SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Linear Accelerator


First stage of the linear accelerator
Whole view of lthe linear accelerator
First stage of the linear accelerator
Whole view of the linear accelerator
      The linear accelerator (linac) is used as an injector into the booster synchrotron and the NewSUBARU. The electron beam is generated by a thermionic gun made of barium-impregnated tungsten. The gun is located on a high voltage deck and the extraction voltage is about 180 kV. The pulse duration is 1 ns or 40 ns. The extracted beam is bunched at a buncher and is accelerated up to 1 GeV with 25 accelerator cavities. The beam energy spread is reduced by the Energy Compressor System (ECS). Then the beam is transported to the booster synchrotron or to the NewSUBARU storage ring. The specifications are listed in the following table.
 electron beam energy 1 GeV (nominal)   1.2 GeV (max.)
 length 140 m
 number of acceleration cavities
 mode of the cavity
25 excluding ECS
2π / 3 mode
 peak current/pulse width
 single bunch injection (Storage Ring)
 multi-bunch injection (Storage Ring)
 single bunch injection (NewSUBARU)
2 A / 1 ns
350 mA / 40 ns
200 mA / 1 ns
 normalized emittance >100 π mm•mrad (90%)
 repetition 60 pps (max.)
 RF frequency 2856 MHz
 energy spread (FWHM, with ECS)
0.45 % / 1.7 A / 1 ns
0.32 % / 660 mA / 1 ns
0.55 % / 70 mA / 40 ns

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