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The 223rd SPring-8 Seminar

Period from 15:00 to 16:00 Thu., May 23 , 2013
Venue Lecture Hall, Public Relation center
Host/Organizer JASRI
Format Lecture

Speaker : Yuji Seimiya

Language : Japanese


Title : Orbit and Optics Corrections to Realize Design Performances in Accelerator

Abstract :
Accelerator designing is started setting target parameters first, for example emittance, a design orbit is assumed second. Third, bending, quadrupole, and multipole magnets are put on the design orbit, finally, magnetic field intensities of these magnets are set to realize the target parameters. In actual accelerators (having alignment errors), the method to achieve design performances of accelerators is studied using most intuitive idea that the magnets are aligned with design orbit.
The suggested method uses the fact that design orbit can be estimated from beam orbit under the terms of parallel displacement errors of BPM equivalent to that of quadrupole magnets when misalignment of magnets exists only on parallel displacement errors of quadrupole magnet. In concrete terms, parallel displacement, rotation, and magnetic field intensity errors of quadrupole magnets and parallel displacement errors of sextupole magnets are estimated using the assumption, that parallel displacement errors of BPM equal to that of quadrupole magnets, when those quadrupole and sextupole errors, rotation and magnetic field intensity errors of bending magnets, errors between BPM and quadrupole magnet, and measurement errors of optics parameters exist in SuperKEKB or PF ring. After those errors are corrected, the extent to which the low emittance can be achieved is discussed.

Organizer : Toru Hara
Mail : toru@spring8.or.jp
PHS : 3804

Contact Address SPring-8 Seminar secretariat JASRI/SPring-8 Shinji Kakiguchi Research Coordination Division
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