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General/Budding Research Suport/Time-Designated Proposals 2007A (1/13)

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S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
1 2007A0002 Phase-contrast imaging of lungs  Rob Lewis Monash University Australia BL20B2 17.5
2 2007A0003 Study of filler aggregate structure in rubber by time-resolved two-dimensional ultra-small- and small-angle X-ray scattering Yoshiyuki Amemiya The University of Tokyo Japan BL20XU 23.875
3 2007A0004 Study of filler aggregate structure in rubber by time-resolved two-dimensional ultra-small- and small-angle X-ray scattering Yoshiyuki Amemiya The University of Tokyo Japan BL40B2 11.875
4 2007A0005 Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic Accurate Analysis of Next Generation Nano- Scale Devices for Post-Scaling Technology Shigeaki Zaima Nagoya University Japan BL47XU 16.875
5 2007A0010 Functions and structure woven by coexisting charge-ordered domains: Time- and space- resolved x-ray diffraction from fluctuating charge orders Ichiro Terasaki Waseda University Japan BL02B1 47.5
6 2007A0011 Measurements of SuperRENS Optical Memory Material Properties Paul Fons National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  Japan BL39XU 20.75
7 2007A0012 Supramolecular Structure of a New Cationic Liposome/p-DNA Complex and Structural Development and Dynamics Kazuo Sakurai The University of Kitakyushu Japan BL40B2 17.75
8 2007A0013 Crystallographic analysis on the reaction mechanism of membrane transport proteins Chikashi Toyoshima The University of Tokyo Japan BL41XU 29.75
9 2007A0014 In-situ observation of microstructure evolution during solidification by using time-resolved X-ray imaging with high spatial resolution Hideyuki Yasuda Osaka University Japan BL20B2 8.875
10 2007A0015 Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy (NRVS) of Iron-Sulfur Enzymes for Hydrogen Metabolism, Nitrogen Fixation, and Photosynthesis Stephen Paul Cramer University of California Davis USA BL09XU 41.875
11 2007A1001 Mechanistic studies of biomineralization by porous protein crystals   Takafumi Ueno Nagoya University Japan BL38B1 5.875
12 2007A1002 Guest Shape-Responsive Fitting of Porous Organic Crystal with Shrinkable Lattice Framework: Molecular Recognition of Gas Phase Guests Hikaru Takaya Osaka University Japan BL19B2 5
13 2007A1003 Ultrasound-Induced Gelation of Organic Fluids with Metalated-Peptide: Control of Dimension and High-Order Structure of Peptide Gels Hikaru Takaya Osaka University Japan BL40B2 5
14 2007A1004 In situ PEEM studies on phase separation in oxide nanostructures Masaharu Oshima The University of Tokyo Japan BL17SU 14.75
15 2007A1005 hν-dependent soft x-ray angle-resolved photoelectron study of strongly correlated oxides Shigemasa Suga Osaka University Japan BL25SU 17.75
16 2007A1006 XAFS Study of Degradation Mechanism of Electrode Catalysis of Polymer Electrode Fuel Cells Yoshiharu Uchimoto Kyoto University Japan BL01B1 8.75
17 2007A1007 Analysis of electronic states in silicon nanoclusters using soft X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy Shigeaki Zaima Nagoya University Japan BL27SU 9
18 2007A1008 In-situ measurements of thermal strain of Bi2223 filaments in Ag sheathed Bi2223 superconducting composites at temperatures of service and RT. Shojiro Ochiai Kyoto University Japan BL46XU 9
19 2007A1009 Partitioning of elements between silicate glasses and aqueous fluids under high pressure Tatsuhiko Kawamoto Kyoto University Japan BL37XU 5.625
20 2007A1010 How does a Pathogen get iron?  Nuclear Inelastic Scattering Spectroscopy of Iron Uptake Proteins Found in Pathogenic Neisserial Bacteria. Upali Abhaya Jayasooriya University of East Anglia UK BL09XU 11.5
21 2007A1012 Test of evaluation of environment response thin films by X-ray reflectometry with white small X-ray beam Kenji Sakurai National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL28B2 6
22 2007A1013 Chemical effects in Samarium K beta spectra: measurement with 1.5m wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Kenji Sakurai National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL37XU 11.75
23 2007A1015 The expansive and universal research on the self-regenerative technology of precious metal catalysts by XAFS analysis Masashi Taniguchi Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Japan BL01B1 5.125
24 2007A1016 Application of synchrotron x-ray tomography to study creep void growth and its effect on material degradation in metallic alloys across multiple length scales Ke-Shen Cheong Industrial Research Limited New Zealand BL20XU 6
25 2007A1020 In situ USAXS of titania colloidal coatings Bridget Ingham Industrial Research Limited New Zealand BL20XU 6
26 2007A1021 Characterization on Pore Structures in Friction Brake Materials by X-ray CT Yasuo Takagi Akebono Research & Development Centre Ltd. Japan BL47XU 5.875
27 2007A1023 Progressive development process of microfabrics of deep-sea sediments due to burial compaction Kiichiro Kawamura FUKADA GEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE Japan BL47XU 3
28 2007A1024 Dynamic and Thermodynamic Properties of Crystalline Glycine Polymorphs from Multi-Temperature X-ray Diffraction Data Thammarat - Aree Chulalongkorn University Thailand BL02B1 9
29 2007A1025 In-situ observation of immiscibility between carbonatite magmas and silicate magmas. Tatsuhiko Kawamoto Kyoto University Japan BL04B1 5.75
30 2007A1026 Strain-induced density fluctuations in glassy polymers Mikihito Takenaka Kyoto University Japan BL20XU 3
31 2007A1027 Order-order transition of multicomponent block copolymers Mikihito Takenaka Kyoto University Japan BL45XU 5.75
32 2007A1028 Structural properties of photo-irradiated Fe-Co cyanide Yutaka Moritomo University of Tsukuba Japan BL02B2 5.75
33 2007A1034 Studies on Conformationcal Change of Bio-Related Polymers Induced by Hydrogen-Bond Interactions -Nanometer-Sized Structure and Molecular Recognition of Amylose Derivatives in Solution and Kinetics of Triple Helix-Coil Transition of Collagen Model Peptides Ken Terao Osaka University Japan BL40B2 3
34 2007A1035 Characterization of the electronic state at the interface between the gate dielectric film and the metal electrode by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy using hard x-rays Yoshihiro Kudo Sony Corporation Japan BL47XU 3
35 2007A1036 Structure analysis of aggregation of block copolymers with ultra-high molecular weight in various solvents Katsuhiro Yamamoto Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan BL40B2 3
36 2007A1038 Studies on structural and enzymatic properties of a kynurenine aminotransferase II Kazufumi Takano Osaka University Japan BL38B1 3
37 2007A1041 in-situ X-ray stress measurements for the SOFC under cell operations. Hisataka Yakabe Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. Japan BL09XU 9
38 2007A1043 Core-excitation-induced proton transfer reaction in formamide, acetylacetone and propanal Maria Novella Piancastelli Uppsala University Sweden BL27SU 20.875
39 2007A1044 In-situ observation during Cu multilayer-electrodeposition on Au(111) Masashi Nakamura Chiba University Japan BL13XU 11.75
40 2007A1045 Studies on the degradation of historic natural fibers by using FT-IR microscopy  Masanori Sato Independent Administrative Institution National Research Institute for Cultural Properties Japan BL43IR 9
41 2007A1046 Recoil effects in inner-shell photoelectron spectroscopy Darrah Thomas Oregon State University USA BL27SU 14.875
42 2007A1049 Characterization of ligand-induced structural change of the cofactor dependent enzyme using X-ray Solution Scattering Masaru Goto Osaka Medical College Japan BL40B2 3
43 2007A1050 Solution Structure of Association of Xyloglucan Oligo-saccharides by Addition of Small Molecules  Yoshiaki Yuguchi Osaka Electro-Communication University Japan BL40B2 6
44 2007A1051 Structural study of lipase mutants with completely inverted enantioselectivity Yuichi Koga Osaka University Japan BL38B1 5.875
45 2007A1052 Precise Structural Characterization of Frustrated Square-Lattice Quantum Spin System: (CuCl1-xBrx)LaNb2O7 solid solution Hiroshi Kageyama Kyoto University Japan BL02B2 3
46 2007A1054 Evaluation of skin barrier function by stractural biology Kiyofumi Yamanishi Hyogo College of Medicine Japan BL40XU 6
47 2007A1055 Characterization of starch granules for self-organization of starch molecules in rice endosperm by undestructive analysis Yoshiaki Yuguchi Osaka Electro-Communication University Japan BL40XU 3
48 2007A1058 Development of Evaluation Method for Radiation Damage of Protein Crystal using UV-Vis. Spectroscopy Nobutaka Shimizu Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL38B1 12
49 2007A1060 X-ray structural studies of new mutants (Leu or Arg mutants for Tyr766, Tyr793 and Phe807) of Axin-DIX Yoshiki Higuchi University of Hyogo Japan BL41XU 3
50 2007A1063 Structure analysis of P0-3L12-rRNA complex, a ribosomal GTPase center  Min Yao Hokkaido University Japan BL41XU 3