SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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List of General/Time-Designated/Urgent Proposals 2002B in the second half of 2002 (2/9)

S/N Proposal Number Title of experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shift
51 2002B0111-NS1-np Vibration Modes in Halogen-Etching Process of Silicon Surface Observed by Means of Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy Masatoshi Tanaka Yokohama National University Japan BL43IR 12
52 2002B0112-NL2-np Structure of Comb Polymers and Polymer Micelles in Solution Yo Nakamura Osaka University Japan BL40B2 3
53 2002B0115-NL2-np Evaluation of myofilament orientation and cross-bridge function during development of cultured cardiomyocytes Fumihiko Kajiya Okayama University Japan BL40XU 6
54 2002B0116-ND2-np Structure variations of CaSiO3-CaTiO3 perovskites under high pressure Kiyoshi Fujino Hokkaido University Japan BL10XU 6
55 2002B0118-NX-np Study on Occupancy Site of Y-dopant in BaTiO3 by XAFS Akinori Shinoda Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Japan BL38B1 3
56 2002B0119-NDL2-np Wide-angle X-ray diffraction and Small-angle X-ray scattering of polymer fluid under flow Hiroki Murase Toyobo Research Center Japan BL40B2 6
57 2002B0121-NS1-np High-resolution photoemission study of strongly correlated quasi-2-dimensional organic conductors Akira Sekiyama Osaka University Japan BL25SU 6
58 2002B0124-NM-np Development of X-ray polarimeter with X-ray photoelectron track image Fuyuki Tokanai Yamagata University Japan BL38B1 12
59 2002B0125-NL2-p Experiment of X-ray refraction-contrast imaging Hideyuki Sakaida Fuji Photo Film Co. Japan BL20B2 3
60 2002B0129-NX-np Study on negative thermal expansion and structural phase transition of Zr(1-x)ScxW2O(8-y) Yasuhisa Yamamura JAIST Japan BL01B1 6
61 2002B0130-CS1-np Far-infrared and Near-infrared Reflectance Spectra of Nitride Semiconductors Kazutoshi Fukui Fukui University Japan BL43IR 8
62 2002B0131-ND1-np Visualization of the charge density distribution associated with the phase transition under high pressure in CeP Takahisa Shobu JAERI Japan BL02B1 15
63 2002B0133-ND1-np Structure Determination of Single-Component Molecular Metals by X-ray Powder Diffraction Akiko Kobayashi The University of Tokyo Japan BL02B2 6
64 2002B0134-ND1-np Accurate Structure Analysis of the Superconductor, NbB2+x Jun Akimitsu Aoyama Gakuin University Japan BL02B2 9
65 2002B0135-ND1-np Accurate structural analysis of metal hydride electrodes La(Ni,Sn)5+X Alloys Eiji Nishibori Nagoya University Japan BL02B2 3
66 2002B0136-NML2-np Direct observation of growing dendrites with different crystal orientations for modeling the rain selection Itsuo Ohnaka Osaka University Japan BL20B2 6
67 2002B0137-NL2-np An x-ray diffraction study on calcium behavior in skeletal muscle contraction Naoto Yagi JASRI Japan BL40XU 24
68 2002B0138-NS1-np Photoelectron diffraction of fixed-in-space rage-gas clusters Kiyoshi Ueda Tohoku University Japan BL27SU 12
69 2002B0141-NL2-np Evaluation of Microcirculation in Cardiovascular Disease Using Micro-Angiography System Mitsuhiro Yokoyama Kobe University Japan BL20B2 9
70 2002B0142-NL2-np In Vivo Evaluation of Pathophysiology in Cardiac Disease Using X-ray Diffraction Mitsuhiro Yokoyama Kobe University Japan BL40XU 6
71 2002B0143-CD2-np Structure of liquid Indium Antimonide and Indium Arsenide under high pressure Kazuhiko Tsuji Keio University Japan BL04B1 15
72 2002B0144-NL1-np The application for gene therapy by x-ray crystallographic studys of long chain DNAs which a re concerned in heredity diseases and abnormal transcription Hirofumi Ohishi Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences Japan BL41XU 3
73 2002B0147-NM-np X-ray fluorescence measurement of ppt-level metals in environmental water specimen by means of efficient Johansson spectrometer Kenji Sakurai NIMS Japan BL40XU 9
74 2002B0148-NM-np Improvement of the performance of the soft X-ray grating monochromator by using a Doppler Broadening-free high resolution electron analyzer Eiji Ishiguro University of Ryukyu Japan BL27SU 12
75 2002B0149-NM-np Development of an elliptically bent mirror with a 1:100 demagnification Eiji Ishiguro University of Ryukyu Japan BL27SU 12
76 2002B0150-NX-np Fluorescence XAFS study on highly-oxidized states of an O-bridged Ru complex Toshiaki Ohta The University of Tokyo Japan BL01B1 6
77 2002B0152-NL2-np Small-angle X-ray scattering study on the quaternary structure of phototropin Masayoshi Nakasako Keio University Japan BL40B2 3
78 2002B0153-NL2-np Small-angle X-ray scattering study on the quaternary structure of phytochrome A Masayoshi Nakasako Keio University Japan BL40B2 3
79 2002B0156-NSL2-np Investigations of the behavior and the role of the trace metallic elements in the human prostate cancers Kazuro Sugimura Kobe University Japan BL37XU 6
80 2002B0158-NDI-np Study on oxidation behavior of thermal barrier coatings using high energy X-rays Kenji Suzuki Niigata University Japan BL19B2 9
81 2002B0159-ND2-np A X-ray microtomographic study on the three-dimensional fluid distribution in silicate polycrystalline aggregates: Role of super-critical water on liquid phase sintering Michihiko Nakamura Tohoku University Japan BL47XU 6
82 2002B0162-ND2-np Study on high-pressure transition of CaCl2-type, αPbO2-type and pyrite-type in germanium dioxiside Shigeaki Ono JAMSTEC Japan BL10XU 6
83 2002B0163-NDI-np X-ray stress measurements for the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell; Estimation of the effect of the interlayer by measuring the stress distribution near electrolyte/electrode interface Hisataka Yakabe Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd Japan BL19B2 9
84 2002B0164-NX-np SR-XAFS Measurements for Local-structural Analysis of High-strength Nanocrystalline Ni-W Alloys Produced by Electrodeposition Tohru Yamasaki Himeji Institute of Technology Japan BL38B1 3
85 2002B0168-CD1-np The Structural Change in λ-(BETS)_2_FeCl_4 at Low Temperature Yukio Noda Tohoku University Japan BL02B1 9
86 2002B0171-ND1-np Interrelation between ferromagnetic transition and structural parameters in half-metallic CoS2 Akihiko Machida JAERI Japan BL02B2 3
87 2002B0173-ND2-np X-ray diffraction study on I-II'-II transition of solid deuterium Haruki Kawamura Himeji Institute of Technology Japan BL10XU 6
88 2002B0174-ND2-np Structural Phase Transition of MgH2 at high Pressures Haruki Kawamura Himeji Institute of Technology Japan BL04B2 6
89 2002B0175-NM-np X-ray microbeam and imaging microscopy using quasi-monochromatic undulator radiation without monochromator Yoshio Suzuki JASRI Japan BL40XU 15
90 2002B0176-NM-np X-ray tow-beam interferometer using refraction optics Yoshio Suzuki JASRI Japan BL20XU 24
91 2002B0179-ND3-np Collective dynamics of liquid alkali halides Shinya Hosokawa Philipps University of Marburg Germany BL35XU 18
92 2002B0181-NX-np XAFS Measurement of Germanate Melts under High-Temperature and High-Pressure Osamu Ohtaka Osaka University Japan BL14B1 3
93 2002B0182-ND2-np Crystallization processes in liquid Fe-Si,Fe-C and Fe-S alloys Denis Andrault Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris France BL04B1 9
94 2002B0183-NL1-np Crystallographic study of Aeromonas caviae Xylanase Zui Fujimoto National Institute of Agrobiological Science Japan BL41XU 3
95 2002B0184-NL2-np Development of high-resolution and high-speed imaging system for observation of cardiac microcirculation in isolated perfused rat hearts Keiji Umetani JASRI Japan BL28B2 9
96 2002B0185-NL2-np Development of high-resolution imaging system for in vivo observation of microcirculation in rats and mice Keiji Umetani JASRI Japan BL28B2 12
97 2002B0186-NL2-np Large-field and high-resolution lung cancer imaging in mice and rabbits using 10M-pixel CCD detector Keiji Umetani JASRI Japan BL20B2 3
98 2002B0187-NL2-np Observation of tumor blood vessels using microangigraphy system with 6μm resolution Keiji Umetani JASRI Japan BL20B2 12
99 2002B0188-NM-np Study on dose estimation of synchrotron radiation using a human phantom Nobuteru Nariyama JASRI Japan BL20B2 4
100 2002B0189-ND1-np Precise measurement of CTR scattering with high-energy x-rays in a transmission geometry Hiroo Tajiri JASRI Japan BL13XU 15