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Experimental Animal Facility


The Experimental Animal Facility is located on the south of the Medium-length Beamline Facility and connected to it via a hallway on the second floor. The facility cannot be accessed from the ground floor.


The Experimental Animal Facility has the following rooms. Amimal experiments must be conducted only after approval of the SPring-8 Experimental Animals Care and Use Committee. Please follow the instructions by the administrator. For details please visit the Experimental Animal Facility Web site.

(1) Mouse Room to keep mice, rats and guinea pigs.

(2) Rabbit Room to keep rabbits.

(3) Aquaous Animals Room to keep frogs.

(4) Operation Room to dissect or operate animals. Equipped with a fumehood (for ether anesthesia) and a stereomicroscope.

(5) Cold Room for operations at low temperatures (~4C). Those who wish to use this room should consult the staff in advance.

(6) Recombinant DNA Experiment Room. Those who wish to conduct genetic recombination experiments (including the use of transgenic or knockout animals) should comply to the rules set by the Genetic Recombination Experiment Committee, file required documents beforehand and conduct those experiments only after approval.

(7) Cell Cultrue Room, equipped with a CO2 incubator, a clean bench, an inverted microscope and an autoclave. Those who wish to use this room should consult the staff (Application form is in the Experimental Animal Facility Web site.).


Users of the Experimental Animal Facility should strictly follow the instructions below. For details please visit the Experimental Animal Facility Web site

(1) Users may arrange animals to be delivered directly to the facility through the dealers authorized by the SPring-8 Experimental Animals Care and Use Committee. In this case, the schedule of delivery must be notified to the administrator by submitting online the Notification form ( in the Experimental Animal Facility Web site) at least one week in advance of delivery. Animals unknown to the administrator will be refused at the gate.

(2) The facility is intended for a short period maintenance of animals until the date of experiment. In principle, long-period maintenance is not allowed. The period of maintenance must not exceed one month in any circumstances. Those who whish to maintain animals after the date of experiment should consult the administrator in advance.

(3) Those who wish to use Secobarbital for anesthesia should use the one stored in the facility after consultation with the administrator. Bringing in Secobarbital into SPring-8 from other institutes is prohibited by the Narcotics Law of Japan.

(4) In principle, animal carcasses should be brought back home. If there is problem in doing so, consult the administrator.

(5) Uses should not leave any instruments or disposable items that have been brought in. Othewise, other users may inadvertently use them and cause troubles.

(6) Disposal of the experimental waste should be done following the rules. If anything is unclear, please consult the staff.

(7) Pay attention to additional instructions put up in the rooms.