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General/Time-Designated Proposals 2004A (1/9)

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CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country BL Shifts
1 2004A6009-LS-np Bulk sensitive angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy of high Tc cuprates and related materials Shigemasa Suga Osaka University Japan BL25SU 42
2 2004A5008-LD3-np Study of electronic and orbital state in colossal magnetoresistance materials by high resolution and magnetic Compton profile measurement Akihisa Koizumi University of Hyogo Japan BL08W 42
3 2004A4003-LD1-np Investigation on photoninduced phenomena by means of SR X-ray powder diffraction under photoirradiation Yutaka Moritomo Nagoya University Japan BL02B2 15
4 2004A4855-LD1-np Investigation on photoninduced phenomena by means of SR X-ray powder diffraction under photoirradiation Yutaka Moritomo Nagoya University Japan BL40XU 27
5 2004A3013-LD2-np Technical development for high-temperature in-site observation above 100 GPa and study of phase transitions in the Earth and planetary interiors Yoshiyuki Tatsumi Japan Marine Science and Technology Center Japan BL10XU 42
6 2004A2032-LD3-np Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy (NRVS) of Hydrogen and Oxygen Activation by Biological Systems Stephen Paul Cramer University of California Davis USA BL09XU 21
7 2004A2036-LL1-np X-ray crystallographic analysis of multi-drug efflux transporter proteins Satoshi Murakami Osaka University Japan BL41XU 15
8 2004A2053-CD1b-np Intermolecular interaction studies through charge density analysis Yu Wang National Taiwan University Taiwan, ROC BL02B1 12
9 2004A2117-CD1a-np Search for “Parallel ” and “Diagonal” charge stripe correlations in La-214 cuprate high-Tc superconductors Hiroyuki Kimura Tohoku University Japan BL02B1 15
10 2004A2217-CM-np Residual stresses in thermal barrier coatings on substrate with curvature Kenji Suzuki Niigata University Japan BL02B1 9
11 2004A2421-CD1a-np In-site observation of (Bi,Pb) 2223 phase intergrowth to (Bi,Pb) 2212 phase in the phase transformation at high temperatures Kozo Osamura Kyoto University Japan BL02B1 9
12 2004A2533-CD1a-np Single crystal structure analysis of a metallic one-dimensional PrBa2(Cu,Zn)4O8 Hiroshi Ikuta Nagoya University Japan BL02B1 12
13 2004A2787-CD1c-np Real spatial global singularity in topological crystal Satoshi Tanda Hokkaido University Japan BL02B1 9
14 2004A2790-CD1b-np X-ray superstructure analysis of the 2kF charge density wave in organic two-dimensional compound b-BEDT-TTF2X Yoshio Nogami Okayama University Japan BL02B1 6
15 2004A0001-ND2b-np Investigation of possible phase transition in CaSiO3 perovskite at high pressure and temperature using cubic boron nitride anvils Yanbin Wang The University of Chicago USA BL04B1 9
16 2004A0005-CD2a-np T-P Phase Diagram and Atomic Coordinates of Iron Oxides Yutaka Moritomo Nagoya University Japan BL10XU 12
17 2004A0007-ND2b-np Pressure induced phase transformation of Ca-perovskite Shigeaki Ono Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology Japan BL04B1 15
18 2004A0009-LM-np Characterization of Hard X-ray imaging system on board flight experiment Yasushi Ogasaka Nagoya University Japan BL20B2 24
19 2004A0011-NL3-np Measurement of FT-IRM Spectra and Its Imaging of Nano-Ceramics Particles Norio Miyoshi Fukui University Japan BL43IR 6
20 2004A0012-NXb-np Measurement of high-resolution Kβ spectra for cerium and gadolinium to study chemical effects Kenji Sakurai National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL37XU 18
21 2004A0013-NXb-np L-emission spectra of cerium in luminescent perovskite oxides Kenji Sakurai National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL40XU 18
22 2004A0017-CD2b-np Phase transformation of iron oxide under high-pressure and high-temperature Shigeaki Ono Japan Marine Science and Technology Center Japan BL04B1 6
23 2004A0018-CD1a-np Local structure analysis of relaxor ferroelectrics Yasuhiro Yoneda JAERI Japan BL04B2 9
24 2004A0020-NSc-np Decoupling of the magnetic ordering of the rare-earth and the Co sublattice in (Er1-xYx)Co2 compounds driven by chemical substitution. Jesus Chaboy Universidad de Zaragoza Spain BL39XU 15
25 2004A0023-NSa-np Local infrared spectroscopy on the domain formation of the metal-insulator states near the Mott transition of the organic conductors. Takahiko Sasaki Tohoku University Japan BL43IR 15
26 2004A0026-NL1-np High resolution x-ray structural study of the Ni-B - light-active state of [NiFe]hydrogenase Naoki Shibata University of Hyogo Japan BL41XU 3
27 2004A0027-NL1-np Stabilization and destabilization of collagen triple-helix by Hyp Kenji Okuyama Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology Japan BL40B2 3
28 2004A0031-ND3b-np Excitation function for the accelerated decay of the Hf-178m2 nuclear isomer by NEET and EBM processes. Carl Collins University of Texas at Dallas USA BL09XU 12
29 2004A0032-ND1b-np Investigation on Photo-Induced Transition in Spin Crossover Complex Kenichi Kato JASRI Japan BL02B2 6
30 2004A0033-ND1d-np Critical behavior of charge-density-wave transition on Sn/Ge(111) surface Tetsuya Aruga Kyoto University Japan BL13XU 15
31 2004A0034-ND3c-np Analysis of dislocation structure of protein crystals Masaru Tachibana Yokohama City University Japan BL28B2 6
32 2004A0035-NL1-np Structural analysis of the radixin FERM domain complexed with selectin Ken Kitano Nara Institute of Science and Technology Japan BL41XU 3
33 2004A0036-NL2a-np The origin of the growth stress in trees Junji Sugiyama Kyoto University Japan BL40XU 6
34 2004A0038-NL2a-np Liquid-ordered phases in glycosphingolipid-phospholipid model membranes Peter Quinn Kings College London UK BL40B2 9
35 2004A0039-NXa-np Stabilization of lead in waste incineration bottom ash by aging Masaki Takaoka Kyoto University Japan BL01B1 12
36 2004A0040-CXa-np The change of chemical states of Cu and Zn during heating fly ash by in situ XAFS Masaki Takaoka Kyoto University Japan BL01B1 9
37 2004A0044-ND2a-np Pressure change of electron density distribution and electron dispropotion of Mn2O3, FeTiO3 and NiTiO3 ilmenite and perovskite by single crystal diffraction study and MEM Takamitsu Yamanaka Osaka University Japan BL02B1 18
38 2004A0045-CL2b-np Distributed condition analysis of CNT composites Hirofumi Takase Takiron Co., Ltd. Japan BL40B2 3
39 2004A0046-NL2b-np Study on Kinetics of Polymerizatio-induced Microphase Separation Isamu Akiba The University of Kitakyushu Japan BL45XU 6
40 2004A0047-NL2b-np Study on Formation of Mesomorphic Structures of Associating Block Copolymers Isamu Akiba The University of Kitakyushu Japan BL40B2 9
41 2004A0048-NXa-np Compressibility measurements of GeO6 octahedron in high density germanate liquid using a high-temperature and high-pressure XAFS method Osamu Ohtaka Osaka University Japan BL14B1 6
42 2004A0049-ND2a-np In situ observations of pressure-induced structural transition in liquid germanate using X-ray radiography Osamu Ohtaka Osaka University Japan BL14B1 6
43 2004A0050-NL2b-np X-ray Structure Analysis on Chitosan/hydrobromic acid Salt Keiichi Noguchi Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology Japan BL40B2 3
44 2004A0052-ND3a-np Electronic structure of the metal hydride CeHx studied by Compton scattering Isao Yamamoto Yokohama National University Japan BL08W 15
45 2004A0053-CSb-np Reaction mechanism on site-specific bond dissociation of a potent greenhouse gas CF3SF5 using soft X-rays Toshio Ibuki Kyoto University of Education Japan BL27SU 9
46 2004A0056-CD1b-np Study on the Structures of Bistable and Metastable State for a Photo-Induced Spin Transition Iron(III) Complex Shinya Hayami Kyushu University Japan BL02B2 7
47 2004A0060-NSa-np Vibration Modes in Halogen-Etching Process of Silicon Surface Observed by Means of Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy (IV) Masatoshi Tanaka Yokohama National University Japan BL43IR 15
48 2004A0061-NXb-np Characterization of individual environmental aerosol particles and fog/rain droplets Susumu Tohno Kyoto University Japan BL37XU 6
49 2004A0063-NL1-np Structural determination of the group 7 mite allergen from Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus by the MAD methods Shwu-Huey Liaw National Yang-Ming University Taiwan, ROC BL41XU 6
50 2004A0064-NI-np Precise structure analysis of the new hydrides of Ca-based alloys Masakazu Aoki Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL02B2 3