SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Scientific Meetings 2007

Format Title Subject/Contents Period Venue
Conference Molecular Imaging 2007 External link Innovation in Drug Discovery Process from Thu., Jan 18 to Fri., 19 , 2007 International Conference Center Kobe (Chuo-ku, Kobe, Japan)
Conference APPEAL07 Workshop Workshop on Advanced Physics with Photons, Electrons And Leptons from Mon., Feb 19 to Wed., 21 , 2007 CAST (Center for Advanced Science and Technology) and SPring-8, Hyogo, Japan
Lecture SPring8 163rd SPring-8 Seminar In-situ x-ray diffraction studies of electrochemical interfaces: A new portable UHV chamber to Wed., Feb 28 , 2007 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 164th SPring-8 Seminar The structures of the amorphous ices to Mon., Mar 05 , 2007 Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center
Lecture SPring8 165th SPring-8 Seminar Operation of Free Electron Laser FLASH in the EUV spectral Range; Free Electron Laser as a Potential Source for EUV Lithograph to Thu., Mar 22 , 2007 Kamitsubo Memorial Hall
Lecture SPring8 18th APPEAL Seminar External link Nucleons, quarks and leptons in nuclei to Fri., Mar 30 , 2007 Meeting room in front of the central control room
Lecture SPring8 166th SPring-8 Seminar (1) Industrial applications of SPring-8 in Toshiba (2) Color imaging technology with X (gamma) ray and neutron beam to Thu., Apr 19 , 2007 Kamitsubo Memorial Hall
Conference IXS2007 6th International Conference on Inelastic X-ray Scattering from Mon., May 07 to Fri., 11 , 2007 Awaji Yumebutai Conference Center, Hyogo, Japan
Conference SPring8 International Workshop on Nuclear Resonant Inelastic Scattering from Mon., May 14 to Tue., 15 , 2007 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 167th SPring-8 Seminar X-rays and Magnetism - A Perfect Match to Fri., Jun 08 , 2007 Kamitsubo Memorial Hall
Lecture SPring8 168th SPring-8 Seminar Structures and properties of Bi, Pb perovskites stabilized at high pressure to Wed., Jun 27 , 2007 Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center
Lecture SPring8 169th SPring-8 Seminar Double-cluster-model approach for magnetic circular dichroism at L-absorption edges of CoMnO3 and microscopic origin of orbital ferromagnetism to Mon., Jul 02 , 2007 HOUKOUKAN
Newcomers The second Summer School on Laser Plasma Acceleration and Radiations from Mon., Aug 06 to Fri., 10 , 2007 JAEA-KPSI, Kyoto, Japan
Conference BSR 2007 9th International Conference on Biology and Synchrotron Radiation from Mon., Aug 13 to Fri., 17 , 2007 Manchester, England
Lecture SPring8 The 1st AOFSRR Summer School - Cheiron School 2007 - from Mon., Sep 10 to Thu., 20 , 2007 Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center
Conference WIRMS2007 International Workshop on Infrared Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Accelerator Based Sources from Tue., Sep 25 to Sat., 29 , 2007 Awaji Yumebutai, Awaji City, Hyogo, Japan
Lecture SPring8 171st SPring-8 Seminar Interface Magnetism in Spintronics Model Systems to Thu., Oct 25 , 2007 Kamitsubo Memorial Hall
Conference SPring8 The 11th SPring-8 Symposium from Mon., Oct 29 to Tue., 30 , 2007 Lecture Hall in Public Relations Center
Lecture SPring8 172nd SPring-8 Seminar High Energy X-ray Diffraction for The Study of Confined Systems to Fri., Nov 16 , 2007 HOUKOUKAN
Lecture SPring8 173rd SPring-8 Seminar RMCProfile: Studying Disorder in Crystalline Materials to Tue., Jan 08 , 2008 Kamitsubo Memorial Hall
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