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Priority Research Proposals 2003B: Nanonet Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Tilte of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Bemaline Shifts
1 2003B0025-NSa-np-Na Photoemission study of oxidation processes induced by hyperthermal O2 molecular beam on Au(111) nano-surface Toshio Kasai Osaka University Japan BL23SU 6
2 2003B0043-NL3-np-Na Study about the mechanisms of action between in production of ROS (reactive oxygen species) by trace elements and inflammation processes using SR micro beam Taro Shirakawa Kyoto University Japan BL37XU 9
3 2003B0048-NXb-np-Na Local structure analysis of diluted magnetic semiconductor ZnxMn1-xTe using X-ray fluorescence holography Shinya Hosokawa Philipps University of Marburg Germany BL37XU 9
4 2003B0075-NSa-np-Na STM and high-resolution photoemission spectroscopic analyses on nano-scale selective oxidized Si(111) surfaces Kazushi Miki National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL23SU 6
5 2003B0086-NXa-np-Na XAFS study of pressure-induced structural changes in Ge-Sb-Te layers used for near field optical recording below the diffraction limit Alexander Kolobov National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL14B1 6
6 2003B0103-NSa-np-Na Depth Profiling of High K Gate Dielectrics / Si Interfacial Transition Layer Takeo Hattori Musashi Institute of Technology Japan BL27SU 12
7 2003B0110-ND1d-np-Na Particle size distribution analysis for nano-particle in a resin using Small Angle X-ray Scattering Hisayuki Hashimoto Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Japan BL15XU 6
8 2003B0135-ND1d-np-Na Surfacee-structure study on lithium battery materials using surface x-ray diffraction Ryoji Kanno Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL14B1 12
9 2003B0150-NSc-np-Na Temperature dependent magnetic structures of Co/Cu/Gd multilayers by circularly polarized resonant X-ray magnetic diffraction Nobuyoshi Hosoito Nara Institute of Science and Technology Japan BL39XU 15
10 2003B0164-ND1d-np-Na Mechanism of Appearance of Nanoparticles from Non-equilibrium Phases Shigeru Suzuki Tohoku University Japan BL15XU 6
11 2003B0170-NXa-np-Na Electronic structures of ilmenite related Ti oxides by selevtive x-ray emission or absorption spectroscopy Tatsuo Fujii Okayama University Japan BL15XU 9
12 2003B0171-NSa-np-Na Electronic structures of hematite-ilmenite solid solutions by photoelectron spectroscopy Tatsuo Fujii Okayama University Japan BL15XU 9
13 2003B0177-ND1b-np-Na Analysis of Aggregation Strucrure of Nanofiller and Polymer Nanohybrid Atsushi Takahara Kyushu University Japan BL02B2 9
14 2003B0178-ND1d-np-Na Analysis of Surface Nano-Structure of Organic Semiconductor Thin Films by Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction Atsushi Takahara Kyushu University Japan BL13XU 12
15 2003B0204-ND3b-np-Na Phonons in PtFe thin films as a high-density magnetic recording media Yorihiko Tsunoda Waseda University Japan BL11XU 15
16 2003B0209-NSa-np-Na Direct observation of the electronic strucrure at oxide/semiconductor interface by soft X-ray emission spectroscopy Yoshiyuki Yamashita The University of Tokyo Japan BL27SU 9
17 2003B0220-NXa-np-Na Elucidation of the mechanism of the luminescence in the oxides containing Ti3+ fabricated by the nano-scale technology Takahito Terashima Kyoto University Japan BL15XU 6
18 2003B0240-NM-np-Na 3D observation of high-aspect-ration pores In the micro-and nano-porous materials fabricated by crystal growth under magnetic field and electrochemical treatment Hideyuki Yasuda Osaka University Japan BL47XU 12
19 2003B0275-NSb-np-Na The development of ionization for a large molecule with clusters by using Pickup technique Kenji Honma Himeji Institute of Technology Japan BL27SU 15
20 2003B0293-NM-np-Na Visualization of microstructure in advanced porous materials by X-ray CT Hiroyuki Toda Toyohashi University of Technology Japan BL47XU 6
21 2003B0294-NM-np-Na Visualization of sophisticated 3D structure of advanced Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS) device by X-ray CT Hiroyuki Toda Toyohashi University of Technology Japan BL47XU 15
22 2003B0297-NSc-np-Na XMCD of CoCrPt Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Films Michio Ohsawa Fuji Eelectric Corporate Research and Development, Ltd. Japan BL39XU 12
23 2003B0322-ND1d-np-Na Behavior of Electromigration-induced Strain in Nano-size Aluminum Interconnection Takao Hanabusa The University of Tokushima Japan BL13XU 9
24 2003B0333-NXa-np-Na XAFS study on Au-Pd composite nanoparticles prepared by sonochemical method Akihiro Iwase Osaka PrefectureUniversity Japan BL14B1 12
25 2003B0340-ND1d-np-Na Structure and Phase Transition of Liquid Confined inside SWNTs Yutaka Maniwa Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan BL02B2 9
26 2003B0352-ND1d-np-Na Heat Treatment Nucleation of fe Nano-Particles Produced by Chemical Reduction Takuya Ohba Shimane University Japan BL02B2 3
27 2003B0371-NSc-np-Na Magnetic structures of nanostructured transition metals on vicinal Au (788) surfaces Maki Kawai RIKEN Japan BL25SU 9
28 2003B0377-ND1a-np-Na Crystal Structure Analysis of Ferromagnetic Nanostructures Buried in Self-organized Porous Alumina nanohole array shoso shingubara Hiroshima University Japan BL13XU 9
29 2003B0384-NXb-np-Na Change of distribution of rare earth elements in nano-space of siliceous sedimentary rocks during their formation from silliceous sediments Yoshio Takahashi Hiroshima University Japan BL37XU 6
30 2003B0391-NSa-np-Na Electronic structures analysis of the CVD-ZrN films using high resolution angle-resolved photo-electron spectroscopy Takashi Suzuki Fujitsu Limited Japan BL27SU 6
31 2003B0392-ND1d-np-Na Surface X-ray structure analysis of new phase water molecules formed on Cu (111) electrode Masatoki Ito Keio University Japan BL13XU 12
32 2003B0457-ND2a-np-Na In situ X-ray diffraction measurements on the structure of nanometer-sized amorphous silica particles under high pressure Takashi Uchino Kobe University Japan BL14B1 9
33 2003B0461-ND1b-np-Na Direct Observation of Photoactive Molecules adsorbed in Nano-Porous Coordination Polymers with and without Laser irradiation Susumu Kitagawa Kyoto University Japan BL02B2 12
34 2003B0472-NXb-np-Na Tin distribution in tissues of animals exposed to organotin compounds by XRF Shino Takeda National Institute of Radiological Sciences Japan BL37XU 9
35 2003B0474-NSc-np-Na Magnetic state of ferromagnetic semiconductor Ge1-xMnxTe studied by means of magnetic circular dichroism of the soft x-ray absorption Hitoshi Sato Hiroshima University Japan BL25SU 9
36 2003B0480-NXb-np-Na Local structural analysis around impurities in silicon iron by X-ray fluorescence holography Ei-ichiro Matsubara Tohoku University Japan BL37XU 3
37 2003B0498-NSc-np-Na Study on the perpendicular magnetic recording media by nanoscale element-specific magnetic imaging using photoelectron emission microscopy (PEEM) . Kanta Ono High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Japan BL39XU 24
38 2003B0504-ND3b-np-Na Study of Iron Storage Process in Ferritin by Nuclear Reasonant Scattering Rie Haruki High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Japan BL11XU 12
39 2003B0540-NSc-np-Na Exchange anisotropy of Mn-Pt/NiFe and Mn-Ir/NiFe exchange bias films Takeshi Kato Nagoya University Japan BL25SU 6
40 2003B0549-ND1b-np-Na Structure and carrier control in organics/carbon nanotube composites Taishi Takenobu Tohoku University Japan BL02B2 6
41 2003B0585-ND1b-np-Na Crystal structure and phase transition in copper (II) trans-1,4-cyclohexane dicarbonate and to luene-absobed copper (II) trans-1,4-cyclohexane dicarbonate Hitoshi Kawaji Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL02B2 3
42 2003B0596-ND1a-np-Na in-site Observation of Domein Dynamics for Ferroelectric Films Induced by Electric Field Hiroshi Funakubo Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL13XU 12
43 2003B0652-NXb-np-Na m-SR-XRF imaging of heavy metals in the cells of hyper-accumulator plants Izumi Nakai Tokyo University of Science Japan BL37XU 9
44 2003B0670-NSa-np-Na Chemical State Analysis of Superconducting Whiskers for Nano-Devices Satoru Kishida Tottori University Japan BL15XU 9
45 2003B0673-NSc-np-Na Study of Magnetism for CuMn 2-Dimensional Ordered Surface Alloy By Helicity Switching Akio Kimura Hiroshima University Japan BL25SU 6
46 2003B0674-NSc-np-Na Sm M45 XMCD Study of Ferromagnet (Sm, Gd)Al2 with Zero Magnetization by Helicity Switching Shan Qiao Hiroshima University Japan BL25SU 9
47 2003B0679-NSa-np-Na Soft X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Clathrates with Controlled Dimensionality Katsumi Tanigaki Osaka City University Japan BL25SU 6
48 2003B0680-ND1b-np-Na Structure Analysis of Nanocluster Thin films Grown on FET Substrates Katsumi Tanigaki Osaka City University Japan BL02B2 6
49 2003B0730-ND1a-np-Na Precise crystal structure determination of novel functional luminescence nano-particle MO•Al2O3:Eu2+(M=Ca, Sr, Ba) under special enviroment Chao-Nan Xu National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL02B2 3
50 2003B0770-NSa-np-Na Translational energy effect of O2 molecule for growth of very thin oxide on Ti (0001) surface Yuji Takakuwa Tohoku University Japan BL23SU 12
51 2003B0779-NSa-np-Na The soft X-ray emission spectroscopic study of single-walled carbon nanotube Shigi Shin The University of Tokyo Japan BL27SU 9