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Research Frontiers 2009

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Contents 2 659 kB
Preface 7 459 kB
Scientific Frontiers 9 448 kB
  A Place in the "X-ray" Sun – On the Cutting Edge 10 1.0 MB
  Life Science: Structural Biology 16 1.1 MB
    Crystal Structure of the Sodium-Potassium Pump and Its Regulation by Cardiac Glycosides
C. Toyoshima and H. Ogawa
18 745 kB
    Structure of the Connexin 26 Gap Junction Channel at 3.5 Å Resolution
S. Maeda and T. Tsukihara
20 744 kB
    Location and Function of Chloride Ions in Oxygen-Evolving Photosystem II
Revealed by X-ray Crystallography
J.-R. Shen
22 690 kB
    Mechanism of Hormone and Effector Recognition by the Gibberellin Receptor
Y. Hirano, K. Murase and T. Hakoshima
24 776 kB
    Structural Basis for Gibberellin Recognition by Its Receptor GID1
H. Kato
26 372 kB
    Structure of Rat Liver Vault at 3.5 Å Resolution
K. Kato, H. Tanaka and T. Tsukihara
28 533 kB
    Conformational Transition of Sec Machinery Inferred from Bacterial SecYE Structures
T. Tsukazaki and O. Nureki
30 587 kB
    Crystallographic Study of the Conserved N-Terminal Domain of the Peroxisomal Matrix-Protein-Import Receptor, Pex14p
J.-R. Su, K. Takeda and K. Miki
32 731 kB
    Insights into the Stator Assembly of the Na+-Driven Vibrio Flagellar Motor from the Crystal Structure of MotY
S. Kojima, M. Homma and K. Imada
34 676 kB
    Stator Assembly and Activation Mechanism of the Flagellar Motor Revealed by the Crystal Structure of the Periplasmic Region of MotB
S. Kojima, K. Imada and K. Namba
36 635 kB
  Life Science: Medical Biology 38 1.0 MB
    Inner Structure of Cretaceous Fossil Flower Revealed by X-Ray Microtomography
M. Takahashi
40 622 kB
    Revealing Human Brain Circuits by Microtomography
R. Mizutani
42 315 kB
    X-Ray Phase-Contrast Microtomography for Visualizing of Renal Microstructures in Albino-Panda-Albino Hamsters
J. Wu, T. Takeda and A. Momose
44 476 kB
    Three-Dimensional Visualization of a Human Chromosome Using Coherent X-Ray Diffraction
K. Maeshima and Y. Nishino
46 460 kB
    Compact Packing of Lipocalin-Type Prostaglandin D Synthase Induced by Binding of Lipophilic Ligands
T. Inui and K. Inoue
48 827 kB
    Actin Molecule Becomes a Flat Conformation by Polymerization
T. Oda
50 552 kB
  Materials Science: Structure 52 1.9 MB
    Electronic and Magnetic Structures of Spin-Orbit Coupling Induced Mott Insulator Sr2IrO4
H. Ohsumi, T. Arima and H. Takagi
54 397 kB
    Tetragonal-Orthorhombic Phase Transition in LaFeAsO – Relevant to High-Temperature Superconductivity
T. Nomura and H. Hosono
56 1.3 MB
    Fulleride Superconductors are Three-Dimensional Members of the High-Tc Family
K. Prassides and M. J. Rosseinsky
58 436 kB
    Entry of Novel π-Conjugated Molecules into Liquid Crystalline Materials
K. Tashiro
60 567 kB
    Analyses on Crystalline Structures of Carbon Nanowalls by Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Diffraction Using Synchrotron Light Source
W. Takeuchi, H. Kondo and M. Hori
62 454 kB
    Nature of Structural Transformations in the B2O3 Glass under High Pressure
V. V. Brazhkin, Y. Katayama and K. Trachenko
64 761 kB
    X-Ray Diffractometry for the Structure Determination of a Submicrometer-Scale Single Powder Grain
S. Kimura
66 582 kB
    Angular Anomaly in the Dynamic Structure Factor of Graphite Close to Bragg Reflections
R. Hambach, C. Giorgetti, N. Hiraoka and L. Reining
68 604 kB
  Materials Science: Electronic & Magnetic Properties 70 1.0 MB
    Looking Deeper into Buried Nanolayers and Complex Materials: Standing-Wave and Angle-Resolved Hard X-Ray Photoemission
C. S. Fadley, S. Ueda and K. Kobayashi
72 486 kB
    Definitive Evidence for Fully Occupied 4ƒ Electrons in YbS and Yb Metal
M. Matsunami
74 565 kB
    Fermi Surface Variation Near Quantum Critical Point of CeRu2(Si1-xGex )2 Studied by Resonant ARPES
T. Okane
76 1.2 MB
    Dependence of Electronic Properties of Epitaxial Few-Layer Graphene on Number of Layers Investigated by Photoemission Electron Microscopy
H. Hibino and Y. Watanabe
78 414 kB
    Transverse Acoustic Excitations in Simple Liquid
S. Hosokawa, M. Inui and Alfred Q. R. Baron
80 423 kB
    Metal-Insulator Transitions in Complex Oxides Probed by High Resolution X-Ray Compton Scattering
B. Barbiellini, A. Koizumi and M. Itou
82 491 kB
    Energy Domain Mössbauer Spectroscopy Using Synchrotron Radiation
M. Seto
84 489 kB
    High-Magnetic-Field XMCD Using Pulsed Magnet
Y. H. Matsuda
86 421 kB
  Chemical Science 88 1017 kB
    Molecular-Frame Photoelectron Angular Distributions of Gas-Phase Molecules
K. Ueda, X. Liu, H. Fukuzawa and N. Saito
90 393 kB
    Inhomogeneity of Liquid Water – Two Structural Motifs
T. Tokushima, Y. Harada, S. Shin and A. Nilsson
92 581 kB
    Identification of Valence Electronic States of Aqueous Acetic Acid in Acid-Base Equilibrium Using Site-Selective X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy
Y. Horikawa, T. Tokushima and S. Shin
94 822 kB
    Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering from Drug Delivering Nanoparticles in Solutions: Pharmacological Efficiency and Particle-Inner Structures
K. Sakurai
96 867 kB
    Evaluation of Structural Relationship in Hybridized Porous Coordination Polymer Crystals
K. Hirai, S. Furukawa, O. Sakata and S. Kitagawa
98 1.0 MB
    AgI Nanoparticles : Size-Controlled Stabilization of Superionic Phase to Room Temperature
R. Makiura, H. Kitagawa and K. Kato
100 1.7 MB
    Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Study of Fe-1111 Type Superconductor AeFeAsF (Ae = Ca and Sr): Possibility of Higher Tc
S. Matsuishi and H. Hosono
102 539 kB
    Comprehensive Structural Study of Glassy BaTi2O5
J. Yu, S. Kohara and A. Masuno
104 494 kB
    A Novel Form of Topologically Ordered Amorphous Silica obtained from Collapsed Silicalite at High Pressure
J. Haines, C. Levelut, A. Isambert, P. Hébert and D. A. Keen
106 620 kB
  Earth & Planetary Science 108 957 kB
    Phase Relations of Iron-Nickel Alloys at Multimegabar Pressure: A Study of the Earth's Inner Core Material
Y. Kuwayama
110 360 kB
    Elasticity of MgO to 130 GPa: Implications for Lower Mantle Mineralogy
M. Murakami
112 391 kB
    Mineralogy of the Lower Mantle Investigated Using Sintered Diamond Multianvil Apparatus
Y. Tange
114 426 kB
    Nondestructive Search for Micrometer-Scale Platinum-Group Minerals in Mantle Peridotite with Microbeam X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
T. Kogiso, K. Suzuki and T. Suzuki
116 360 kB
    Characterization of a Hard X-Ray Telescope
Y. Ogasaka
118 503 kB
  Environmental Science 120 1.4 MB
    Speciation of Antimony in PET Bottles Produced in Japan and China by X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy
Y. Takahashi
122 612 kB
    Synchrotron X-Ray Spectroscopic Evidence of Dioxin Formation Mechanism in Solid Waste Incinerator – Direct Chlorination of Carbon by Copper Chloride –
M. Takaoka and T. Fujimori
124 528 kB
    Antimony Interaction with an Abiotic Reducer in Aquatic Environment: Green Rust Compounds
S. Mitsunobu and Y. Takahashi
126 868 kB
  Industrial Applications 128 1012 kB
    X-Ray Reflectivity Study on Depth Profile of Acid Generator Distribution in Chemically Amplified Resists
T. Kozawa
130 389 kB
    Stability-Instability Transition of Reaction Fronts in Thermal Silicon Oxidation
H. Omi
132 284 kB
    Direct Observation of Reduced Path Formation in CuO-Based Resistance-Switching Devices
R. Yasuhara, H. Kumigashira and M. Oshima
134 351 kB
    Characterization of Liquid Crystal Alignment on Rubbed Polyimide Film by Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Diffraction
T. Koganezawa, I. Hirosawa and H. Ishii
136 394 kB
    Precise Observation of Dynamic Structural Change of Pd Particles under CO/NO Catalytic Reaction Studied by Dispersive X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure
D. Matsumura
138 639 kB
    Crystal Structure at the Initial Growth Stage of Organic Semiconducting Thin Films Studied by GIXD
N. Yoshimoto
140 639 kB
    Formation of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Studied by In Situ X-Ray Diffraction under Hydrothermal Condition
J. Kikuma
142 530 kB
    Detection of Tooth Enamel Microstructural Transformations during De- and Re-mineralization in the Early Stage of Caries
T. Tanaka, Y. Terada and H. Kamasaka
144 762 kB
  Nuclear Physics 146 1.3 MB
    Further Evidence for Θ+ from LEPS
T. Nakano
148 310 kB
    Near-Threshold Photoproduction of Λ(1520) from Protons and Deuterons
N. Muramatsu
150 330 kB
Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 152 834 kB
  Beam Performance 153  
    Developments and Upgrades of Storage Ring and Booster Synchrotron 153 3.3 MB
    Developments and Upgrades of Linac 164 244 kB
  New Apparatus & Upgrades 165  
    A Beamline Dedicated to Soft Matter Research has been Now Launched at BL03XU 165 675 kB
    The University of Tokyo Soft X-Ray Materials Science Beamline 167 640 kB
    New Microbeam Beamline Dedicated to Protein Microcrystallography 169 1.4 MB
    TOYOTA Beamline BL33XU 170 348 kB
    Development of the High-Throughput and High-Accuracy Measurement System for Powder Diffraction 171 280 kB
    Development of a Differential Pumping System of Soft X-Ray Beamline for Windowless Experiments under Normal Atmospheric Conditions 172 1.5 MB
Facility Status 174 537 kB
  Introduction 175 82 kB
  Machine Operation 176 352 kB
  Beamlines 177 539 kB
  User Program and Statistics 180 761 kB
  Budget and Personnel 184 317 kB
  Research Complex 185 466 kB
  Users Societies, Conferences and Other Activities 187 166 kB
Project XFEL 189 3.3 MB
    Progress of the XFEL Project 190 2.6 MB
NewSUBARU 194 357 kB
    EUV Interference Lithography at BL9 Beamline in NewSUBARU 195 796 kB

Cover   1.4 MB
Colophon   56 kB
Back Cover   994 kB

Note: The principal publication(s) concerning each article is indicated with all author's names in italics in the list of references.