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General/Budding Research Suport/Time-Designated /SP8 Measurement Service Proposals 2007B (11/11)

S/N #1~50 #51~100 #101~150 #151~200 #201~250 #251~300 #301~350 #351~400 #401~450 #451~500 #501~553

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts Type*
501 2007B2027 X-ray crystal structural analysis and reaction mechanism of a novel heme-containing aldoxime dehydratase. Hiroshi Sugimoto The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Japan BL41XU 1 np
502 2007B2047 Crystallographic studies of structural changes in redox proteins at ultra-high resolution Kazuki Takeda Kyoto University Japan BL41XU 1 np
503 2007B2049 Crystallographic study of flagellar motor proteins Katsumi Imada Osaka University Japan BL41XU 1 np
504 2007B2050 Crystal structural analysis of Photosystem II membrane protein complex from a eukaryotic organism red alga Jian-Ren Shen Okayama University Japan BL41XU 1 np
505 2007B1074 Direct observation of the metal-insulator phase separation of rare-earth oxides Shin-ichi Kimura National Institutes of Natural Sciences Japan BL43IR 9 np
506 2007B1101 Electronic states of strongly-correlated materials under low-temperature and high-pressure probed by infrared microscope. Akinori Irizawa Kobe University Japan BL43IR 18 np
507 2007B1150 Development of the scanning micro region near field infrared spectroscopy by using Synchrotron radiation  Takahiko Sasaki Tohoku University Japan BL43IR 6 np
508 2007B1167 Study of Bonding State and Stress Distribution around Fillers in Rubber Composite under Stretch with Near-Field FT-IR. Hiroyuki Kishimoto SRI Research & Development, Ltd. Japan BL43IR 18 np
509 2007B1174 Analysis of cultural properties made of organic materials Masanori Sato Independent Administrative Institution National Research Institute for Cultural Properties Japan BL43IR 9 np
510 2007B1207 An analysis of ingredients that penetrate into the internal of hair with infrared microspectroscopy. Satoshi Inamasu Kracie Home Products, Ltd. Japan BL43IR 12 np
511 2007B1231 Evaluation of Microscopic Drug Segregation State in Pharmaceutical Granules using the Mapping Analysis of Terahertz Spectroscopy Katsuhide Terada Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering Japan BL43IR 15 np
512 2007B1259 Study on electronic state of Ge under high pressure Takao Nanba Kobe University Japan BL43IR 9 np
513 2007B1314 Infrared study of pressure-induced electronic crossover in YbCu2Si2 Hidekazu Okamura Kobe University Japan BL43IR 12 np
514 2007B1325 Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy on Composition Spread Thin Film Masaharu Matsunami The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Japan BL43IR 9 np
515 2007B1364 Basic research on the characteristics and conservation of excavated ancient textiles and lacquer objects by synchrotron infrared microspectroscopy (II) Masayoshi Okuyama The Archaeological Institute of Kashihara Japan BL43IR 9 np
516 2007B1408 Verification of proton disorder in portlandite using polarized infrared spectroscopy Keiji Shinoda Osaka City University  Japan BL43IR 6 np
517 2007B1420 Infrared near field microspectroscopy using synchrotron radiation Yuka Ikemoto Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL43IR 12 np
518 2007B1431 SR-IR analysis of acceleratedly deteriorated ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene for artificial arthrosis use  Naoyuki Nishimura Nakashima Propeller Co.,Ltd. Japan BL43IR 6 np
519 2007B1451 Infrared Spectroscopic Study of IV-group-element Clathrate Compounds Katsumi Tanigaki Tohoku University Japan BL43IR 6 np
520 2007B1466 Detection of dopant impurities in semiconductor nanowires by micro-infrared absorption Naoki Fukata National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL43IR 6 np
521 2007B1527 IR near-field optical study of organic multiple films Hidekazu Okamura Kobe University Japan BL43IR 12 np
522 2007B1608 Study of complex defects in GaAsN for solar cells by infrared Hidetoshi Suzuki Toyota Technological Institute Japan BL43IR 6 np
523 2007B1618 Infrared spectroscopy of silicate crystals at low temperature Hiroshi Suto National Institutes of Natural Sciences Japan BL43IR 27 np
524 2007B1425 Crystallographic study of reaction interemediates of bacteriorhodopsin mutants Tsutomu Kouyama Nagoya University Japan BL44B2 3 np
525 2007B1430 Structure and dynamics of bacteriorhodopsin in the P622 crystal : Effect of the lattice force on the reaction kinetics. Tsutomu Kouyama Nagoya University Japan BL44B2 6 np
526 2007B1153 Structural study of PCL/PVB spherulite during crystallization by mcirobeam small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering Yoshiyuki Amemiya The University of Tokyo Japan BL45XU 6 np
527 2007B1154 Effects of tensile stress in the thick myosin filaments on the distribution of myosin heads in the sarcomere of skeletal and cardiac muscle.  Masako Kimura The Jikei University School of Medicine Japan BL45XU 3 np
528 2007B1180 Time resolved small angle X-ray scattering study on the folding dynamics of β-lactoglobulin Satoshi Takahashi Osaka University Japan BL45XU 9 np
529 2007B1335 Role of myosin ATPase activities in contractile filament remodeling of smooth muscle cells Masaru Watanabe Tokyo Medical University Japan BL45XU 6 np
530 2007B1337 Observation of interface growth process of polyolefin by microbeam two-dimensional small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering Yoshiyuki Amemiya The University of Tokyo Japan BL45XU 3 np
531 2007B1357 Lattice disorder examined by X-ray equatorial diffraction during contraction in cardiac muscle Hiroshi Okuyama Kawasaki Medical School Japan BL45XU 3 np
532 2007B1407 Performance evaluation of micro pixel gas detector and its application to high-precision small-angle X-ray scattering Toru Tanimori Kyoto University Japan BL45XU 9 np
533 2007B1448 Fiber diffraction study on Ca2+-dependent structural changes of flagellar axonemes of Chlamydomonas. Shiori Toba National Institute of Infomation and Communications Technology Japan BL45XU 6 np
534 2007B1470 Analysis of the dynamic change of axonemal sturucture in sea-urchin sperm flagella. Shinji Kamimura The University of Tokyo Japan BL45XU 6 np
535 2007B1515 Development of an improved method for X-ray fiber diffraction from actin filaments Hiroyuki Iwamoto Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL45XU 3 np
536 2007B1029 X-ray Diffraction Analysis Junji Iihara Sumitomo Electric Industories, Ltd. Japan BL46XU 18 p
537 2007B1042 GIXD of thin films Kazuyuki Okada Toray Research Center, Inc. Japan BL46XU 1 p
538 2007B1044 Lattice constants and orientation of BFO epitaxial thin film Munenori Nakai Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. Japan BL46XU 3 p
539 2007B1860 Development of X-ray Diffractometer for structural analysis of thin films Masugu Sato Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL46XU 12 np
540 2007B1882 Education and Training for Graduate School Student with Synchrotron Radiation Isao Harada Okayama University Japan BL46XU 2 Up
541 2007B1914 Structural Analysis for Functional Organic Thin-films Takuji Kato Ricoh Co., Ltd. Japan BL46XU 1 p
542 2007B1023 HX-PES study of semiconductor materials Nobutaka Satou Toshiba Nanoanalysis Corporation Japan BL47XU 6 p
543 2007B1032 Synchrotron micro beam SAXS/WAXD study of Aramide single fiber Kazuhiko Sato TEIJIN Ltd., Japan BL47XU 3 p
544 2007B1040 Study on Thermal Protection Ablators for Reentering Space Vehicles Takashi Abe Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Japan BL47XU 1 p
545 2007B1078 Tracking of expansion and contraction behaviours of hydrogen micro-pores through aluminum production process Hiroyuki Toda Toyohashi University of Technology Japan BL47XU 9 np
546 2007B1155 Study of phase-contrast X-ray -CT technique in order to analyze three-dimensinal structure of nano-particle in rubber composite Hiroyuki Kishimoto SRI Research & Development, Ltd. Japan BL47XU 12 np
547 2007B1341 Real-time observation of filler dispersing process during mixing of tire compounds by X-ray imaging Naoya Amino The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Japan BL47XU 6 np
548 2007B1440 Development of phase contrast nano-tomography system  Kentaro Uesugi Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL47XU 9 np
549 2007B1505 Development of high spatial resolution micro-tomography Kentaro Uesugi Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL47XU 6 np
550 2007B1517 Three-dimensional structures and elemental compositions of impact tracks with unique morphologies in "Stardust" samples (cometary dust returned by a space craft) and their sample capture physics. Akira Tsuchiyama Osaka University Japan BL47XU 12 np
551 2007B1584 Development of plane-field Zernike type phase contrast X-ray microscopy for observation of biological specimen. Akihisa Takeuchi Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL47XU 12 np
552 2007B1663 Hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study for the chemical and electronic structures of metal/hafnium oxide/silicon stacks Yasuhiro Abe National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  Japan BL47XU 6 BRS
553 2007B1667 Direct measurement of non-crystallographic branching of lamellar crystals in polymer spherulites: Determination of structural unit on deformation  Hiroshi Kajioka Kyoto University Japan BL47XU 6 BRS

*Type p:proprietary, np: non-proprietary. Up:Time-Designated (Urgent proprietary), BRS: Budding Researchers Support