SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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What is Budding Researchers Support Proposals?


Applicants must be either
a) master students at both time of proposal application and experiments, or
b) Ph.D. students at the time of experiments

Application Requirements

· Applicants are required to show initiative, work independently, and be self-reliant when conducting research.
· All applicants must obtain permission to apply from their Ph.D. advisors, who can be responsible for the experiment at SPring-8.

Support for Expenses

Domestic travel expenses including SPring-8 Guest House lodging expenses for two people
  (the project leader and a student/project team member per proposal)
*for detail, see "Call for Budding Researchers Support Proposals" of which you are going to apply

Schedule of Call for Proposals
  research period proposal submission period remarks
research term A from April through July from November thorough December  
research term B from October through February from May thorough June  
one-year proposals research term B and A same as research term B · it started since 2009B
· applications accepted for research term B only

[At BL14B2, BL19B2 and BL46XU (BLs intended for industrial applications)]
There are two calls for proposals per research term (4 deadlines per year).
first half of term A: (research period) April-mid June, (submission period) November-December
second half of term A: (research period) Mid June-July, (submission period) Spring
first half of term B: (research period) October-mid December, (submission period) May-June
second half of term B: (research period) Mid December-January, (submission period) Fall

Main Feature

Review criteria are the same as those for General Proposals.
*The Budding Researchers Support Proposals are treated in the selection process of General Proposal without any exemption.

Proposal Review Criteria

A)Scientific and technical relevance; one of the following criteria must be fulfilled.
· The proposed research is cutting edge and its science and technology field has potential/will contribute to the development of a new research field.
· Expected results will contribute to basic research areas and the field of fundamental technology development.
 · Expected results have significance and potential as industrial base technology.
 · The proposed research has social significance and will contribute to the social economy.

B)Necessity of SPring-8 as a research tool

C)Conformity to the Science and Technology Basic Law and social norms: the implementation of the research proposal is appropriate in light of the Law and socially accepted ideas, e.g., the implementation of the proposed research and the use of research results are exclusively for peaceful purposes.

D)Technical feasibility

E)Safety of the experiment


Budding Researcher Support Proposals in the Past

*Click images shown below for information.
*mainly in Japanese
2014A call for proposals    
2013B call for proposals selected proposals  
2013A call for proposals selected proposals  
2012B call for proposals selected proposals  
2012A call for proposals selected proposals  
2011B call for proposals selected proposals  
2011A call for proposals selected proposals  
2010B call for proposals selected proposals reports
2010A call for proposals selected proposals reports
2009B call for proposals selected proposals reports
2009A call for proposals selected proposals reports
2008B call for proposals selected proposalsselected proposals reports
2008A selected proposals reports
2007B   reports
2007A   reports
2006B   reports
2006A   reports
2005B   reports
2005A     reports