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Priority Research Proposals 2006A: Nanonet Proposals

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
1 2006A1598 Surface modification of diamond like carbon film with hyperthermal atom beams and its non-destructive evaluations Masahito Tagawa Kobe University Japan BL23SU 12
2 2006A1600 Surface x-ray diffraction investigation of surface reconstructions on GaSb(001) Brad Paul Tinkham Paul-Drude Institute Germany BL11XU 15
3 2006A1601 Calcium fluoride nanostructures on Si(001): surface X-ray diffraction studies Nikolai Semenovich Sokolov Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute Russia BL13XU 18
4 2006A1606 Investigation of interfacial electronic structure in ferromagnetic oxide nano-heterostructure with strongly correlated electrons using Hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy. Hidekazu Tanaka Osaka University Japan BL29XU 18
5 2006A1607 Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering of PrBa2Cu3O7 and YBa2Cu3O7 compounds at Ba LIII edge Hitoshi Yamaoka The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Japan BL15XU 12
6 2006A1609 Photo-emission study of the role of surface steps in the oxidation processes of Cu(210) and Cu(511) using hyperthermal oxygen beam Michio Okada Osaka University Japan BL23SU 18
7 2006A1610 Size distribution measurement of alcohol-water droplet mists generated by ultrasonic atomization Yohko F Yano Ritsumeikan University Japan BL15XU 15
8 2006A1612 Element imaging of micropinna in Pb-accumulating fern Blechnum niponicum. Hiroshi Nishioka University of Hyogo Japan BL37XU 6
9 2006A1613 Detection of nano-diamond inside graphite using synchrotron X-ray microbeam Tomokazu Sano Osaka University Japan BL13XU 9
10 2006A1614 Structure analysis of one-dimensional Ga chains on Cu(001) by grazing incidence X-ray diffraction Shin-ichiro Hatta Kyoto University Japan BL13XU 9
11 2006A1615 XAFS Study of the Fomration Processes of Metal-molecule-metal Junction using Self-assembled Monolayer Kohei Uosaki Hokkaido University Japan BL14B1 12
12 2006A1616 Intrinsic effect of N atom incorporation on High-k dielectric materials Yoshiyuki Yamashita The University of Tokyo Japan BL27SU 12
13 2006A1617 Mechanism of Crystal Structure Induced High Piezoelectric Properties for Lithium doped Silver Niobate Satoshi Wada Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL02B2 3
14 2006A1618 Mechanism of Crystal Structure Induced Ultrahigh Dielectric Constants for Barium Titanate Nanoparticles Satoshi Wada Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL02B2 3
15 2006A1619 Depth-selective photoelectron spectroscopy of hollow-shaped iron oxide nano-particles synthesized by iron bacteria Tatsuo Fujii Okayama University Japan BL15XU 9
16 2006A1622 Soft X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Type-III Clathrates Katsumi Tanigaki Tohoku University Japan BL25SU 9
17 2006A1623 Structure Analysis of Rare Earth Metal (Sm, Yb) Fullerides Katsumi Tanigaki Tohoku University Japan BL02B2 6
18 2006A1624 Determination of Atomic Structures of Ultrathin Gate Dielectrics/Si Interfacial Transition Layer by Soft X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Takeo Hattori Tohoku University Japan BL27SU 15
19 2006A1625 Effect of B6 octahedral cluster on thermoelectric properties of metal hexaborides Masatoshi Takeda Nagaoka University of Technology Japan BL02B2 3
20 2006A1627 XPES experiment on high efficient thermo-electric crystal BiTe and related materials Hidenobu Hori Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan BL47XU 9
21 2006A1631 Combination effect of perpendicular magnetism of a novel perpendicular magnetic recording material, TbCo/Pd multilayered film. Toru Asahi Waseda University Japan BL25SU 6
22 2006A1632 High-resolution hard-x-ray photoemission spectroscopic study on electrodes of lithium-Ion batteries for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles Masahiro Shikano National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL47XU 6
23 2006A1633 Clarification of Thermal Transition based on One-dimensional Transition metal complexes in Organic Media by Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction Keita Kuroiwa Kyushu University Japan BL02B2 3
24 2006A1634 Real-space observation of charge-density-wave phase fluctuation on In(Sn)/Cu(001) by SPELEEM Shin-ichiro Hatta Kyoto University Japan BL17SU 6
25 2006A1636 Characterization of impurities at gate-electrode/gate-insulator interface by hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy Masahiko Yoshiki Toshiba Corporation Japan BL47XU 9
26 2006A1638 Crystal structure and electron-density distribution of phosphate-based biomaterials Masatomo Yashima Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL15XU 18
27 2006A1641 HX-PES study of high-speed phase-change recording media Tsukasa Nakai Toshiba Corporation Japan BL47XU 9
28 2006A1643 Characterization of GaN-based Semiconductors by Characteristic X-ray Analysis Method Takao Miyajima Sony Corporation Japan BL37XU 6
29 2006A1645 To determine the eutectic modification and nucleation mechanisms in aluminium and magnesium alloys by a scanning X-ray microscope Kazuhiro Nogita The University of Queensland Australia BL47XU 12
30 2006A1647 Preparation of functionized materials in solid nanospaces Katsumi Kaneko Chiba University Japan BL02B2 3
31 2006A1648 Vector magnetization processes of ferromagnetic layers antiferromagnetically coupled by a Ru spacer and induced magnetic polarization in the Ru layer Nobuyoshi Hosoito Nara Institute of Science and Technology Japan BL39XU 15
32 2006A1649 Structural Investigation of Sb-Te and Bi-Te Compounds Kouichi Kifune Osaka Prefecture University Japan BL02B2 3
33 2006A1650 Precise structural analysis of silica mesoporous crystals and study of gas adsorption process of them by the in-situ powder X-ray diffraction experiment of gas adsorption Osamu Terasaki Stockholm University, Arrhenius Laboratory Sweden BL02B2 6
34 2006A1651 Formation of ultrathin oxide film on Si(110) using energy-resolved oxygen molecular beam and its analysis by photoelectron spectroscopy Maki Suemitsu Tohoku University Japan BL23SU 12
35 2006A1652 Evaluation of electronic structure of highly spin polarized materials probed by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy Akio Kimura Hiroshima University Japan BL29XU 6
36 2006A1655 Local strain analysis in GaN based laser structures using x-ray microdiffraction Toshiya Yokogawa Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Japan BL13XU 9
37 2006A1656 Development of sub-nsec time-resolved XMCD and a study of magnetization dynamics Kanta Ono High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Japan BL39XU 15
38 2006A1657 In situ PEEM studies on phase separation and silicidation in high-k gate dielectrics during UHV annealing Masaharu Oshima The University of Tokyo Japan BL17SU 12
39 2006A1658 Investigation on magnetic properties of room-temperature Zn1-x-yCoxLiyO diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor by XMCD and PES Yuanhua Lin The University of Tokyo Japan BL23SU 6
40 2006A1659 Clathrate formation of gases with organic nanospace Katsumi Kaneko Chiba University Japan BL02B2 3
41 2006A1660 PEEM studies on the magnetic domain structure of the spin tunneling junction with nano-interface structure based on strongly correlated oxides Hiroshi Kumigashira The University of Tokyo Japan BL25SU 12
42 2006A1661 Characterization of airborne particle matter exhausted from automobile using synchrotron radiation micro X-ray analysis Tomoki Yabutani The University of Tokushima Japan BL37XU 6
43 2006A1662 Chemical Imaging of Surfaces by SR-Photoemission Electron Microscopy Takanori Koshikawa Osaka Electro-Communication University Japan BL17SU 9
44 2006A1663 Direct Observation of Electrode Reaction of Lithium Battery Cathode usingSurface X-ray Diffraction Ryoji Kanno Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL14B1 15
45 2006A1664 Depth dependence of structural distortion of Ar-irradiated, blue-light-emitting SrTiO3 Yuichi Shimakawa Kyoto University Japan BL13XU 9
46 2006A1665 Magneto-optical property of room temperature ferromagnetic bipolar semiconductor LnMnOPh Hideo Hosono Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL25SU 3
47 2006A1666 Structure Analysis of Single Molecular Wire Arrayed on Au Electrode Surface Hiroshi Nishihara The University of Tokyo Japan BL02B2 3
48 2006A1668 Elucidation of the Mechanism Olfactus-mediated by Exposing Diesel Exhaust Particles to Rat. Iwao Uchiyama Kyoto University Japan BL37XU 6
49 2006A1671 Detection of Magnetic Frustration Effects in Cr-Based Thin Films and Nanostructures using Nuclear Resonant Scattering Ko Mibu Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan BL11XU 15
50 2006A1673 Three-dimensional observation of spherical graphite by ultra high spatial resolution X-ray CT Hideyuki Yasuda Osaka University Japan BL47XU 6
51 2006A1675 Magnetic structure of 3d transition metal nanostructures on vicinal Au(111) surfaces Maki Kawai The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Japan BL25SU 12
52 2006A1677 Research of charge transfer between porous coordination polymers and adsorbed molecular oxygen Tatsuo C. Kobayashi Okayama University Japan BL02B2 3
53 2006A1678 A correration between the crystal structural changes of super-protn-conductive coordination polymers and electrode catalytic activities. Hiroshi Kitagawa Kyushu University Japan BL02B2 6
54 2006A1679 Cell-selective XRF of tin in tissues with metal probe Shino Takeda National Institute of Radiological Sciences Japan BL37XU 9
55 2006A1686 Study on transport and storage mechanism for heavy metals in the Cd hyper-accumulator plant by using synchrotron radiation high energy micro beam. Izumi Nakai Tokyo University of Science Japan BL37XU 9
56 2006A1687 Micro XANES measurement of SOFC model electrodes Tatsuya Kawada Tohoku University Japan BL37XU 12
57 2006A1688 Magnetic thin films studied by "Site-selective" 2D-XMCD Fumihiko Matui Nara Institute of Science and Technology Japan BL25SU 12
58 2006A1692 Study of magnetic exchange coupling mechanisms using x-ray magnetic circular dichroism Kanta Ono High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Japan BL39XU 18
59 2006A1744 Studies of the generation kinetics of the interfacial defects during layer-by-layer oxidation on Si surfaces Yuji Takakuwa Tohoku University Japan BL23SU 9
60 2006A1773 Evaluation of buried interface electronic structure of highly spin polarized materials probed by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy Akio Kimura Hiroshima University Japan BL22XU 6
61 2006A1775 High energy high resolution photoemission from quaternary Heusler compounds Co2Mn1-xFexSi for Spintronic applications Claudia Felser Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt am Main Germany BL22XU 3