title first author page

XAFS study on implanted Cu ions in silica glass H.Kageyama 1

XAFS Study of the Local Structures in Perovskite-type Solid Oxide Crystal Electrolytes T.Yao 2

XAFS Study on the Local Structure Change around Silver in Zeolite.I.Performance Test of BL01B1 toward Ag K-edge Spectrum H.Sakane 3

XAFS Studies on Metal Ion Photocatalysts Incorporated within Zeolite Cavities H.Yamashita 4

XANES study of mechanically alloyed Y2Ni I.Nakai 5

XAFS Study on Electronic Structure in Eu@C60 Y.Kubozono 6

XAFS Studies on Pd, Ag Particles Supported on CeO2 Y.Matsumura 7

K-edge XAFS of rare earth elements in oxides, carbides and nitrides T.Nakagawa 8

General evaluation of XAFS beamline I - XAFS in the high energy region - Y.Nishihata 9

XAFS study on liquid Te and I under high temperature and high pressure Y.Katayama 10

Wavelength Dpendence of Diamond Detector for X-ray Beam Position Monitor H.Aoyagi 11

XAFS analysis of heavy elements in accumulators H.Hashimoto 12

Solvation Structures of Iodide Anions in Various Solvents I.Watanabe 13

Total-Reflection XAFS of Aqueous Solution Surface I.Watanabe 14

Studies on the Structure of Pd Supported on Zeolite by XAFS K.Okumura 15

Semiconductor to Metal Transition and Local Structure in Arsenic Tellurides T.Miyanaga 16

Structual Analysis of Tin-doped Indium Oxide (ITO) Thin Film by XAFS Spectroscopy N.Umesaki 17

Conversion-helium ion yield XAFS at La K-absorption edge M.Takahashi 18

Local Structure and Magnetic Property for Hard Magnetic Material Sm2Fe17NX H.Kasatani 19

Characterization of BL01B1 S.Emura 20

Characterization of specific elements accumulated in marine biomineral C.Numako 21

XAFS Analysis for the Local Structures of Noble Metal - Ceria Catalysts H.Kanai 22

Analysis of local structure and perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of GdCo and GdFe thin filmes Y.Fujiwara 23

Local Structure of Erbium Doped Glasses Studied with XAFS Measurements K.Haga 24

The Local Structural Analysis of Sb Catalyst in PET polymers H.Kobe 25

Evaluation of Energy Resolution of BL01B1 Using XANES Spectra of Various Metal Ions T.Tanaka 26

EXAFS Measurements of Nd3+-doped Glasses on the Nd K-edge H.Yamaguchi 27

Structure Analysis of Sodium Paradodecatungstate on BL02B1 of SPring-8 T.Ozeki 28

Precise Crystal Structure Analysis of K3H(SO4)2 by High Energy X-ray Diffraction Method H.Kasatani 29

Micro-Crystal Structure Analysis and Its Application to the Strudy of Photo-Induced Structural Change of the Metal Complex K.Toriumi 30

Small Crystal Diffraction Experiments on Bicapped C60/gamma-cyclodextrins Complex Y.Kai 31

Crystal structural Analysis of the Fullerene Compounds by the Maximum Entropy Method E.Nishibori 32

Defect stucture in pure Ni irradiated with iodene ions and electrons T.Matsui 33

Powder Deffraction of Chang Disproportionate Perovskite and Layered Pervskite Oxides of CaFeO3 and Sr3Fe2O7-x S.Morimoto 34

Structure analysis of a SrTiO3 perovskite single crystal at 3.5GPa using hard x-rays of 30keV N.Hirai 35

Development of Electronic Excited State Crystallography by Imaging Plate Detector Y.Ozawa 36

High-Resolution Powder Diffraction Experiments at BL02B1 H.Toraya 37

Precursor Phenomena on the Ferst-Order Phase Transition in Ferroelastic Compouds II Y.Kuroiwa 38

Phase Transition of Hexagonal BaTiO3 Y.Noda 39

Lattice Modulaion and Charge Ordering Associated with the Spin Ordering in CeP Y.Noda 40

Chrage Ordering in Vanadium Compoud Y.Noda 41

Eledtron distribution of hydrogen atom of squaric acid in high pressure phase Y.Noda 42

Lattice Modulation and Charge Ordering in La2-xSrxCuO4 (x=1/8) Y.Noda 43

Crystal Structure of Polysyntehtic Twinned Phase in A2BX4-type Ferroelectrics H.Shigematsu 44

X-ray study of phason strains in Al-Pd-Mn and Al-Ni-Co decagonal quasicrystals Y.Matsuo 45

Crystal structure analysis of zeolite using high resolution powder diffraction and anomalous dispersion effect Y.Toriumi 46

Precise Measurements of Lattice Parameter Mismatch between gamma and gamma' Phase In Ni Base Alloy T.Sakon 47

The Structure of thin tantalum oxides on silicon substrates S.Yasuami 48

X-ray Structure Analysis of Host-Guest Organic MicroCrystals Y.Takenaka 49

Structural Fluctuation in a Disordered Ternary Alloy S.Hashimoto 50

Nature of Atomic Disordering in Relaxor Ferroelectrics of PMN and PSN H.H.Chen 51

Single crystal X-ray diffraction of the phase transformation in solid C70 T.S.Radhakrishnan 52

Crystal Structure Analysis of a Cobaloxime Complex H.Uekusa 53

Highly Accurate Measurement of Electron Density Distribution in Transition-Metal Complexes with SR and Vacuum Camera K.Tanaka 54

Structure Determination of Small Crystals of Organic functional Compounds M.Yasui 55

The Structural Chang near the Semiconductor-Metal Transition in Arsemic Chalcogenides H.Endo 56

Olivine to Modified Spinel Phase Boundary in the System (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 M.Matsui 57

X-ray Diffraction Measurements for Expanded Fluid Mercury K.Tamura 58

X-ray Diffraction Measurements for Expanded Fluid Selenium M.Inui 59

In-situ Measurement of Rheology of Silicate Garnet at High Pressure and Temperature Conditions J.Ando 60

The determination of the P-T phase diagram of PbZrO3 S.Endo 61

In-situ x-ray observation of graphite-diamond transition using catalysts under high pressures and high temperatures W.Utsumi 62

Effect of heating on the first sharp diffraction peak for amorphous SiO2 under high pressure N.Kitamura 63

In-situ X-ray diffraction study of crystallization process of Nd-Fe-B amorphous alloys under high pressure S.Hirosawa 64

Structure of Liquid Tellurium at High atemperatures K.Tsuji 65

Structure of Liquid Chalcogen under Pressure K.Tsuji 66

Hydrostatic compression of cristobalite(SiO2) using SPEED 1500 M.Yamakata 67

In situ X-ray diffraction study on kinetics of decomposition of spinel Mg2SiO4 to periclase MgO and perovskite MgSiO3 T.Kubo 68

Establishing equation of state of MgO and MgSiO3 perovskite based on simultaneous measurements of acoustic velocity and density A.Yoneda 69

High pressure and high temperature in situ X-ray observation of hydrous wadsleyite, Mg1.75SiO4H0.5 under the condition of the mantle transition zone T.Inoue 70

Preliminary results on in situ X-ray observations of the spinel-postspinel transformation in a pyrolite composition T.Irifune 71

Precise determination of the phase boundaries among ilmenite, garnet and perovskite structures in MgSiO3 by in situ x-ray observations K.Kuroda 72

The precise determination of the reaction from spinel to perovskite and periclase in Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4 T.Katsura 73

High-pressure and high-temperature in situ X-ray diffraction experiments of (Mg,Fe)SiO3 enstatite and ilmenite K.Fujino 74

Structural Analysis of Supercritical Water Y.Ohmasa 75

High Pressure and Temperature Phase of ZrO2 O.Ohtaka 76

X-Ray Diffraction Experiments on the Fe-FeS Eutectic Melt at 10 GPa S.Urakawa 77

In-situ viscosity measurement of NaAlSi3O8 (albite) melt at high pressure M.Kanzaki 78

Subsolidus Transition from Wadsleyite (beta Phase) to Spinel (gamma Phase) in the System Mg2SiO4 as a Function of Pressure and Temperature M.J.Walter 79

Calibration of cubic anvil cell using sintered diamond S.Ono 81

In Situ Observation of the Ilmenite-Perovskite Phase Transformation in Mg2SiO3 Using Synchrotron Radiation S.Ono 82

Phase equilibrium study of grossular garmet (Ca3Al2Si3O12) under high pressure and temperature T.Yagi 83

Determination of phase transition pressure in GaP T.Yagi 84

An Attempt to Change the Half-Lives of beta-Decay Nuclides H.Baba 85

Performance of a 100-150 keV Monochromator for High Energy Synchrotron Radiation H.Yamaoka 86

Evaluation of 90°-Scattering Magnetic Compton-Profile method with High Energy X-Rays M.Seigo 87

Observation of Anisotropic Magnetic Compton Profiles of hcp-Co Y.Kakutani 88

Beta-Ce magnetic Compton Profile Measurement by Helicity Switching Method N.Hiraoka 89

Orbital distribution of Mn-3d (eg) electrons in the perovskite system La1-xSrxMnO3 A.Koizumi 90

High-Energy X-ray Diffraction Experiment on GeO2 Glass K.Suzuya 91

The nuclear resonant scattering beam properties on the various rotation times of the hyper fine field in the magnetic material T.Mitsui 92

Development of Nuclear Resonant Inelastic Scattering Technique M.Seto 93

X-ray inelastic scattering of Hemoproteins T.Harami 94

Surface Structure Analysis of Solid Liquid Interfaces M.Nakamura 95

Nuclear forward scattering on andradite at hydrostatic pressures to 43 GPa L.Zhang 96

Nuclear Resonant Scattering Study of the Dynamics in Polymer Gels K.Hara 97

Structure Analysis of Semiconductor Electrode Surfaces by X-ray Standing Wave Method M.Takahasi 98

Nuclear Resonant Scattering of Ferromagnetic Amorphous Ribbon S.Nasu 99

Inprovement of sensitivity for detecting strains in silicon using highly collimated x-rays Y.Kudo 100

Measurement of Internal Conversion Electrons from Monatomic Layers on Surfaces T.Okano 101

Nuclear resonant scattering study of quasicrystal i-AlCuFe K.Shibata 102

Preliminary Experiments of Surface and Interface in BL09XU S.Nakatani 103

Modulation of CTR Scattering under Bragg Condition W.Yashiro 104

A Feasibility Examination of Multiple-Energy X-ray Holography in BL09XU S.Nakatani 105

Preliminary Study for the X-ray Standing Wave Analysis of the Electrode/Zirconia (solid state electrolyte ) Interface A.Saito 106

High-pressure Mosbauer study of FeS with nuclear forword scattering of synchrotron radiation H.Kobayashi 107

Nuclear Resonant Diffraction in Nearly Perfect Synthetic Hematite Crystals Containing Various Contents of 57Fe M.Ando 108

Study of vibrational dynamics in transition metal-metalloid, metallic glasses A.Gupta 109

Nuclear resonant scattering by the nuclei with high transition energy Y.Yoda 110

Compression behavior of rhodochrosite, MnCO3 T.Nagai 111

Structure of Chalcogens under High Pressere K.Nagata 112

Structure of Ga2Se3 and GaSe under Hige Pressure M.Takumi 113

Structural Studies of Two-Dimensional Ferromagnets A2CuF4 (A=K, Rb, Cs) at High Pressure and Low Temperature M.Ishizuka 114

Angular-Dispersive Powder X-ray Diffraction from the High Pressure Phase of Fe2O3 S.Morimoto 115

Structural Studies of NbI4 under High Pressure H.Kawamura 116

Structural Phase Trasition of Molecular Solid under High Pressure H.Kawamura 117

Amorphization from the High-Pressure Phase in III-V Compounds K.Tsuji 118

Density of Liquid Se under High Temperature and High Pressure Y.Katayama 119

XAFS analysis of optical activation process of Er in Si:Er2O3 thin film M.Ishii 120

Crystal Structure Analyses of Solid Oxygen High-Pressure Phases and Research for Molecular Dissociation Y.Akahama 121

Electron Density Distribution Analysis of Pressure-Induced s-d Transition of Cesium by MEM Y.Ohishi 122

Characterization of the Al-rich phase(s) in the garnet-perovskite phase transformation K.Fujino 123

A Sensitive XAFS study using tunable X-ray undulator Y.Kuwahara 124

Structure Analysis of Tetrahedral-Molecular Crystal and Amorphous at High Pressure N.Hamaya 125

High Pressure Phase transitions in Adamantane V.Viswanathan 126

Investigation of pressure induced crystal-crystal phase transformations in alpha-AIPO4 prior to amorphization S.M.Sharma 127

Development of Ultra-high Density Solid State Detector Array for Rapid and Sensitive XAFS H.Oyanagi 128

Facility for temperature dependent XAFS at BL10XU N.L.Saini 129

Development of Polarized XAFS Measurements for Small Single Crystals C.Lee 130

Development of control software for fluorescence XAFS measurement H.Nagamori 131

In situ SXS Study of Electrodeposition Process on Electrode K.Uosaki 132

Second Order Phase Transition of FeS under High Pressure and Temperature K.Kusaba 133

Development of high pressure and high temperature in situ X-ray diffraction system using Drickamer-type apparatus T.Yagi 134

Behavior of the well-ordered 6H-SiC(000-1) surface in the atmosphere H.Sasaki 135

Study on the Magnetism of Gd/Fe and Y/Fe amorphous multilayers via MCD Y.Fujiwara 136

MCD Spectrum at Mn L2,3-Edges in Ferromagnetic Mn Compounds H.Maruyama 137

Magnetic Circular Dichroism (MCD) in Li doped NiO A.Banerjee 138

Tuning of 2-dimensional photoelectron spectrometer H.Daimon 139

Soft X-ray magnetic circular dichroism of ferromagnetic perovskite Mn oxides S.Imada 140

Tuning of 2-dimensional photoelectron spectrometer and SPEED H.Daimon 141

High resolution, high energy, resonance photoemission spectroscopy of Kondo Ce compounds S.Suga 142

Soft X-ray magnetic circular dichroism of transition metal and rare earth compounds S.Suga 143

Magnetic Circular Dichroism (MCD) in Li doped NiO. A.Banerjee 144

3d --> 4f Resonant Photoemission Spectroscopy of CeNi R.Jung 145

Characterization of the chemically etched SiC(0001) surfaces by photoelectron spectroscopy H.Sasaki 146

Anomalous MCD signal of parapamagnetic CeFe4P12 T.Miyahara 147

Photoelectron and Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectra of D O3-related (Fe1-x Vx)3Al Alloys K.Soda 148

Etching of Electronic or Hard Materials T.Kanashima 149

Thin film deposition using synchrotron radiation-induced CVD and ablation A.Wakahara 150

Perfomance Test of the Resonant Auger Electron Spectrometer for Atoms and Molecules I.H.Suzuki 151

Development of the Profile Monitors for Soft X-ray Beamline Using Diamond Detector H.Aoyagi 152

Performance Test of a Reflectron-Type Mass Spectrometer for Soft-X-ray Photochemistry H.Yoshida 153

Thin Film Deposition, Etching and Micro Fabrication of Electronic Materials T.Kanashima 154

Investigation of Chemical State and Distribution of Metal Ions in Tissues around an Bio-medical Impact A.Ektessabi 155

Total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis of trace elements in bio-environmental samples I.Nakai 156

Hard X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism of Laves Phase Compounds M.Mizumaki 157

Magnetic hysteresis of XMCD effect in Gd/Fe sputterd multilayer M.Takagaki 158

Effect of Bunch Mode of Storage Ring on X-ray Magnetic Diffraction Experiment M.Ito 159

Development of A Monochromatic Beam Method of X-ray Magnetic Diffraction with A Phase Plate and A Linear Polarizer M.Ito 160

Atomic image around Zn in GaAs:Zn using multiple energy X-ray holography K.Hayashi 161

Analysis of thin films by X-ray scattering at grazing incidence K.Sakurai 162

Feasibility tests of Johansson-type X-ray fluorescence spectrometer K.Sakurai 163

Detection of trace metals by X-ray fluorescence using total reflection K.Sakurai 164

Two dimensional elemental mapping and non-destractive characterization of the elements accumulated in biominerals and related enviomental specimens I.Nakai 165

Study of Electronic States in 3d Transition-Metal Oxides by X-Ray Resonance Magnetic Scattering K.Namikawa 166

XMCD Spectrum at Pt L2,3-Edges Recprded by Helicity Modulation Technique H.Maruyama 167

Multielectron Excitation in 3d -Transition Metal Compounds H.Maruyama 168

Preliminary Test of X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy in Gd-Iron Garnet Single Crystal H.Maruyama 169

Element Analysis by X-ray Flourescence Imaging with Wolter Mirror N.Watanabe 170

ATS Reflection of Magnetite (Fe3O4) J.Kokubun 171

X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and trace element analysis using an x-ray microprobe S.Hayakawa 172

Wavelength despersive x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy using monochromatized x-ray excitation S.Hayakawa 173

Crystal Structure Analysis of Human High-affinity Receptor for IgE.Hirokazu H.Nishida 174

Structure determination of ribosomal protein L2 by multiplewavlength anomalous diffraction method I.Tanaka 175

The structure determination of yeast 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid deaminase by multiple wavelength anomalous dipersion method A.Nakagawa 176

X-ray Crystallographic Study of Ribulose 1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase from a Red Alga, Galdieria Partita, with High Specificity Factor Y.Kai 177

X-ray Date Collection from Heavy-atom derivative crystals of Streptomyces antibioticus Phosholipase D A.Suzuki 178

Structure and function of photosystem I complexes K.Satoh 179

X-Ray Crystallographic Study of Thermostable Aspartate Aminotransferase K.Hirotsu 180

X-ray Crystallography of Bacteriorhodopsin T.Kouyama 181

Cryogenic X-ray Crystallography of Light-Harvesting Complex of Photo System II (LHC-II) T.Kouyama 182

Crystal Structure Analysis of Valyl-tRNA Synthetase in a complex with tRNAVal O.Nureki 183

Crystal Structure Analysis of Valyl-tRNA Synthetase in a complex with tRNAVal (II) O.Nureki 184

X-ray Crystallographic Studies on DNA Repair Enzymes K.Fukuyama 185

The crystal structure of fully oxidized cytochrome c oxidase from bovine heart at 2.0 Å resolution R.Nakashima 186

Crystallographic Study of G-CSF Receptor Complexed with G-CSF M.Aritomi 187

Crystal Structure Analyses of Bovine Rhodopsin T.Okada 188

Structure of G-protein couple Receptor (Rhodopsin) M.Tsuda 189

Structure of Diol Dehydrase Containing Bitamin B12 Analogue N.Shibata 190

SH2/SH3/SH2 composite domains of GAP120 complexed to a diphosphorylated peptide E.F.Pai 191

Crystal structure analysis of Hmc N.Shibata 192

Collection of X-ray diffraction data from the crystals of Bucillus circulans chitinase D using various X-ray optics T.Matsumoto 193

X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis of E.coli Crysteine desulfrase 2 Y.Hata 194

Evaluation of Performance of the Bio-Crystallography Beamline by Means of Refinement of High-Resolution Crystal Structure M.Fujihashi 195

Studies on Structure-Function Relationship of DNA Replication Control Proteins by Means of X-ray Crystallography K.Miki 196

X-ray Structural Analyses for a Series of Mutant Human Lysozymes K.Takano 197

Crystal Structure Analysis of Maltooligosyl Trehalose Synthase M.Kobayashi 198

Structural basis for the control of antigen-antibody reaction Y.Yamagata 199

Time-Resolved Crystal Structure Analysis of Photoreactive Nitlile Hydratase with Large-Angle Oscillation Technique Y.Kawano 200

The flexibility of protein molecule in terms of the crystallography of DHFR mutants K.Katayanagi 201

MIROAS Crystal Structure Analysis of Aleuria Aurantia Lectin with the Automatic Diffractometer M.Kawamoto 202

SIRAS Phase Determination of Pressurized-Xe Protein Crystals with High-Energy X-rays Y.Kawano 203

X-ray crystallography of calcium-dependent inhibitory factor H.Sasaki 204

Crystal Structure Analysis of Water-Soluble Chlorophyll Protein from Raphanus Sativus var. hortensis A.Uchida 205

X-ray Structure Analysis of Hydrogenase at High Resolution H.Ogata 206

Crystallographic Study of an electron-transfer complex between Ferredoxin and Ferredoxin-NADP+ reductase G.Kurisu 207

A new hilium chamber and a long collimator with a four-way guard slit for collecting X-ray diffraction date from very low to high resolution K.Hasegawa 208

X-ray crystallographic studies of flagellar HAP2 and F41 fragment K.Imada 209

Crystal structure analysis of 20S Proteasome from bovine liver M.Unno 210

X-ray fiber diffraction from well oriented sols of native thin filament and F-actin T.Oda 211

Structural Studies on Thermal Stabilization of Enzymes R.Hirose 212

Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction with Rotating Nanocrystal Y.Sasaki 213

Extracting Phase Information from Laue Diffraction Data Q.Hao 214

Evaluation of Laue diffraction date from the crystal of FMN binding protein N.Shibata 215

Analysis of the anisotropic displacement paramenters of the catalytic domain of chitinase A1 from Bacillus circulans T.Matsumoto 216

High-Resolution Crystal Structure of Intermediate Liganded State of (alphaFe(II))2(betaMg(II))2 Hybrid Hemoglobin S.Park 217

X-ray crystallographic analysis of the evolution of vertebrate hemoglobins K.Chong 218

High Resolution Data Collection and Preliminary Laue Diffraction Study of Adenylate Kinase from Sulfolobus solfataricus H.Yamaguchi 219

Time Resolved Crystal Structure Analysis of Photoreactive Nitlile Hydratase with Laue Diffraction Technique Y.Kawano 220

X-ray crystallographic study of bacteriorhdopsin's reaction intermediates by the time-resolved Laue method T.Kouyama 221

Metal Cluster Labeling of Contractile Proteins in Muscle: Its Application to Small-Angle X-ray Scattering/Diffraction Studies H.Iwamoto 222

Test of the Small-angle Beamline for X-ray Diffraction Experiments on Skeltal Muscle N.Yagi 223

X-ray Solution Scattering of Biological Supramolecules on an Undulator Radiation Source Y.Inoko 224

Effect of molecular architechture on the Flory interaction parameter K.Kimishima 225

Characterization about the Structure of Emulsion Particles by Using Small Angle X-ray Scattering(SAXS) Method K.Saiga 226

Structural analysis during the photocycle of bacteriorhodopsin revealed by time resolved X-ray diffraction T.Oka 227

An X-ray diffraction study on rat cardiac muscles H.Suga 228

The Behaviour of Ionization Chambers under the Irradiation of High Flux X-ray Beams M.Suzuki 229

Speckle Without The Pinhole A.Baron 230

Measurement of the emittance using crystal optics Y.Kohmura 231

Evaluation of X-ray Bubble Lens & X-ray Hollow Plastic Ball Lens Y.Kohmura 232

Refraction in imaging with parallel X-ray beam for medical use K.Yamasaki 233

Feasibility Study on Microimaging with Phase Zone Plates at 6.5keV K.Takemoto 234

Characterization of Zone Plate for Focusing X-ray H.Miyaji 235
Contact Beamline

Development of High Resolution X-ray Imaging by the Refraction Contrast Method Y.Tsusaka 236

Evaluation of Biocrystallography Experimental Hutch of Hyogo Beamline (BL24XU) Y.Katsuya 237

Observations of Fatigue Cracks in Structural Materials by Refraction Contrast X-ray Imaging T.Nakayama 238

Phase Contrast Imaging of Carbon Material K.Izumi 239

X-ray diffraction topography of polished silicon surfaces under total reflection conditions T.Katoh 240

Observations of pattern-induced strains by plain wave X-ray topography K.Tani 241

Refraction imaging with parallel X-ray beam for medical use K.Yamasaki 242