SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Priority Research Proposals 2003B: Trial Use Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Tilte of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Bemaline Shifts
1 2003B0194-NI-np-TU Strain Analysis of Pd/V/Pd Films under Hydrogen Atmosphere Shin-ichi Towata Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL19B2 6
2 2003B0223-NI-np-TU Study on local structures around transition metal impurity atoms electrochemically doped in room temperature ferromagnetic zinc oxide semiconducting films Masanobu Izaki Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute Japan BL19B2 6
3 2003B0238-NI-np-TU In-situ XAFS Investigations of the Titanium Oxide Thin Film Photocatalysts Which Is Capable of Operating under Visible Light Irradiation Prepared by Applying the Ion Implantation Method Tatsuya Imura Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 3
4 2003B0239-NI-np-TU Visualizations of bubble nucleation mechanism and dissolution process of departed small bubble in the H2,O2 saturated water using water electrolysis Yasuhiro Saihara Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 6
5 2003B0247-NI-np-TU Influence of degree of crystallinity at the surface of the alignment layer on alignmentability of liquid crystal Takahiro Sakai Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 9
6 2003B0266-NI-np-TU XAFS Analysis of Eu(II) in Blue Phosphors using for Emitting Devices Shinji Ozaki Matsushita Technoresearch, Inc. Japan BL01B1 4
7 2003B0304-NI-np-TU Detailed depth profiling of residual stress in Al2O3/TiCN films Shin Tsuchiya Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Japan BL19B2 9
8 2003B0390-NI-np-TU Structure analysis of porous low-k materials (k<2.3) using Grazing incidence X-ray scattering metod. Takashi Suzuki Fujitsu Limited Japan BL19B2 6
9 2003B0439-NI-np-TU Study of the site doped Pr3+ IN SrIn2O4 crystal as a luminescent center by XAFS Hajime Yamamoto Tokyo University of Technology Japan BL01B1 3
10 2003B0449-NI-np-TU Effect of residual strain on the correlated breakdown of superconducting current in Ag-sheathed multifilamentary Bi-2223 composites Hiroshi Okuda Kyoto University Japan BL46XU 9
11 2003B0473-NI-np-TU Analysis of hydration reaction and crystal structure polymercement waterproof material Keiko Miyashita Ozeki Chemical Laboratory Co., Ltd. Japan BL19B2 6
12 2003B0485-NI-np-TU XAFS study on ultra dilute dopants in chromite based functional ceramics Hiroki Moriwake Matsushita Electric Components Co., Ltd. Japan BL01B1 6
13 2003B0536-NI-np-TU Development of hydroxyapatite for removal of As ions structural analysis Atsushi Nakahira Kyoto Institute of Technology Japan BL01B1 6
14 2003B0548-NI-np-TU Nondestructive measurement of residual stress of internal metallic connection in print-circuit boards Keisuke Tanaka Nagoya University Japan BL46XU 9
15 2003B0613-NI-np-TU Local structure analysis of GaN systems including rear andtransition elements by polarized XAFS method Nobuaki Teraguchi Sharp Corporation Japan BL19B2 4
16 2003B0663-NI-np-TU Transmission X-ray topography of fluorite Takashi Noma Canon Inc. Japan BL28B2 9
17 2003B0678-NI-np-TU Measurement of three-dimensional residual stress distribution in single laser pulse irradiated area Yuji Sano Toshiba Corporation Japan BL46XU 9
18 2003B0703-NI-np-TU Nan-destructive Internal Observation of Human Hair by Refraction Contrast Imaging Norimichi Sano Procter and Gamble Corporation Japan BL19B2 3
19 2003B0724-NI-np-TU Microscopic analysis of a mustached cutting phenomenon with the razor edge using high luminosity X-ray imaging Tadashi Hamada Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 6
20 2003B0731-NI-np-TU Observation of inner structure of Bi-based oxide superconducting wire Koji Yamaguchi Sumitomo Electric Industories, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 4
21 2003B0771-NI-np-TU Identification of the Lithium compounds segregated in the nanocompositeused for the cathode of the Lithium battery (II) Masashi Wada Fukuda Metal foil and Powder Co., Ltd. Japan BL19B2 3
22 2003B0947-RI-np-TU Residual stresses of electron beam physical vapor deposited thermal barrier coatings Kenji Suzuki Niigata University Japan BL19B2 6
23 2003B0961-RI-np-TU X-ray fluorescence analysis of Bronze ware from China and Japan Kiyoshi Toyama Sen-Oku Hakuko Kan Japan BL19B2 3