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Priority Research Proposals 2004A: Nanonet Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country BL Shifts
1 2004A0008-NL3-np-Na Study about the mechanisms of action between in production of ROS(reactive oxygen species) by trace elements and inflammation processes using SR micro beam Taro Shirakawa Kyoto University Japan BL37XU 12
2 2004A0021-NSa-np-Na Photoemission study of Cu2O nano-surface fabricated by hyperthermal O2 molecular beam Toshio Kasai Osaka University Japan BL23SU 6
3 2004A0025-NSc-np-Na Interface effect on the magnetic anisotropy in Co nanoclusters embbeded in a Cu matriz Luisa Maria Fernandez-Gubieda Universidad del Pais Vasco Spain BL25SU 12
4 2004A0030-ND1d-np-Na Analysis of anisotropic domain characteristics of opto-functional materials with one-dimentional nanoscale-ordered superstructure from X-ray diffraction measurements Mamoru Yoshimoto Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL13XU 15
5 2004A0041-NXb-np-Na Development of X-ray holography using X-ray excited optical luminescence Kouichi Hayashi Tohoku University Japan BL37XU 9
6 2004A0055-NSb-np-Na A study on photo-manipulation for molecules by using Si:KVV-resonant-Auger-electron photoion coincidence spectroscopy Shin-ichi Nagaoka Ehime University Japan BL27SU 9
7 2004A0066-CD1d-np-Na Mechanism of Appearance of Nanoparticles from Non-equilibrium Phases -Application of Anomalous Small -Angle X-ray Scattering- Shigeru Suzuki Tohoku University Japan BL15XU 12
8 2004A0097-NI-np-Na 3-dimensional microstructure analysis of thermal fatigue damage in BGA solder joints Toshihiko Sayama Toyama Industrial Technology Center Japan BL47XU 12
9 2004A0170-NM-np-Na Development of a scanning XMCD microprobe system on BL39XU Masafumi Takagaki JASRI Japan BL39XU 21
10 2004A0215-NXa-np-Na XAFS study on noble metal composite nanoparticles prepared by sonochemical method. Akihiro Iwase Osaka PrefectureUniversity Japan BL14B1 18
11 2004A0217-ND1b-np-Na Direct Observation of Specific Molecular Arrays in Nanoporous Coordination Polymers with Dynamic Structure. Susumu Kitagawa Kyoto University Japan BL02B2 12
12 2004A0220-ND1b-np-Na Synthesis and structure in molecules encapsulated functional carbon nanotube Taishi Takenobu Tohoku University Japan BL02B2 9
13 2004A0236-ND1b-np-Na Structure and Phase Transition in Aligned SWNTs Yutaka Maniwa Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan BL02B2 9
14 2004A0243-ND1b-np-Na Structure determination of fullerene nanowhiskers Masaru Tachibana Yokohama City University Japan BL02B2 3
15 2004A0245-NXb-np-Na Application of XRF of tin in animal tissues on organotin toxicity Shino Takeda National Institute of Radiological Sciences Japan BL37XU 9
16 2004A0279-CD1d-np-Na In-site Structural Study on Oxide Film Formation / Reduction Reaction at Single Crystal Gold Electrodes Using Surface X-ray Scattering Technique Kohei Uosaki Hokkaido University Japan BL14B1 15
17 2004A0285-ND1c-np-Na Relationship between Crystal-phase Growth and High-temperature Annealing in High-k Gate Dielectrics Hideki Satake Toshiba Corporation Japan BL02B2 3
18 2004A0318-NXa-np-Na Study on the charge dynamics in rare-gas clusters by using site-selective inner-shell excitation Makoto Yao Kyoto University Japan BL37XU 18
19 2004A0319-ND1d-np-Na Analysis of surface Crystalline Structure of Organic Semiconductor Thin Films Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction Atsushi Takahara Kyushu University Japan BL13XU 15
20 2004A0320-ND1b-np-Na Molecular Aggregation Structure of Si-based nanofiller and (Polymer / nanofiller) Hybrids Atsushi Takahara Kyushu University Japan BL02B2 6
21 2004A0345-NSa-np-Na Direct observation of the electronic structure at oxide/semiconductor interface by soft X-ray emission spectroscopy Yoshiyuki Yamashita The University of Tokyo Japan BL27SU 9
22 2004A0349-ND1d-np-Na Determination of density and its end-bonded contact structure of vertically aligned Carbon nanotubes on metal electrodes Yuji Awano Fujitsu Laboratories Japan BL13XU 6
23 2004A0358-CM-np-Na Visualization of microstructure in advanced porous materials by X-ray CT Hiroyuki Toda Toyohashi University of Technology Japan BL47XU 3
24 2004A0362-NSa-np-Na Oxidation process of Ag(110) and chemical reactivity of the oxygen-covered surface studied by time-resolved high-resolution photoemission and scanning tunneling microscopy Noriaki Takagi The Graduate University for Advanced Studies Japan BL23SU 6
25 2004A0371-NSc-np-Na Photoelectron emission microscope(PEEM) study of Ni, Co nanowire and permalloy nanodisc. Masato Kotsugi Hiroshima University Japan BL25SU 18
26 2004A0379-ND2a-np-Na In-situ observation of the formation, melting and crystallization of PbVO3. Masaki Azuma Kyoto University Japan BL14B1 9
27 2004A0398-ND3d-np-Na Detection of Spin Polarization in Metallic Multilayers using 119Sn Nuclear Resonant Scattering Ko Mibu Kyoto University Japan BL11XU 15
28 2004A0402-NSc-np-Na Soft x-ray MCD of nano-sized transition metal oxides in zinc oxides Isao Tanaka Kyoto University Japan BL25SU 6
29 2004A0404-NSa-np-Na Real time synchrotron photoemission study of the influence of supersonic oxygen/water beams on the growth kinetics and termination of ultra-thin Al2O3 films on NiAl Katsuyuki Fukutani The University of Tokyo Japan BL23SU 6
30 2004A0433-CD1d-np-Na Particle size distribution analysis for nano-particle in a resin using Small Angle X-ray Scattering. Hisayuki Hashimoto Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Japan BL15XU 9
31 2004A0435-NSa-np-Na Oxidation reaction dynamics on Ti surfaces using translational energy controlled oxygen molecules Yuji Takakuwa Tohoku University Japan BL23SU 12
32 2004A0437-ND1d-np-Na Investigation and evaluation of the control of crystal orientation for the ferromagnetic nano wire array formed by self-organization Shoso Shingubara Hiroshima University Japan BL13XU 12
33 2004A0444-NI-np-Na Characterization of high-k aluminum oxide thin film for semiconductor insulator use by Al K-XAFS Momoko Takemura Toshiba Corporation Japan BL15XU 12
34 2004A0450-NSc-np-Na Ferromagnetism of Fe monolayer sandwiched by Pt layers Shin Imada Osaka University Japan BL25SU 9
35 2004A0474-NXa-np-Na Super Coster-Kronig transition of Nb and Ta in Pyroelectric crystals, LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 Yoshiaki Ito Kyoto University Japan BL15XU 9
36 2004A0475-NXa-np-Na Origin of the Fe Kβ' X-ray emission spectrum Yoshiaki Ito Kyoto University Japan BL15XU 9
37 2004A0479-NSc-np-Na Size Effect of Magnetic Polarization in FePt Nano-Particles probed by Pt L-Edge XMCD Hiroshi Maruyama Hiroshima University Japan BL39XU 12
38 2004A0498-ND3b-np-Na Study of the First Stage in the Iron Storage Process in Ferritin by Nuclear Resonant Scattering Rie Haruki High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Japan BL11XU 12
39 2004A0500-NSa-np-Na Electronic structures of epitaxial iron-titanium oxide thin films Tatsuo Fujii Okayama University Japan BL15XU 9
40 2004A0506-CD3b-np-Na Phonons in PtFe thin films as a high-density magnetic recording media Yorihiko Tsunoda Waseda University Japan BL11XU 12
41 2004A0511-NSc-np-Na Soft X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Study of CoNiFe Alloy Soft Magnetic Films with a Stripe Magnetic Domain Structure Used for Ultra High Magnetic Recording Materials Toru Asahi Waseda University Japan BL23SU 12
42 2004A0522-ND1c-np-Na Relation between Superconducting properties and structure for MgB2 thin films on plastic substrates Shugo Kubo Shimane University Japan BL02B2 3
43 2004A0550-NSc-np-Na Study on the perpendicular magnetic recording media by nanoscale element-specific magnetic imaging using photoelectron emission microscopy (PEEM). Kanta Ono High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Japan BL39XU 15
44 2004A0563-NSa-np-Na Depth Profiling of High K Gate Dielectrics/Si Interfacial Transition Layer Takeo Hattori Musashi Institute of Technology Japan BL47XU 18
45 2004A0564-NSa-np-Na Depth Profiling of Gate Dielectrics/Si Interfacial Transition Layer Takeo Hattori Musashi Institute of Technology Japan BL27SU 12
46 2004A0565-NSa-np-Na Electronic structure investigation of III-nitrides based dilute magnetic semiconductors by high-energy photoemission spectroscopy Hisao Makino Tohoku University Japan BL47XU 9
47 2004A0593-NM-np-Na 3D observation of Cu-based monotectic solidification for micro-and nano-porous media Hideyuki Yasuda Osaka University Japan BL47XU 12
48 2004A0607-ND1b-np-Na Crystal Structure Analysis of Super-doped Nanocluster Thin films Grown on FET Substrates Katsumi Tanigaki Tohoku University Japan BL02B2 9
49 2004A0609-NSa-np-Na Installation of SPELEEM to BL27SU and application to nonmaterial studies Takanori Koshikawa Osaka Electro-Communication University Japan BL27SU 24
50 2004A0610-NSa-np-Na Chemical State Analysis in nano-scale interface of Ferromagnet / High-temperature superconductor junction Satoru Kishida Tottori University Japan BL15XU 9