SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Scientific Meetings 2003

Format Title Subject/Contents Period Venue
Lecture SPring8 96th SPring-8 Seminar First Sharp Diffraction Peak in Binary Chalcogenide Glasses: New trends and puzzles from neutrons and hard x-rays to Thu., Apr 10 , 2003 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 97th SPring-8 Seminar In situ x-ray diffraction studies of GaAs and MnAs growth on GaAs substrates to Tue., May 13 , 2003 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 98th SPring-8 Seminar Recent Topics of Molecule Based Magnets - Construction and Properties of Chiral Molecule Based Ferrimagnets - to Thu., May 15 , 2003 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 99th SPring-8 Seminar To what extent is the high-Tc superconductivity understood? to Tue., Jun 03 , 2003 Kamitsubo Memorial Hall
Lecture SPring8 100th SPring-8 Seminar Development of a system in which scanning tunneling microscopy and molecular beam epitaxy can be performed simultaneously to Wed., Jun 11 , 2003 Middle sized meeting room, 4th floor, Materials Science Research Facility, SPring-8
Lecture SPring8 102nd SPring-8 Seminar Sub-femtosecond charge transfer at surfaces to Mon., Aug 04 , 2003 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 103rd SPring-8 Seminar Electron correlation effects in novel materials: Recent studies of cuprates, manganites and 3D quantum dots to Fri., Sep 05 , 2003 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 101st SPring-8 Seminar X-ray Scattering and Standing Wave Studies of the Mineral-Water Interface to Fri., Sep 12 , 2003 Kamitsubo Memorial Hall
Lecture SPring8 104th SPring-8 Seminar Research in Materials Science and Technology - 2010 to Tue., Oct 14 , 2003 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 107th SPring-8 Seminar Excess coincidences of photons to Tue., Nov 11 , 2003 Seminar Room on the first floor of Structural Biology Facility, SPring-8
Lecture SPring8 105th SPring-8 Seminar NEXAFS Microscopy of Polymers: Past, Present, and Future to Thu., Nov 20 , 2003 Meeting room (middle size) on the 4th Floor of Materials Science Research Facility, SPring-8
Lecture SPring8 The 1st APPEAL Seminar External link Parity violation in deuteron photo-disintegration and intence MeV photons to Fri., Nov 28 , 2003 Kamitsubo Memorial Hall
Lecture SPring8 The 2nd APPEAL Seminar External link Generation of High-Energy Synchrotron Radiation with a 10-T Superconducting Wiggler to Tue., Dec 02 , 2003 Kamitsubo Memorial Hall
Lecture SPring8 The 3rd APPEAL Seminar External link Evidence for S=+1 Pentaquark Baryon to Tue., Dec 09 , 2003 Kamitsubo Memorial Hall
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