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General/Budding Research Suport/Time-Designated Proposals 2007A (2/13)

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S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
51 2007A1064 XAFS studies on local structure of La supported on zeolite catalysts. Yuichi Ichihashi Kobe University Japan BL01B1 3
52 2007A1076 Elucidation of structural basis for pre-translational amino-acid conversion towards novel aminoacyl-tRNA synthetic pathway Osamu Nureki Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL41XU 3
53 2007A1077 Compton profile measurements on Heavy Fermion Metal CeCoIn5 Yasunori Kubo Nihon University Japan BL08W 20.875
54 2007A1078 Ultrasound-Induced Gelation of Organic Fluids with Metallated-Peptide: Control of Dimension and High-Order Structure of Peptide Gels Hikaru Takaya Osaka University Japan BL40B2 3
55 2007A1079 Structural study of Nanos Hiroshi Hashimoto Yokohama City University Japan BL41XU 3
56 2007A1080 X-ray crystallography of the protein membrane translocon Ryuichiro Ishitani Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan BL41XU 6
57 2007A1082 Pressure-induced liquid crystal-liquid phase transition in a metallomesogen Yutaka Moritomo University of Tsukuba Japan BL10XU 3
58 2007A1083 Structural analysis of tRNA modification enzyme MiaA-MiaB Min Yao Hokkaido University Japan BL41XU 6
59 2007A1084 Orientational correlations in molecular liquid CH2X2 (X:Cl, Br) and SbF5 Laszlo Pusztai Hungarian Academy of Sciences Hungary BL04B2 3
60 2007A1085 Preliminary study on the formation mechanism of fibril structure of soluble semiconducting polymers for the development of solution-process organic thin film transistors. Yuji Yoshida National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  Japan BL13XU 3
61 2007A1088 Observation of compound chondrules in primitive meteorites by X-ray microtomography Masayuki Uesugi Osaka University Japan BL20B2 6
62 2007A1089 Deveropment and test of zoom-detector for X-ray CT Kentaro Uesugi Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL20B2 11.875
63 2007A1090 Electronic Structures of Oxidizing Intermediates from Manganese Salen Complexes, Related to Water Oxidation in Oxygen Evolution Center: Conversion of Water to the Oxo Ligand via the OH Ligand on the Manganese Center Takuya Kurahashi National Institute of Natural Sciences Japan BL01B1 3
64 2007A1091 Extremely small angle x-ray scattering investigation on polymer membrane formation process by thermal-induced phase separation  Shinya Matsuno Asahi Kasei Corporation Japan BL20XU 2.75
65 2007A1092 Bystander cell-killing effect in human cells induced by X-ray microbeams of synchrotoron radiations Masao Suzuki National Institute of Radiological Sciences Japan BL28B2 8.875
66 2007A1093 Isomer-dependent primary visual photochemistry by x-ray crystallography Tetsuji Okada National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  Japan BL41XU 3
67 2007A1094 Viscosity measurements for melts under high pressure using Diamond-SiC composite anvils Osamu Ohtaka Osaka University Japan BL04B1 12
68 2007A1095 Structure of the MORB (mid oceanic ridge basalt) magma at high pressure Akio Suzuki Tohoku University Japan BL04B1 6
69 2007A1096 In situ observation of liquid immiscibility of Fe-O-S liquid using X-ray radiography under high pressure Hidenori Terasaki Tohoku University Japan BL04B1 12
70 2007A1097 Temperature-dependent dynamics of bacteriorhodopsin. Toshihiko Oka Keio University Japan BL38B1 6
71 2007A1098 Near Field Microscopy by Infrared Syncrotoron Radiation Yuka Ikemoto Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL43IR 12
72 2007A1099 Temperature-pressure-volume equation of state of the high-pressure B2 phase of sodium chloride Masanori Matsui University of Hyogo Japan BL04B1 5.75
73 2007A1100 XAFS analysis of anode in intermediate temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Hiroyuki Yoshida Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. Japan BL19B2 6
74 2007A1101 Temperature and pressure dependence of the structure and the elastic wave velocities of amorphous silica Masanori Matsui University of Hyogo Japan BL04B1 5.75
75 2007A1103 Study on the fragmentation mechanisums of a core excited acetone molecules on a nano-scale rare gas clusters  Yusuke Tamenori Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL27SU 12
76 2007A1106 Crystal Structure Analysis of the Protein Complex Associated with Milk Fat Globule Membrane Takeshi Nishino Nippon Medical School Japan BL38B1 8.75
77 2007A1107 Origin of the pressure-induced color change in a cyanide Yutaka Moritomo University of Tsukuba Japan BL10XU 3
78 2007A1108 Development of rotating strain scanning method for residual stress measurement of  coarse grain materials  Kenji Suzuki Niigata University Japan BL02B1 9
79 2007A1109 Damping of the collective modes in liquid Cu Shinya Hosokawa Hiroshima Institute of Technology Japan BL35XU 17.5
80 2007A1110 Elasticity measurement of mantle pyroxene phases at high pressure and temperature Jennifer Hui-Chen Kung National Cheng Kung University Taiwan,ROC BL04B1 11.875
81 2007A1111 Observation of nuclear excitation probability on Ir-193 around Iridium K-edge Shunji Kishimoto High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Japan BL09XU 17.75
82 2007A1112 Measurement of ultrasmall size drill geometry by X-ray computed tomography Katsumasa Yasukawa Kyocera Corporation Japan BL20XU 3
83 2007A1113 Structural analysis of human cardiac troponin complex Soichi Takeda National Cardiovascular Center Japan BL41XU 0.875
84 2007A1115 Crystallographic studies of DNA polymerase and polymerase/PCNA complex from Pyrococcus furiosus  Hirokazu Nishida Hitachi, Ltd. Japan BL41XU 3
85 2007A1117 Time resolved observation of vortices dynamics in magneto-statically coupled magnetic nano disks Yoshichika Otani The University of Tokyo Japan BL25SU 15
86 2007A1118 Phonon softening in (Ba,K)BiO3 Shigeki Miyasaka Osaka University Japan BL35XU 2.75
87 2007A1121 Phonons in L10-FePt nano-particles Teruo Ono Kyoto University Japan BL09XU 15
88 2007A1122 Study on the regulatory mechanism of an ammonia channel in tRNA-dependent amidotransferase GatCAB Isao Tanaka Hokkaido University Japan BL41XU 6
89 2007A1123 Micro-Phase Separation Structure in Room-temperature Ionic Liquid by High-Energy X-ray Scattering with Synchrotron Radiation Kenta Fujii Saga University Japan BL04B2 12
90 2007A1124 Core-excitation-induced proton transfer reaction in formamide, probed by electron-ion coincidence spectroscopy. Denis Ceolin Lund University Sweden BL27SU 9
91 2007A1125 Femtosecond Dynamics of Water on Ionic and Hydrophobic Solutes Robert Coridan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA BL35XU 11.875
92 2007A1126 Development of the micro region infrared spectroscopy by near field technique Takahiko Sasaki Tohoku University Japan BL43IR 6
93 2007A1127 Molecular recognition mechanism of polysaccharides investigated by SAXS with flow cell Makoto Takemasa Osaka Prefecture University Japan BL40XU 3
94 2007A1128 Fabrication and characterization of high resolution zone plate by sputtered-sliced method Nagao Kamijo Kansai Medical University Japan BL20XU 8.75
95 2007A1129 Infrared microscope studies for strongly-correlated materials with low-temperature and high-pressure. Akinori Irizawa Kobe University Japan BL43IR 17.875
96 2007A1131 Structure determination of archaeal endoglucanases Koichi Uegaki National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  Japan BL38B1 6
97 2007A1132 Structural analysis of red chlorophyll catabolite reductase, ferredoxin dependent reductase used in chlorophyll catabolism Masakazu Sugishima Kurume University Japan BL38B1 6
98 2007A1133 Absolute-pressure determination using the combined in situ X-ray imaging and diffraction, and ultrasonic measurement of MgO: Comparison with pressure scale of MgO, sodium chlorite and gold Yoshio Kono Ehime University Japan BL04B1 11.875
99 2007A1134 Tuning of a soft x-ray emission spectrometer installed at BL27SU Takayuki Muro Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL27SU 5.75
100 2007A1135 XAFS investigation of charge/discharge characteristics of bio-mineralized hollow shaped iron oxides with Li ions  Tatsuo Fujii Okayama University Japan BL01B1 3