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List of SPring-8 Research Proposals in the 1st half of 1998 (1)

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CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal number Last Name First Name Title of Experiment Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
1 1998A0002-CL -np Nishida Hirokazu Crystal Structure Analysis of Human High-affinity Receptor for IgE. Hitachi Ltd. Japan BL41XU 1
2 1998A0003-NOD -np Ozeki Tomoji Crystal Structure Analysis of Sdium Paradodecatungstate Tokyo Inst. of Tech. Japan BL02B1 3
3 1998A0006-CD -np Mitsui Takaya The nuclear resonant scattering beam properties on the various rotation time of the hyper fine field in tha magnetic material JAERI Japan BL09XU 9
4 1998A0010-CX -np Kageyama Hiroyuki XAFS study on photolumnescence property and structure of ion implanted Cu ion Osaka National Res. Inst. Japan BL01B1 3
5 1998A0011-NL -np Iwamoto Hiroyuki Detection of small structural changes of proteins labeled with a high electron-density marker JASRI Japan BL45XU 8
6 1998A0012-NOM -np Baba Hiroshi An attempt to change the half lives of ß-decay nuclides Osaka Univ. Japan BL08W 4
7 1998A0014-NL -np Sasaki Yuji Time-resolved tracking x-ray diffraction method for observing noncrystallized biomaterials. Hitachi Ltd. Japan BL44B2 8
8 1998A0015-CD -np Seto Makoto Development of Nuclear Resonant Inelastic Scattering Technique Kyoto Univ. Japan BL09XU 21
9 1998A0019-CD -np Harami Taikan X-ray Inelastic Scattering of Hemoproteins JAERI Japan BL09XU 9
10 1998A0020-CD -np Ito Masatoki Surface X-ray Structure analysis of Solution Interfaces Keio Univ. Japan BL09XU 12
11 1998A0022-NL -np Tanaka Isao Structure analysis of ribosomal protein L2 Hokkaido Univ. Japan BL41XU 3
12 1998A0023-NL -np Nakagawa Atsushi X-ray crystal structure analysis of ACC deaminase by MAD phasing Hokkaido Univ. Japan BL41XU 3
13 1998A0025-NL -np Kai Yasushi Structural Analsis of RuBisCO with highest CO2-fixation from Galdieria Partita Osaka Univ. Japan BL41XU 6
14 1998A0026-CD -np Kasatani Hirofumi Precise Crystal Structure Analysis of K3H(SO4)2 by High Energy X-ray Diffraction Method Shizuoka Inst. of Sci. & Tech. Japan BL02B1 12
15 1998A0028-NM -np Ishiguro Eiji Etching of Electronic or Hard Materials Univ. of Ryukyu Japan BL27SU 63
16 1998A0032-NX -np Uchimoto Yoshiharu XAFS Study of the Local Structures in Perovskite-type Solid Oxide Crystal Electrolytes Kyoto Univ. Japan BL01B1 2
17 1998A0034-CD -np Endo Hirohisa The structural change and semiconductor -metal transition of arsenic chalcogenides at high temperatures and high pressures Fukui Univ. of Tech. Japan BL04B1 9
18 1998A0036-ND -np Matsui Masanori Precise determination of the phase boundary between (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 olivine and modified spinel Kyushu Univ. Japan BL04B1 3
19 1998A0037-CD -np Nagai Takaya Pressure-induced high spin to low spin transitions of transition metal oxides Osaka Univ. Japan BL10XU 6
20 1998A0038-NX -np Sakane Hideto XAFS Study on the Local Structure Change oround Silver in Zeolites Yamanashi Univ. Japan BL01B1 6
21 1998A0039-CD -np Nagata Kiyofumi Structure of Chalcogens under High Pressere Fukuoka Univ. Japan BL10XU 6
22 1998A0040-NL -np Yamane Takashi Structure and function analysis of phospholipase D from Streptomyces origin Nagoya Univ. Japan BL41XU 4
23 1998A0041-CD -np Tamura Kozaburo Structrue of Fluid Hg at Srpercritical Conditions Hiroshima Univ. Japan BL04B1 18
24 1998A0042-CD -np Inui Masanori Structure of supercritical fluid selenium at high temperature and pressure Hiroshima Univ. Japan BL04B1 12
25 1998A0043-NS -np Li Zhang Local distortion of silicate perovskite at very high pressure University of Marburg Germany BL09XU 6
26 1998A0044-NX -np Yamashita Hiromi XAFS Studies on ametl Ion Photocatalysts Incorporated Within Zeolite Cavities Osaka Pref. Univ. Japan BL01B1 6
27 1998A0046-NL -np Satoh Kazuhiko Crystal structure analysis of photosystem I Himeji Inst. of Tech. Japan BL41XU 1
28 1998A0047-NX -np Nakai Ikuo Phase transformation of Y-Ni system due to the solid-state diffusion reaction Tottori Univ. Japan BL01B1 5
29 1998A0048-CX -np Kubozono Yoshihiro XAFS of metal endohedral C60 Okayama Univ. Japan BL01B1 5
30 1998A0050-NX -np Matsumura Yasuyuki XAFS Studies on Pd,Ag Particles Supported on CeO2 Osaka National Res. Inst. Japan BL01B1 2
31 1998A0051-CD -np Toriumi Koshiro Small Crystal Crystallography and Photo-Induced Stractural Analyses of Halogen-Bridged Metal Complexes with Linear-Chain Structures Himeji Inst. of Tech. Japan BL02B1 15
32 1998A0053-ND -np Ando Jun-ichi In-situ measurement of rheological behavior of silicate garnets at high pressure and temperature Hiroshima Univ. Japan BL04B1 3
33 1998A0054-NL -np Hirotsu Ken X-Ray Crystallographic Study of Thermostable Asparate Aminotransferase Osaka City Univ. Japan BL41XU 2
34 1998A0055-NOD -np Kai Yasushi X-ray Crystallographic Study of Small Crystal of C60-g-Cyclodextrin Complex Osaka Univ. Japan BL02B1 3
35 1998A0056-NX -np Yamamoto Takao K-edge XAFS of Light Rare-earth Oxides, Carbides, and Nitrides Osaka Univ. Japan BL01B1 5
36 1998A0057-NL -np Kouyama Tsutomu X-ray Crystallography of Bacteriorhodopsin Nagoya Univ. Japan BL41XU 3
37 1998A0058-NL -np Kouyama Tsutomu Crystal Structure Analysis of Light-Harvesting Complex of Photo SystemII (LHC II) by Cryogenic X-ray crystallography Nagoya Univ. Japan BL41XU 1
38 1998A0059-CD -np Takumi Masaharu Structure of Ga2Se3 and GaSe Under Hige Pressure Fukuoka Univ. Japan BL10XU 12
39 1998A0060-CD -np Ishizuka Mamoru Crystal Structure Analysis of Quasi Two-Dimensional Magnets A2CuF4 (A=K, Rb, Cs) under High Pressure at Low Temperature Osaka Univ. Japan BL10XU 9
40 1998A0061-NL -np Hao Quan Extracting Phase Information from Laue Diffraction Data De Montfurt University U.K. BL44B2 6
41 1998A0063-NM -np Yoshida Akira Thin film deposition using synchrotron radiation-induced CVD and ablation Toyohashi Univ. of Tech. Japan BL27SU 45
42 1998A0064-CD -np Endo Shoichi Determination of pressure-temperature phase diagram of PbZrO3 Osaka Univ. Japan BL04B1 3
43 1998A0065-ND -np Sakata Makoto Crystal structural Analysis of the Fullerene Compounds by the Maximum Entropy Method Nagoya Univ. Japan BL02B1 12
44 1998A0067-ND -np Matsui Tsuneo Diffuses x-ray scattering study on structure of radiation defects in Ni-alloys Nagoya Univ. Japan BL02B1 9
45 1998A0068-NM -np Suzuki Isao Perfomance test of a resonant Auger electron spectrometer for atoms and molecules Electrotechnical Laboratory Japan BL27SU 1
46 1998A0070-NS -np Hara Kazuhiro Nuclear Resonant Scattering stsudy of the Dynamics in Polymer Gels Kyushu Univ. Japan BL09XU 6
47 1998A0072-NL -np Motamed- Ektessabi Ali Investigation of metal ion distribution in a single cell using SR micro beam Kyoto Univ. Japan BL39XU 9
48 1998A0075-CL -np Nakai Izumi Development of total reflction X-ray fluorescence analysis of clinical samples Science Univ. of Tokyu Japan BL39XU 15
49 1998A0076-NL -np Nureki Osamu Crystal Structure Analysis of Valyl-tRNA Synthetase in a complex with tRNAVal Univ. of Tokyo Japan BL41XU 9
50 1998A0078-NL -np Nureki Osamu Crystal Structure Analysis of the complex of DrosophilaSx1 protein and its target RNAs Univ. of Tokyo Japan BL41XU 3