SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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SPring-8 Seminar

Format Title Subtitle/Subject Period Venue
Lecture SPring8 174th SPring-8 Seminar Detector Development at the Advanced Light Source to Feb 01 , 2008 Kamitsubo Hall
Lecture SPring8 175th SPring-8 Seminar Ferromagnetic Semiconductors with high Curie temperature and unusual magnetic properties - the case of Gd-doped GaN to Feb 06 , 2008 Kamitsubo Hall
Lecture SPring8 176th SPring-8 Seminar Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering in wide-band materials to Mar 27 , 2008 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 177th SPring-8 Seminar Searching for events that occur only once per 30-billion events -Data acquisition system to search for the rare neutral Kaon decay to Apr 11 , 2008 in front of central control room
Lecture SPring8 178th SPring-8 Seminar Impact of Aluminium on the magnetic properties of the RT2 compounds ( R = rare earth, T = transition metal ) through the modification of the electronic structure to Jun 10 , 2008
Lecture SPring8 179th SPring-8 Seminar The Pilatus Detectors: Next generation X-ray detectors for synchroton, industrial and medical applications to Aug 27 , 2008 Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center
Lecture SPring8 180th SPring-8 Seminar Outlook for Active Use of SPring-8 is Soft Matter Dynamics to Sep 30 , 2008 Structual Biology Facility
Lecture SPring8 181st SPring-8 Seminar Time-resolved electron cryo-microscopy revealed maturation dynamics of a pseudo T=4 viral capsid to Dec 15 , 2008 Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center
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