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General/Budding Research Suport/Time-Designated /SP8 Measurement Service Proposals 2007B (6/11)

S/N #1~50 #51~100 #101~150 #151~200 #201~250 #251~300 #301~350 #351~400 #401~450 #451~500 #501~553

CONTACT: SPring-8 Users Office; E-mail: sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

S/N Proposal No. Title of Experiment Project Leader Affiliation Country Beamline Shifts Type*
251 2007B1392 High resolution measurement of ultrasmall size drill geometry by X-ray computed tomography    Katsumasa Yasukawa Kyocera Corporation Japan BL20XU 3 np
252 2007B1416 Trial to image human Lewy body in dementia with Lewy bodies disease by X-ray phase-contrast micro-CT Tohoru Takeda University of Tsukuba Japan BL20XU 6 np
253 2007B1465 A non-iterative method for direct and unambiguous coherent diffractive imaging David Maurice Paganin Monash University Australia BL20XU 9 np
254 2007B1488 Analysis on Burgers vector sense and magnitude of elementary dislocations by rocking curve imaging with high angular resolution. Satoshi Yamaguchi Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Inc. Japan BL20XU 6 np
255 2007B1496 Reverse science approach for understanding the dendrite growth with the thermophysical properties by using in-situ observation  Hideyuki Yasuda Osaka University Japan BL20XU 6 np
256 2007B1544 Identification of wooden cultural heritage Junji Sugiyama Kyoto University Japan BL20XU 3 np
257 2007B1578 Sub-micron X-ray Fluorescence Tomography of Emiliania huxleyi Norio Watanabe University of Tsukuba Japan BL20XU 12 np
258 2007B1586 Development of kinoform zone plate fabricated with e-beam lithography method Akihisa Takeuchi Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL20XU 9 np
259 2007B1600 Development of high-speed X-ray dark-field scanning microscope for observation of light-material specimen Akihisa Takeuchi Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL20XU 15 np
260 2007B1616 X-ray imaging holography using double prism interferometer Yoshio Suzuki Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL20XU 15 np
261 2007B1643 In-situ observation of solidification behavior of Zn-Al-Mg alloys galvanized on the steel sheet Hiroshi Harada Nippon Steel Corporation Japan BL20XU 6 np
262 2007B1036 Observation of behavior of spin-inversions in the magnetized NdFeB magnets by XMCD technique Akira Manabe Toyota Motor Corporation Japan BL25SU 12 p
263 2007B1258 Magnetic circular dichroism measurement on meteoritic L10-FeNi Masato Kotsugi Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL25SU 3 np
264 2007B1286 Detailed Study on the novel coexistence of valence-fluctuation and heavy-fermion states in SmOs4Sb12 Atsushi Yamasaki Konan University Japan BL25SU 6 np
265 2007B1320 Spin dynamics in magnetic multilayered untlathin films by a time-resolved XMCD-PEEM using a femtoseocnd pulse laser Toyohiko Kinoshita Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL25SU 5 np
266 2007B1498 Examination of asymmetric reaction in chemical evolution induced by circularly polarized soft X-ray Circular dichroism measurement of amino acids Kazumichi Nakagawa Kobe University Japan BL25SU 9 np
267 2007B1516 Interplay between ferromagnetism and superconductivity at oxide interfaces Jonathan Andrew Duffy University of Warwick UK BL25SU 12 np
268 2007B1528 Soft X-ray photoemission spectroscopy of heavily P-doped diamond films Takayoshi Yokoya Okayama University Japan BL25SU 9 np
269 2007B1534 Element specific mangetic propeties of half-metallic ferrimagnets using soft X-ray MCD Yuya Sakuraba Tohoku University Japan BL25SU 6 np
270 2007B1550 Magnetic anisotropy and temperature dependence of magnetization for one-dimensional Mn nanowires fabricated on a vicinal Au(111) surface Susumu Shiraki The University of Tokyo Japan BL25SU 15 np
271 2007B1694 Layer resolved local structure analysis of Tl-based high-TC cuprate superconductor by photoelectron stereo photograph and XAS. Chikako Sakai National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL25SU 24 BRS
272 2007B1089 High resolution measurements of molecular frame Auger electron angular distributions in CO Georg Pruemper Tohoku University Japan BL27SU 15 np
273 2007B1090 Core-level excitation and fragmentation mechanisms of hydrogen-bonded molecular clusters: Substituent effect and cluster-size dependence on the photo-induced processes in organic-acid molecular clusters Kiyohiko Tabayashi Hiroshima University Japan BL27SU 9 np
274 2007B1093 Study of ion desorption induced by core-electron excitations of water molecules on the rare-gas nano-clusters Yusuke Tamenori Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL27SU 18 np
275 2007B1116 Study on correlation between atomic coordination and electronic structure of transition layers and nitrogen atoms localized at SiO2/Si interface by using angle-resolved soft X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and site-specific emission spectroscopy  Kazuyuki Hirose Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Japan BL27SU 9 np
276 2007B1129 Bridge-length dependence of site-specific fragmentation of organosilicon molecules Hironobu Fukuzawa Tohoku University Japan BL27SU 12 np
277 2007B1190 Specific Fragmentation of the CF3CN Molecule Probed by Correlation Spectra of Fragment Ion Pairs Kazumasa Okada Hiroshima University Japan BL27SU 12 np
278 2007B1292 The investigation of the mechanism of Metal-Insulator transition in PrNiO3 by XES Masaichiro Mizumaki Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL27SU 9 np
279 2007B1327 Formic acid dissociation after oxygen core level excitation Kevin Charles Prince Sincrotrone Trieste Italy BL27SU 18 np
280 2007B1367 Coordination analysis of aluminum on the optical fiber Junji Iihara Sumitomo Electric Industories, Ltd. Japan BL27SU 6 np
281 2007B1396 Metastable-fragment spectroscopy studies of inner-shell excitation processes in small molecules. James Harries Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan BL27SU 9 np
282 2007B1397 Neutral particle  ion coincidence studies for inner-shell excitation of atoms and molecules James Harries Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan BL27SU 9 np
283 2007B1414 Study of the electronic structures for the room-temperature magnetic refrigeration materials by soft X-ray photoemission spectroscopy Masanori Tsunekawa Osaka University Japan BL27SU 12 np
284 2007B1519 Electronic structure of exotic superconductor Li2Pt3B studied by soft X-ray photoemission spectroscopy Takayoshi Yokoya Okayama University Japan BL27SU 6 np
285 2007B1651 Study on fragmentation dynamics of core-excited molecules by means of photoelectron spectroscopy Eiji Shigemasa National Institutes of Natural Sciences Japan BL27SU 18 np
286 2007B1682 The study of the core excited states of vibrationally excited molecular oxygen with electron bombardment heating Takahiro Tanaka Sophia University Japan BL27SU 6 BRS
287 2007B1027 Quality assessment by X-ray exited photospectroscopy.  Toshiro Kotaki Namiki Pecision Jewel Co., Ltd. Japan BL28B2 1 p
288 2007B1052 Evaluation of Coronary Endothelial Function in Metabolic Syndrome Model Rats using Synchrotron Radiation Microangiography Kazuhito Fukushima National Cardiovascular Center Japan BL28B2 18 np
289 2007B1056 Improvement of micro X-ray reflectometer using parallel white beam and the application to the analysis of polymer dots Kenji Sakurai National Institute for Materials Science Japan BL28B2 7 np
290 2007B1094 Study on photodeposition of Pd and Rh metal nanoparticle on various photocatalysts Kentaro Teramura Kyoto University Japan BL28B2 12 np
291 2007B1188 Development of Technology on Medical Imaging and Drug Delivery System using Nano Magnetic Fluid-Research on the fluid in bessels Masahiro Nakano University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan Japan BL28B2 6 np
292 2007B1204 X-ray Topographic Measurement of Spontaneous Strain in Hole-Conductive Strontium Titanates Toru Ozaki Hiroshima Institute of Technology Japan BL28B2 18 np
293 2007B1232 Investigation for the local structure of fluid cesium by X-ray diffraction measurements Kazuhiro Matsuda Kyoto University Japan BL28B2 12 np
294 2007B1240 Fast phase imaging by X-ray Talbot interferometer Atsushi Momose The University of Tokyo Japan BL28B2 3 np
295 2007B1241 Space distribution measurements of high-energy microbeam X rays Nobuteru Nariyama Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute Japan BL28B2 6 np
296 2007B1249 Development of high-energy white X-ray microslit for radiation therapy Takuji Ohigashi Ritsumeikan University Japan BL28B2 12 np
297 2007B1285 Selective angiograpy for neovascularization of reperfusion injury using antigen-specific microbeads Takeshi Kondo Kobe University Japan BL28B2 12 np
298 2007B1331 Investigating the benefits of selective A2a adenosine agonists in prevention of endothelial dysfunction after myocardial infarction ? James Todd Pearson Monash University Australia BL28B2 12 np
299 2007B1365 Comparison with bystander cell-killing effect induced by X-ray microbeams among different human cell lines.  Masao Suzuki National Institute of Radiological Sciences Japan BL28B2 9 np
300 2007B1445 Phase separation behavior in supercritical mercury-gold system studied by X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction measurement Yukio Kajihara Hiroshima University Japan BL28B2 12 np

*Type p:proprietary, np: non-proprietary. Up:Time-Designated (Urgent proprietary), BRS: Budding Researchers Support