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List of SPring-8 Research Proposals 2000B in the second half of 2000 (1/8)

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S/N Proposal Number Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
1 2000B0004-NX -p XAFS of oxides Hirosuke Sumida Mazda Motor Corporation Japan BL01B1 4
2 2000B0005-CD -np Development of technique for characterizing silicon gate dielectric films using grazing incidence x-ray diffraction Yoshihiro Kudo Sony Corporation Japan BL09XU 9
3 2000B0006-NL -np Sizing of the human dihydrolipoyl acetyltransferase and its complexes Tomas E. Roche Kansas State University USA BL45XU 2
4 2000B0008-NL -np Crstal structure analysis of diol dehydratase without substrate Tetsuo Toraya Okayama University Japan BL40B2 3
5 2000B0011-NX -np EXAFS Studies of the Formation Mechanisms of Rhodium and Palladium Colloids in Aqueous Polymer Solutions Masafumi Harada Nara Women's University Japan BL01B1 3
6 2000B0013-CL -np Development of application techniques and measurements of a disease tissue to FT-IR microscopy (Part-II) Norio Miyoshi Fukui Medical University Japan BL43IR 6
7 2000B0014-NL -np Structure determination of sodium-translocating ATPase in Enterococcus hirae Ichiro Yamato Science University of Tokyo Japan BL41XU 3
8 2000B0015-CX -np Study of Surface Active Sites over Copper and Cobalt Catalysts by Means of Site-selective XAFS Utilizing Fluorescence Spectrometer Yasuo Izumi Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL10XU 9
9 2000B0017-NX -np Re-K edge EXAFS measurements of supported rhenium thin layer catalysts Yasuhiro Iwasawa The University of Tokyo Japan BL01B1 3
10 2000B0019-LD -np Study on Local Vibrational Densities of States Using Element and Site Specific Nuclear Resonant Inelastic Scattering and Development of the Measureing Methods Makoto Seto Kyoto University Japan BL09XU 30
11 2000B0020-LD -np Studies on Static and dynamic structures of metallic fluids in the supercritical region Kozaburo Tamura Hiroshima University Japan BL04B1 24
12 2000B0021-NX -np Local structure analysis around in InGaN thin films using XAFS Yoshihiro Kudo Sony Corporation Japan BL01B1 6
13 2000B0023-ND -np New order of the morphotropic phase boundary in the PZT system Hideshi Fujishita Kanazawa Univerty Japan BL02B2 3
14 2000B0029-LM -np Development of spectromicroscopy using a hard x-ray microbeam Shinjiro Hayakawa Hiroshima University Japan BL39XU 27
15 2000B0030-NL -np Structural analysis of bacterial transporter protein Taiji Nakae Tokai University Japan BL40B2 3
16 2000B0031-NL -np High resolution X-ray diffraction study of purple membrane Toshihiko Oka RIKEN Japan BL40B2 2
17 2000B0033-NL -np An X-ray diffraction study on rat right ventricular papillary muscles Hiroyuki Suga National Cardiovascular Center Japan BL45XU 6
18 2000B0034-CD -np Study on dynamics of a block copolymer chain during its order-disorder transition induced by pressure jump Mikihito Takenaka Kyoto University Japan BL40XU 12
19 2000B0035-ND -np Study on dynamics of the concentration fluctuations in polymer blends induced by pressure jump Mikihito Takenaka Kyoto University Japan BL40XU 12
20 2000B0036-NL -np Structure Analyses of Collagen Model Peptide, (Xaa-Yaa-Gly)n Kenji Okuyama Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Japan BL40B2 2
21 2000B0038-NS -np Study on relationship between strong or weak electronic correlation and magnetism through measurements of small MCD under the states without magnetic order Tsuneaki Miyahara Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan BL25SU 6
22 2000B0041-ND -np Refined structural analysis of lipid monolayers on a silicon wafer as a function of the humidity: an X-ray reflectivity and grazing incidence X-ray diffraction study Joerg Bolze POSTECH Korea BL14B1 9
23 2000B0042-CL -np New Single Molecular Detection System using Total Reflecred X-rays Yuji Sasaki JASRI Japan BL40XU 3
24 2000B0043-CL -np Dynamic Observations of Single Molecular Detection for Memblene Proteins Yuji Sasaki JASRI Japan BL44B2 12
25 2000B0044-NL -np Evaluation of nanocrystals for X-ray Single Molecular Detection System Yuji Sasaki JASRI Japan BL28B2 6
26 2000B0045-NMD -np Energy Resolved Nuclear Resonance Scattering using an LLL-type X-ray Interferometer Romain Coussement IKS Belgium BL09XU 9
27 2000B0046-CL -np Crystal Structure Analysis of Oxygen-Evolving Photosystem II Complex Jian-Ren Shen RIKEN Japan BL41XU 3
28 2000B0047-NS -np Industrial applications of Micro-infrared Spectroscopy Naoto Nagai Toray Research Center Japan BL43IR 6
29 2000B0048-NM -np Observation of dynamic speckle using high flux beamline Naoto Yagi JASRI Japan BL40XU 12
30 2000B0049-NL -np Structural changes of myofilaments during muscle shortening Naoto Yagi JASRI Japan BL40XU 12
31 2000B0050-CS -np 3d Edge Resonance Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of Cerium Compouds Se-Jung Oh Seoul National University Korea BL25SU 12
32 2000B0051-NS -np Optical study on metal-insulator-superconductor transition of organic conductor BEDT-TTF Shin-ichi Kimura Kobe University Japan BL43IR 4
33 2000B0052-NMS -np Adjustment of magneto-optical station of BL43IR Shin-ichi Kimura Kobe University Japan BL43IR 18
34 2000B0053-CD -np Metal-insulator transition and charge-lattice anomaly in Ti and Yb-based compounds Fumitoshi Iga Hiroshima University Japan BL02B2 6
35 2000B0054-ND -np Phase separation and colossal magnetoresistance in doped manganites Yutaka Moritomo Nagoya University Japan BL02B2 12
36 2000B0057-ND -np Study on the Structure of ultra-thin Insulator Films by the X-ray Scattering Measurement Hideki Satake Toshiba Corporation Japan BL46XU 12
37 2000B0064-CX -np EXAES Measurement of Li2O-GeO2 Glass under High Pressure Osamu Ohtaka Osaka University Japan BL14B1 6
38 2000B0065-CD -np Electron Density Analysis of Silicon Clathrate Compounds using Maximum Entropy Method Mitsuharu Yonemura Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Japan BL02B2 3
39 2000B0066-CS -np IR absorption spectra under high temperature and high pressure with DAC Keiji Shinoda Osaka City University Japan BL43IR 12
40 2000B0067-NM -np Development of Characterization Technique of SOI wafers by X-ray topography Takayoshi Shimura Osaka University Japan BL20B2 6
41 2000B0068-ND -np X-ray diffraction measurements of internal strain in Si nanostructures Takayoshi Shimura Osaka University Japan BL09XU 12
42 2000B0071-ND -np In-suit Observation of Welding Materials under high-Temperature Environment by high-Energy X-ray Diffraction Norimasa Umesaki Osaka National Reserach Institute, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology Japan BL04B2 12
43 2000B0075-NL -np Analysis of early abnormality of acute respiratory distress syndrome by ultra high-resolution CT Takeshi Johkoh Osaka University Japan BL20B2 3
44 2000B0076-ND -np Seed technology for next generation synthetic quarts for 5" diameter saw devices. Carlos Kenichi Suzuki State University of Campinas Brazil BL28B2 12
45 2000B0078-CD -np The atomic and electronic structure of water. Shinji Kohara JASRI Japan BL04B2 9
46 2000B0080-CX -np Polarization dependence of the local lattie styructure of crystal thin film of alkali halides. Takatoshi Murata Kyoto University of Education Japan BL10XU 6
47 2000B0083-NL -np Crystal structure analysis of 20S proteasome from bovine liver at 2A resolution. Yukio Morimoto Himeji Institute of Technology Japan BL41XU 2
48 2000B0085-ND -np In-situ X-ray observation of liquid and amorphous GeO2 under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. Takanori Hattori Keio University Japan BL14B1 9
49 2000B0086-ND -np Pressure depenence of the structure of liquid Gallium Antimonide. Kazuhiko Tsuji Keio University Japan BL11XU 9
50 2000B0087-CD -np Structure of liquid germanium and liquid silicon under high pressure. Kazuhiko Tsuji Keio University Japan BL04B1 9