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List of General/Time-Designated/Urgent Proposals 2003A in the first half of 2003 (1/10)

S/N Proposal Number Title of experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shift
1 2003A0001-ND3-np Origin of the weak ferromagnetic ground state in polymerised rhombohedral C60 Jonathan Andrew Duffy University of Warwick UK BL08W 15
2 2003A0003-ND2-np Synthesis of Novel Extended Phases of Molecular Solids at High Pressures and Temperatures Choong-Shik Yoo Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory USA BL10XU 12
3 2003A0008-NL1-np X-ray crystallographic analysis of structure-specific nuclease Kousuke Morikawa Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute Japan BL41XU 3
4 2003A0010-CD3-np The measurement of the wave length of radio frequency order magneto-acoustic waves of FeBO3 using stroboscopic synchrotron radiation white-beam diffraction imaging Takaya Mitsui JAERI Japan BL28B2 12
5 2003A0011-NM-np Absolute measurement of extremely high intense photon using calorimeter Yoshihiro Asano JAERI Japan BL40XU 9
6 2003A0012-NX-np XAFS study of dissolved metal atom in oxygen-ion movable oxide Hirosuke Sumida Mazda Motor Corporation Japan BL01B1 3
7 2003A0013-LD2-np Technical development for high-temperature in-site observation above 100 GPa and study of phase transitions in the Earth and planetary interiors Yoshiyuki Tatsumi Japan Marine Science and Technology Center Japan BL10XU 30
8 2003A0016-NS1-np Electron decay of "hidden" above-threshold resonances in core-ionized water under Doppler-free conditions with ultra-high spectral resolution Maria Novella Piancastelli University "Tor Vergata" Italy BL27SU 15
9 2003A0017-NL1-np Crystallographic study of Archaeal acylamino acid releasing enzyme Zihe Rao Tsinghua University China BL41XU 3
10 2003A0018-NL1-np Structural basis of nuclear re-programming Zihe Rao Tsinghua University China BL41XU 1.5
11 2003A0019-NL1-np Crystallographic study of a naturally occurring trans-splicing intein from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Zihe Rao Tsinghua University China BL41XU 1.5
12 2003A0020-NL1-np Crystal structure of the extracellular fragment of a sperm membrane protein YWK-II Zihe Rao Tsinghua University China BL41XU 3
13 2003A0021-ND-p Single Crystal Structure Analyses Hiroshi Nakai Shionogi & Co., Ltd. Japan BL04B2 2
14 2003A0022-ND3-np High Pressure Elastic Anisotropy of hcp Iron by Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Ho-kwang Mao Carnegie Institution of Washington USA BL35XU 24
15 2003A0024-NS1-np Vibration Modes in Halogen-Etching Process of Silicon Surface Observed by Means of Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy (III) Masatoshi Tanaka Yokohama National University Japan BL43IR 15
16 2003A0025-ND2-np Short range order of liquid silicon-germanium alloys Masanori Inui Hiroshima University Japan BL28B2 12
17 2003A0028-CX-np Study of Jahn Teller Polarons in doped Rare-Earth Manganites across the Colossal Magnetoresistance and Charge Ordering Temperatures by XAFS Prabhakar R Sarode Goa University India BL01B1 9
18 2003A0030-NX-p XAFS of oxides Hirosuke Sumida Mazda Motor Corporation Japan BL01B1 1
19 2003A0031-NS1-np SR-IR microspetroscopy of micro fluid inclusions in diamonds Tatsuhiko Kawamoto Kyoto University Japan BL43IR 6
20 2003A0032-ND2-np X-ray diffraction and micro-Raman measurement of cBN under high temperature and pressure conditions Tatsuhiko Kawamoto Kyoto University Japan BL04B2 6
21 2003A0033-NS1-np Direct observation of Local magnetic moment in Rare-earth compounds (CeCo2,YbAl2, and PrFe4Sb12) by Soft X-ray absorption MCD measurement Tsuneaki Miyahara Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan BL25SU 12
22 2003A0035-NX-np Determination of Chemical States of Mercury on Adsorbents Using XAFS Masaki Takaoka Kyoto University Japan BL01B1 6
23 2003A0036-NL2-np Characterization of the Multilayer Supermirror Optics for Hard X-ray using Bright Synchrotron X-ray Source Yasushi Ogasaka Nagoya University Japan BL20B2 16
24 2003A0037-ND1-np Structural Change in Charge Density Level with Magnetic Phase Transition in Mn3ZnC and Mn3GaC Hiroyuki Ohsumi JASRI Japan BL02B2 6
25 2003A0038-ND1-np Determination of The Charge Stripe Structure in Cu1-xLixO Xu-Guang Zheng Saga University Japan BL02B2 6
26 2003A0039-NS1-np Bulk Photoemission of the Spin-Density Wave in Ti-doped Sr2RuO4 Michael Sing University of Augsburg Germany BL25SU 12
27 2003A0040-NS1-np Pico Seconds Time-Resolved IR Spectroscopy of Stretching Mode Absorption Spectra of CN--ions Doped in Halide Crystals Hideyuki Nakagawa Fukui University Japan BL43IR 7
28 2003A0041-NX-np Local structure analysis of electro-luminescence materials using XAFS measurements Yoshihiro Kudo Sony Corporation Japan BL01B1 6
29 2003A0043-ND1-np Refined Structural Analysis of Polymer Single Crystals with Small Sizes Kohji Tashiro Osaka University Japan BL04B2 9
30 2003A0044-NL2-np X-ray diffraction study of beating rat left ventricular free walls from epicardium to endocardium Fumihiko Kajiya Okayama University Japan BL40XU 6
31 2003A0045-NX-np Ultimate local structure refinement of nano-sized domain in doped CeO2 nano-ceramic solid electrolytes for low temperature operation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell application using XAFS experimentation Hiroyuki Kageyama National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL01B1 8
32 2003A0048-CL2-np Evaluation of bone metabolism by assessing 3D trabecular microarchitecture and mineralization Masako Ito Nagasaki University Japan BL20B2 9
33 2003A0049-ND1-np Negative Thermal Expansion in Framework Solids Brendan James Kennedy The University of Sydney Australia BL02B2 9
34 2003A0052-NL1-np High resolution structures of b-lactamases in natives and inhibited forms James R. Knox University of Connecticut USA BL40B2 3
35 2003A0053-CD2-np In-situ study of phase relations and properties in the Fe-S, Fe-Si, and Fe-C binary systems at high pressure and high temperature Jie Li Carnegie Institution of Washington USA BL04B1 12
36 2003A0054-ND3-np Excitation of the 31-yr Isomer of Hf-178 by NEET and EBM Processes Carl Collins University of Texas at Dallas USA BL09XU 12
37 2003A0055-ND3-np Study of magnetic instability in CeFe2 on substitution of Ir by magnetic Compton scattering Balkrishna Sharma University of Rajasthan India BL08W 12
38 2003A0056-ND2-np In-situ viscosity measurement of molten Fe-C and Fe-Si under pressure using high-speed X-ray CCD camera Hidenori Terasaki Bayerisches Geoinstitut, Universitat Bayreuth Germany BL04B1 12
39 2003A0057-ND2-np Viscosity of Mid Ocean Ridge Basalt (MORB) at high pressure and high temperatures Akio Suzuki Bayerisches Geoinstitut, Universitat Bayreuth Germany BL04B1 15
40 2003A0058-ND3-np Destruction and Formation of charge- and orbital-order in doped manganites Yutaka Moritomo Nagoya University Japan BL19LXU 18
41 2003A0059-ND2-np Pressure-induced phase transition of cyanides Yutaka Moritomo Nagoya University Japan BL10XU 12
42 2003A0062-ND1-np Study of structural changes of cathode material after long period storage for lithium secondary battery with high power type Hironori Kobayashi National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL02B2 3
43 2003A0063-NL1-np Structure analysis on Retinochrome Hideaki Moriyama University of Nebraska USA BL41XU 3
44 2003A0064-NMD3-np Feasibility Study of an X-ray Michelson Interferometer John P. Sutter DESY Germany BL29XU 21
45 2003A0066-NL1-np Study on Hydration Structure of Barnase-Barstar Complex by Cryogenic X-Ray Teikichi Ikura Japan Science and Technology Corporation Japan BL40B2 3
46 2003A0068-ND1-np Structural Change in Charge Density Level with HS-LS Transition in [Fe(ptz)6](BF4)2 Kenichi Kato JASRI Japan BL02B2 6
47 2003A0069-NS2-np Measurement of L subshell Coster-Kronig transition probabilities for the elements of 60イZイ70 using synchrotron radiation Hitoshi Yamaoka RIKEN Japan BL15XU 12
48 2003A0070-NS2-np Measurement of chemical effect of Mo metal and Mo compounds by K b x-ray emission spectroscopy Hitoshi Yamaoka RIKEN Japan BL47XU 12
49 2003A0075-NS1-np Local infrared spectroscopy on the phase separation of the metal-insulator-superconducting states of the quasi-two dimensional organic conductors Takahiko Sasaki Tohoku University Japan BL43IR 8
50 2003A0076-NS1-np Infrared spectroscopy of CeSb in multiple extreme conditions Shin-ichi Kimura Okazaki National Research Institutes Japan BL43IR 24