SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Inside the synchrotron tunnel
Branch point of the synchrotron (left) and SSBT (right)
Inside of the synchrotron tunnel
Branch point of the synchrotron (left)
and beam transport line SSBT (right)
     The electron beam from the linear accelerator is accelerated up to 8 GeV with the booster synchrotron. The booster has a race track shape and its circumference is 396 m long. The lattice of the booster is FODO, in which a bending magnet and a quadrupole magnet are arranged alternately. The injection, acceleration and ejection are repeated at the repetition rate of 1 Hz. The harmonic number is 672. To inject a single bunch into the storage ring, the RF knock-out system is equipped, in which unwanted electrons neighboring the main bunch are knocked out. The dedicated timing system is used to inject the beam into any desired address of the storage ring.
 beam energy (injection / ejection) 0.9 - 1.15 GeV / 8 GeV
 circumference 396.124 m
 normal lattice FODO
 number of cells / symmetry 40 cells / 2
 number of bending magnets 64
 number of quadrupole magnets (focus / defocus) 40 / 40
 current 10 mA

 emittance (8 GeV)

230 nm•rad
 repetition 1 - 8 pps (1Hz)
 RF frequency 508.58 MHz
 acceleration voltage (8GeV) 18.2 MV
 energy spread (8GeV) σE/E 0.126 %
 harmonic number 672
 betatron tune horizontal / vertical 11.73 / 8.78

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