SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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List of General/Time-Designated/Urgent Proposals 2002B in the second half of 2002 (9/9)

S/N Proposal Number Title of experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shift
401 2002B0836-RI-np Depth profiles of residual stresses in ceramic films and substrate Shin Tsuchiya Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Japan BL19B2 6
402 2002B0837-RI-np Tempeerature dependence of short range structure in lanthanum oxychloride Reiko Fujita Toshiba Corporation Japan BL19B2 3
403 2002B0844-RI-np Study on residual stress measurement around interface between zinc coating and base steel ainc-plated or galvanized steel sheet Masahiro Arai Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Japan BL19B2 6
404 2002B0845-RL1-np Structural analysis of DNA polymerase mutant from hyperhermophilic archaeon KOD1 Hiroyoshi Matsumura Osaka University Japan BL38B1 3
405 2002B0846-US2-p High-Energy-XRF analysis of gunshot residues Izumi Nakai Science University of Tokyo Japan BL37XU 2
406 2002B0847-US2-p (Japanese Only) Toshio Ninomiya Hyogo Police Japan BL37XU 4