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General/Budding Research Suport/Time-Designated Proposals 2007A (8/13)

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S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts
351 2007A1510 Carbonate-silicate reaction at the high-pressure and high-temperature Yusuke Seto Hokkaido University Japan BL10XU 6
352 2007A1511 Pressure dependence of the valence of Bi and Ni in BiNiO3 with the pressure induced Metal-Insulator transition Masaki Azuma Kyoto University Japan BL39XU 6
353 2007A1513 Ultra-High resolution X-ray crystallography of HIV protease Ryota Kuroki Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan BL41XU 3
354 2007A1517 Direct observation of nucleation phenomena by catalyst of solidification of Al-based alloys Hitoshi Ishida Kobe Steel, Ltd. Japan BL20B2 6
355 2007A1518 Observation of transmutation products induced by deuterium permeation through Pd multilayer Complex by energy scan XRF Yasuhiro Iwamura Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan BL37XU 18
356 2007A1519 Speciation of chlorine compounds in municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash to develop a recycled cement material using a synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction analysis Takayuki Shimaoka Kyushu University Japan BL02B2 3
357 2007A1520 Distribution of H2O molecules in the channel of ring silicates.   Keiji Shinoda Osaka City University  Japan BL43IR 3
358 2007A1521 Detailed studies of “Stardust” samples (cometary dust returned by a space craft) using synchrotron radiation - Part 1 (CT and XRD): physical and chemical processes of sample capture by aerogel sample collectors and estimation of conditions for cometary dust formation. Akira Tsuchiyama Osaka University Japan BL47XU 17.75
359 2007A1522 Advanced basic research for nano-diagnosis based on evaluation of crossbridge dynamics to rescue chronic heart failure Miyako Takaki Nara Medical University Japan BL40XU 9
360 2007A1523 Phonon Dispersion and Softening in Superconductor CaAlSi Jun Akimitsu Aoyama Gakuin University Japan BL35XU 15
361 2007A1524 In-situ Structure Analysis of the Protein Micro-crystal in the Photophore of Firefly Squid Toshiaki Hamanaka   Japan BL40B2 3
362 2007A1525 Angle-resolved Photoemission Study of Circular Dichroism on Adsorbed Chiral Molecules JeongWon Kim Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science Korea BL25SU 11.875
363 2007A1527 Crystallographic studies of the Variable Lymphocyte Receptors Jie-Oh Lee Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Korea BL41XU 3
364 2007A1528 Structural strudies of an immune protein complexed with its receptor Shinji Ikemizu Kumamoto University Japan BL41XU 3
365 2007A1529 Materials Design using Electric-Field-Induced Phase Transition of Pd-free Perovskite Ferroelectrics Yuji Noguchi The University of Tokyo Japan BL02B2 3
366 2007A1532 Observation of structural changes in a pseudo-rotaxane derivative crystal as a supramolecular polarizer by powder X-ray diffraction analysis Daisuke Hashizume The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Japan BL19B2 3
367 2007A1533 Elucidation of the reaction mechanism of hydrogen peroxide reduction by the supramolecular complex through the hypervalent sulfur atom intermediate Hiroyoshi Matsumura Osaka University Japan BL38B1 3
368 2007A1538 Does adenosine prevent oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction immediately after a heart attack? James Todd Pearson Monash University Australia BL28B2 17.875
369 2007A1539 The superconducting gaps for MgB2 in inelastic x-ray scattering Hiroshi Uchiyama Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL35XU 12
370 2007A1540 Temperature dependence on charge density of methane hydrate using synchrotron radiation powder diffraction Yoshinobu Ishii Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan BL02B2 2.875
371 2007A1541 Developmento of the ultra high-pressure and high-temperature experiments using polycrystalline diamond anvils Takehiko Yagi The University of Tokyo Japan BL10XU 6
372 2007A1543 Nuclear resonance time-spectroscopy for high-energy photons using a fast semiconducting scintillator and stacked Si-APDs  Shunji Kishimoto High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Japan BL09XU 6
373 2007A1545 Layer analyses of LSI devices by the photoelectron emission microscope Junichi Tsuji Toray Research Center, Inc. Japan BL17SU 6
374 2007A1547 In situ XAFS Studies on anode catalyst of DMFCs Wu Mei Toshiba Corporation Japan BL01B1 3
375 2007A1551 Development of a high-angular resolution detector for accurate structural analysis Kenichi Kato The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Japan BL02B2 6
376 2007A1553 Characterization of function unknown DNA/RNA helicase from hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus horikoshii Makoto Kimura Kyushu University Japan BL38B1 3
377 2007A1554 Method Development of Density Measurement of Human Hair Shafts by X-ray Imaging Techniques and Application to Evaluation of Hair Treatment Products Norimichi Sano Procter and Gamble Japan Japan BL19B2 8.875
378 2007A1556 Study of Molecular Shape of Comb-Branched Polyelectrolytes in Solution Yo Nakamura Kyoto University Japan BL40B2 3
379 2007A1557 X-ray crystallographic study of the structure of archaeal rhodopsins Tsutomu Kouyama Nagoya University Japan BL44B2 6
380 2007A1558 Mechanism of magnetic and structural simultaneous phase transition of giant magnetoelasticity materials through detailed measurement of temperature and magnetic field dependence of electronic structure Shin Imada Osaka University Japan BL25SU 14.75
381 2007A1559 Soft x-ray resonant magnetic reflectivity and magnetic circular dichroism of high Bs super-lattice films for the next generation magnetic recording head. Naoki Awaji Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd. Japan BL25SU 14.875
382 2007A1561 Lattice dynamics and mode coupling in the relaxor film Sergey Vakhrushev Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute Russia BL35XU 9
383 2007A1562 Powder X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Chromic Phenazines Jun Harada The University of Tokyo Japan BL19B2 3
384 2007A1563 Variations in abundance and chemical state of uranium recorded in Lake Baikal sediments using μ-XRF and μ-XAFS Nagayoshi Katsuta Nagoya University Japan BL37XU 3
385 2007A1566 Morphological stability of compound semiconductor nanodots buried by a thin protection layer against low temperature annealing Hiroshi Okuda Kyoto University Japan BL13XU 8.875
386 2007A1567 Developement of high performance polymer matrials under flow crystallization Masamichi Hikosaka Hiroshima University Japan BL40B2 6
387 2007A1568 Small angle X-ray scattering study on density fluctuation in resist materials for nanofabrication Hiroji Komano Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd Japan BL46XU 6
388 2007A1569 In-situ measurements of nanostructure formation in PbTe-Sb2Te3 compounds with excellent thermoelectric properties Teruyuki Ikeda California Institute of Technology USA BL02B2 3
389 2007A1570 Ordering kinetics in double carbonates and implications for processes at subduction zones Tahar Hammouda Universite Blaise Pascal France BL04B1 8.75
390 2007A1571 critical size of Pd nanoparticle for appearance of ferromagnetism Tetsuya Sato Keio University Japan BL25SU 5.875
391 2007A1572 In-situ QXAFS analysis on the self-regeneration of perovskite-based automotive catalysts in the redox atmosphere Masashi Taniguchi Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Japan BL40XU 6
392 2007A1573 Spatially-resolved measurements of a supercondunting transition edge sensor with an X-ray microbeam Masashi Ohno The University of Tokyo Japan BL01B1 11.75
393 2007A1574 Spin density and magnetisation in Fe3O4 Jonathan Andrew Duffy University of Warwick UK BL08W 15
394 2007A1577 Development of repair technique for die  Hidenori Terasaki Osaka University Japan BL46XU 5.875
395 2007A1578 Study of N-H complex defects in GaAsN for solar cells by infrared spectroscopy Yoshio Ohshita Toyota Technological Institute Japan BL43IR 5.75
396 2007A1579 Laue topographic investigation of the lattice defects in iridescent garnet crystals Norimasa Shimobayashi Kyoto University Japan BL28B2 2.875
397 2007A1580 Microcrystal structure analysis of a halogen introduced pentacosanuclear heterometal cluster Mitsuhiro Ito Royal Co. Ltd. Japan BL04B2 6
398 2007A1581 Local structure analysis of dilute rare-earth impurities in luminous BN and AlN by XAFS Isao Tanaka Kyoto University Japan BL01B1 9
399 2007A1584 Effect of second component of crystal structure and thermal behavior of partially miscible biodegradable polymer blend Harumi Sato Kwansei Gakuin University Japan BL40B2 5.75
400 2007A1585 Structural and electronic properties in rare-earth intermetallic compounds TbTAl (T=Pd,Ni) by means of EXAFS measurements Hideaki Kitazawa National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL01B1 3