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The 270th SPring-8 Seminar

Subject/Contents HAXPES and other Photon Science activities at DESY
Period from 16:00 to 17:00 Fri., Oct 06 , 2017
Venue Kamitsubo Hall
Format Lecture

Speaker: Prof. Wolfgang Drube

Language: English

Affiliation: Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY Photon Science, Hamburg (Germany)

Title: HAXPES and other Photon Science activities at DESY

A new X-ray undulator beamline dedicated to HAXPES applications is currently being constructed at PETRA III making use of the high source brilliance. The beamline is located in the recently built Ada Yonath experimental hall and is expected to get first light for commissioning in October this year. It will be available for user proposals from fall 2018.

This dedicated HAXPES beamline comprises a selection of techniques using specialized instruments built and operated in collaboration with external user groups. These include HAXPES with optional multi channel spin detection using a 2D spin filter, HAXPEEM, k-space microscopy and high-pressure HAXPES. All current HAXPES activities at beamline P09 will be relocated to the new beamline.

This new beamline is one of many currently being built as part of the PETRA III extension project which added two new experimental halls to the storage ring. Looking further into the future (~10 years ahead), DESY is now preparing a proposal for a major facility upgrade, “PETRA IV”, which will be a completely new multi-bend achromat 6 GeV machine with an horizontal emittance down to ~10pm rad yielding a diffraction limited beam up to 10 keV photon energy. The new facility is also planned to provide additional beamlines for techniques making use of the extreme source brilliance.

In addition, DESY is continuing and expanding its FEL activities at FLASH with the recent addition of FLASH II and the involvement in the European XFEL, which recently had been officially inaugurated after providing first light for initial experiments.

Organizer: Sakurai Yoshiharu
e-mail: sakuraiatspring8.or.jp
PHS: 3803

Contact Address SPring-8 Seminar secretariat Shinobu Miyoshi / Minako Koujibata General Administration Division/ SPring-8/ Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)
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