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General/Time-Designated/Urgent Proposals 2003B (1/9)

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CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shift
1 2003B6004-LD-np Development of experimental techniques for charge density studies under high pressure Masaki Takata Nagoya University Japan BL10XU 39
2 2003B5009-LS-np Bulk sensitive angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy of high Tc cuprates and related materials Shigemasa Suga Osaka University Japan BL25SU 36
3 2003B4008-LD3-np Study of electronic and orbital state in colossal magnetoresistance materials by high resolution and magnetic Compton profile measurement Akihisa Koizumi Himeji Institute of Technology Japan BL08W 39
4 2003B3003-LD1-np Investigation on photoninduced phenomena by means of SR X-ray powder diffraction under photoirradiation Yutaka Moritomo Nagoya University Japan BL02B2 21
5 2003B3855-LD1-np Investigation on photoninduced phenomena by means of SR X-ray powder diffraction under photoirradiation Yutaka Moritomo Nagoya University Japan BL40XU 18
6 2003B2013-LD2-np Technical development for high-temperature in-site observation above 100 GPa and study of phase transitions in the Earth and planetary interiors Yoshiyuki Tatsumi Japan Marine Science and Technology Center Japan BL10XU 36
7 2003B1004-CL1-np Structural determination of yeast cytosine deaminase by the MAD methods Shwu-Huey Liaw National Yang-Ming University Taiwan, ROC BL41XU 6
8 2003B1093-CD2-np Phase evolution of SiGe alloys under high pressure and high temperature Riping Liu Yanshan University P. R. China BL14B1 9
9 2003B0004-NXa-np Occurrence and local structure of Xe in solar primordial materials Akira Yoshiasa Osaka University Japan BL01B1 6
10 2003B0005-NSa-np Transmission study of Ti4Ai3 under High Pressure Yoshihisa Mori Okayama University of Science Japan BL43IR 9
11 2003B0006-CD2a-np Crystal structure of Li under High Pressure Yoshihisa Mori Okayama University of Science Japan BL10XU 12
12 2003B0008-ND1d-np Structural analysis of atomically controlled nano-structure formation at Si interface Tomoaki Kawamura NTT Basic Research Laboratory Japan BL13XU 12
13 2003B0015-NL3-np In vivo Evaluation of Pathophysiology in Cardiac Disease Using X-ray Diffraction Mitsuhiro Yokoyama Kobe University Japan BL40XU 6
14 2003B0016-NL3-np Evaluation of Microcirculation in Cardiovascular Disease Using Micro-angiography System Mitsuhiro Yokoyama Kobe University Japan BL20B2 9
15 2003B0017-ND1c-np Chemical short range order of liquid silicon-germanium alloys Masanori Inui Hiroshima University Japan BL28B2 15
16 2003B0019-ND3d-np Inelastic X-ray Scattering study of Orbitons in KCuF3 and YTiO3 Young-June Kim Brookhaven National Laboratory USA BL35XU 15
17 2003B0020-NL3-np Imaging of uptake distribution of TiO2 nano-particle into a cancer cell and the observation of the therapitic cell iradiated with an ultrasound Norio Miyoshi Fukui University Japan BL43IR 6
18 2003B0029-ND1d-np Crystal structure and anomaly of dielectric constant in nano-sized particles of barium titanate Masatomo Yashima Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL02B2 3
19 2003B0031-ND2b-np Phase transformation of iron oxide under high-temperature and high-tempareture Shigeaki Ono Japan Marine Science and Technology Center Japan BL04B1 12
20 2003B0032-LD3-np Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy (NRVS) of Hydrogen and Oxygen Activation by Biological Systems Stephen Paul Cramer University of California Davis USA BL09XU 21
21 2003B0033-NX-p XAFS Analysis of Precious Metal Catalysts-3- Yasutaka Nagai Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL01B1 3
22 2003B0034-NX-p XAFS Analysis of Rh suported Catalysts -1- Kazuhiko Dohmae Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL19B2 3
23 2003B0036-LL1-np X-ray crystallographic analysis of multi-drug efflux transporter proteins Satoshi Murakami Osaka University Japan BL41XU 12
24 2003B0038-NSa-np Modeling of Particle Growth and Composition Distribution in the Gas Phase Copolymerization of Propylene and Ethylene Toshikatsu Nishioka Idemitsu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Japan BL43IR 12
25 2003B0039-ND1a-np Dynamics of charge- and orbital-degrees of freedom in doped manganites Yutaka Moritomo Nagoya University Japan BL19LXU 18
26 2003B0041-NM-np High-Sensitivity Structural Characterization of Functional Organic materials on Solid Substrates by Synchrotron IR Radiation Junzo Umemura Kyoto University Japan BL43IR 6
27 2003B0042-ND2b-np Determination of peridotite liquid viscosity as an example of a low viscosity melt using a newly developed capsule design David C Rubie Bayerisches Geoinstitut, Universitat Bayreuth Germany BL04B1 15
28 2003B0044-ND3b-np Studies of abnormal phonon DOS near Tc in nanoscale-structured ferrimagnetic conductors Kiyoshi Nomura The University of Tokyo Japan BL11XU 9
29 2003B0047-ND1b-np Investigation on HS-LS transition by Charge density Study in Spin Crossover Complexes Kenichi Kato JASRI Japan BL02B2 5
30 2003B0050-NL1-np Structural studies on apoptosis or immunity-related proteins Byung-Ha Oh Pohang University of Science & Technology Korea BL41XU 3
31 2003B0052-NXa-np EXAFS Studies on the structures of Ag/Rh bimetallic nanoclusters and mechanisms of spontaneous alloy formation Kiyotaka Asakura Hokkaido University Japan BL01B1 6
32 2003B0053-ND1b-np Intermolecular interaction studies through charge density analysis Yu Wang National Taiwan University Taiwan, ROC BL02B1 12
33 2003B0054-NL2b-np Molecular Orientation Analysis in Strong Fibers of Biodegradable Polymers Tadahisa Iwata RIKEN Japan BL47XU 9
34 2003B0055-ND1a-np Study on the most suitable formation in thermoelectric materials g-NaxCoO2 Hiroshi Nakatsugawa Yokohama National University Japan BL02B2 3
35 2003B0057-NL1-np Structural studies on LPS-Binding Protein Jie-Oh Lee Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Korea BL41XU 3
36 2003B0058-ND3a-np Measurement of the Fermi surface of the VDx deuteride by Compton scattering Isao Yamamoto Yokohama National University Japan BL08W 21
37 2003B0060-ND1b-np Single Crystal Structure Determination of Photo-induced metastable State of Cu-ethylenediamine Complex Masafumi Hanawa Nagoya University Japan BL02B1 14
38 2003B0061-NSa-np Direct observation of phase separation of quasi two-dimensional organic superconductor Shin-ichi Kimura Okazaki National Research Institutes Japan BL43IR 18
39 2003B0062-NL1-np Structural studies on oxidized and reduced multi-heme High Molecular-Weight Cytochrome (HMC) by irradiation reducing Yukio Morimoto Kyoto University Japan BL40B2 3
40 2003B0064-NSc-np XMCD study of the competition between RKKY and R-Fe magnetic interactions through the R(Al1-xFex)2 series (R=rare-earth) Jesus Chaboy Universidad de Zaragoza Spain BL39XU 12
41 2003B0065-ND2b-np Studies of chemical reactions and phase relations between iron and iron-nickel alloys and Al-bearing MgSiO3 perovskite in order to simulate the processes at Earth's core-mantle boundary Leonid Dubrovinsky Bayerisches Geoinstitut Germany BL10XU 6
42 2003B0067-ND1a-np Doping dependence of carge ordering in AlV2O4 Takuro Katsufuji Waseda University Japan BL02B2 6
43 2003B0068-ND3c-np Effects of Microgravity on the Protein Crystal Growth. Evaluation by Laue X-ray Topography Takamitsu Kohzuma Ibaraki University Japan BL28B2 12
44 2003B0076-NL2b-np Discrimination of Physical Evidence in Forensic Science Using SR-SAXS Toshio Nakanishi Hyogo Prefectural Police Headquarters Japan BL40B2 6
45 2003B0077-NL1-np X-ray crystallography of Vasa, an RNA helicase involved in the germ cell differentiation, in a complex with RNA Ryuichiro Ishitani The University of Tokyo Japan BL41XU 3
46 2003B0081-NL1-np Crystal structure analyses of GalU from Helicobacter pylori and its complexes with substrates Kyeong Kyu Kim Sungkyunkwan University Korea BL38B1 3
47 2003B0082-NL1-np Crystal structure analyses of SdiA from E. coli and its complex with autoinducers Kyeong Kyu Kim Sungkyunkwan University Korea BL38B1 3
48 2003B0084-ND1c-np High-Energy X-Ray Diffraction Study of Ultradense B2O3-based Glasses Prepared by Quenching from Melt under Pressure Vadim veniaminovich Brazhkin Institute for high pressure physics Russia BL04B2 12
49 2003B0085-NXa-np XAFS study of local structural changes in Ge-Sb-Te during near field optical recording below the diffraction limit Alexander Kolobov National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL01B1 9
50 2003B0088-NM-np Development of observation of photon helicity in soft x-ray region by means of photoelectron diffraction Tomohiro Matsushita JASRI Japan BL23SU 3