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SPring-8/SACLA Research Frontiers 2021

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Scientific Frontiers 7 835 KB
    Iron and Hydrogen – Characterization of Fe-H Bonding in Hydrogenases and Model Compounds Using Nuclear Resonant Vibrational Spectroscopy (NRVS)
H. Wang and S. P. Cramer
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    Hydrogen and Other Light Elements in the Earth’s Core
K. Hirose and S. Tagawa
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  Life Science    
  Protein crystallography:    
    Structural insights into allosteric modulation of mGlu2
S. Lin, J. Du, B. Wu and Q. Zhao
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    A small compound 5h blocks the infectivity, replication, and cytopathicity of SARS-CoV-2 via inhibition of main protease
K. Hattori and H. Mitsuya
18 1.4 MB
    Crystal structure of engineered ACE2 complexed with SARS-CoV-2 Spike RBD
T. Arimori and J. Takagi
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    Structural basis for FXIIa inhibition by a peptide foldamer containing cyclic β-amino acids
T. Sengoku
22 1.9 MB
    Structural basis of the extracellular interaction between receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase σ and neuroligin 3
S. Fukai
24 1.8 MB
    Structural basis of heme-responsive sensor protein mediating the survival of hemolytic bacteria
H. Sawai and Y. Shiro
26 2.2 MB
    Molecular basis for two stereoselective Diels–Alderases that form enantiomeric decalin skeletons
M. Sakuragi and K. Sakurai
28 1.7 MB
  Femtosecond Crystallography:    
  sacla Characterization of short-lived reaction intermediate in enzymatic nitrous oxide generation by XFEL crystallography and time-resolved spectroscopy
T. Tosha, M. Kubo and Y. Shiro
30 1.5 MB
  Diffracted X-ray Tracking:    
    Direct observation of capsaicin-induced intramolecular dynamics of TRPV1 channel
K. Mio, S. Fujimura and Y. C. Sasaki
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    3D imaging of auditory osteoblasts using a Talbot phase-sensitive X-ray tomographic microscope
Y. Kuroda
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  Lipids in Cricket:    
    In search of real images of insect cuticular lipids: Synchrotron radiation FTIR ATR microspectroscopy study on insect body surfaces
F. Kaneko and C. Katagiri
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  Physical Science    
  Ceramics Synthesis Process:    
    Observation and modeling of multicomponent ceramics synthesis:A case study of YBa2Cu3O6+x
A. Miura, C. J. Bartel and W. Sun
38 1.7 MB
  Semiconductor Device Physics:    
    In situ time-resolved synchrotron radiation nanobeam X-ray diffraction analysis of inverse-piezoelectric-effect-induced lattice deformation in AlGaN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistors
T. Tohei, Y. Imai and A. Sakai
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  Supercritical Water:    
    Liquid-like and gas-like dynamics in supercritical fluids
P. Sun, J. B. Hastings and G. Monaco
42 1.6 MB
  Lipid Dynamics:    
    Molecular origins of two-dimensional membrane viscosity measured by X-ray and neutron spectroscopies
M. Nagao
44 3.3 MB
  Nano-confined Liquid:    
    Structural characterization of nano-confined liquids by synchrotron X-ray diffraction measurement
M. Mizukami
46 1.3 MB
  Invar Alloy:    
    Elongation of Fe–Fe atomic pairs in Fe65Ni35 Invar alloy determined by RMC method
N. Ishimatsu and N. Kitamura
48 1.4 MB
  Li-ion Battery:    
    Tomographic reconstruction of “orphaned” oxygen orbitals in Li-rich battery material LixTi0.4Mn0.4O2
K. Suzuki and H. Hafiz
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  RIXS for Heusler Alloys:    
    Probing spin-polarized electronic structures of half-metallic Heusler alloys using resonant inelastic soft X-ray scattering in a magnetic field
H. Fujiwara and R. Y. Umetsu
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  Spin-resolved HAXPES:    
    Probing spin-resolved valence band electronic structures of buried Fe film with hard X-ray photoemission
S. Ueda
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  Coherent Diffraction Imaging:    
    Dynamic nanoimaging of extended objects via hard X-ray multiple-shot coherent diffraction with projection illumination optics
Y. Takayama and Y. Kagoshima
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  Magnetic Octupole Order:    
    Observation of magnetic octupole order producing anomalous Hall effect by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism
M. Kimata, N. Sasabe and T. Nakamura
58 1.1 MB
  Magnetic Friedel Oscillation:    
    Magnetic Friedel oscillation at Fe(001) surfaces: Direct observation by atomic-layer-resolved synchrotron radiation 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy
T. Mitsui
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  GaN Wafer Topography:    
    Local lattice-plane orientation mapping of 6-inch GaN wafer using X-ray diffraction topography
O. Sakata and J. Kim
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  sacla Diagnosing plasma turbulence down to the micrometer scale
G. Rigon and B. Albertazzi
64 1.8 MB
  Split-pulse XPCS:    
  sacla X-ray laser illuminates the local motion of water molecules
Y. Shinohara, T. Osaka and I. Inoue
66 2.2 MB
  Chemical Science    
  Operando HAXPES:    
    Simultaneous analytical system of electrochemical reaction rate and operando hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy
J. Inukai
68 1.5 MB
  Operando AP-HAXPES:    
    Sulfur poisoning Pt and PtCo anode catalysts in polymer electrolyte fuel cells studied by operando near ambient pressure hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
T. Yokoyama
70 1.4 MB
  Operando AP-HAXPES:    
    Quick operando ambient-pressure hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for reaction kinetic measurements of polymer electrolyte fuel cells
T. Yokoyama
72 1.4 MB
  Transition-metal Perovskite Oxide:    
    Spin reorientation of Fe3+ induced by peculiar Pb charge ordering in PbFeO3
M. Azuma, Y. Long and T. Nishikubo
74 1.9 MB
  Li-ion Battery:    
    Structural characterization of the delithiated noncrystalline phase in a Li-rich Li2VO2F cathode material
S. Hiroi, K. Ohara and O. Sakata
76 2.4 MB
  MOF Heterostructure:    
    Control of spin transition by interface strain in heterostructured metal-organic framework thin film
T. Haraguchi
78 1.8 MB
  Operando Spectromicroscopy:    
    Molecular crystalline capsules that release their contents upon irradiation
K. Uchida, A. Nagai and R. Nishimura
80 1.5 MB
  Operando Spectroscopy:    
    Impact of operando X-ray spectromicroscopy for constructing Beyond 5G toward the realization of Society 5.0
H. Fukidome
82 1.5 MB
  Polymer Hierarchical Structure:    
    Effect of submicron structures on the mechanical behavior of polyethylene
M. Takenaka
84 1.6 MB
  High Resolution XANES:    
    High-sensitivity analysis of fluorescence XANES at Eu LIII-edge for the determination of oxidation state for trace amount of Eu in natural samples
Y. Takahashi and R. Konagaya
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  Radiocesium-bearing Microparticle:    
    Widespread distribution of radiocesium-bearing microparticles from the Fukushima nuclear accident
Y. Abe
88 1.5 MB
  Environmental Mercury Removal:    
    Identification of chemical species of iodine and mercury on iodine- impregnated activated carbon using X-ray absorption near-edge structure analysis
Y. Cheng, K. Shiota and M. Takaoka
90 1.4 MB
  TES Detector:    
    Broad-band high-energy-resolution hard X-ray spectroscopy using transition edge sensors (TESs) and its application to environmental samples
S. Yamada and Y. Takahashi
92 1.5 MB
  Earth & Planetary Sciense    
  Dynamic Compression:    
  sacla Ultrafast structure transformation of olivine to ringwoodite during laser-driven shock compression
T. Okuchi
94 1.7 MB
  Mantles’ Discontinuity:    
    Akimotoite-bridgmanite phase transition explains depressed 660-km seismic discontinuity in subduction zones
A. Chanyshev, T. Ishii and T. Katsura
96 1.9 MB
  Earth’s Mantle Chemistry:    
  Crystal chemistry of bridgmanite in a subducting mid-ocean ridge basalt: incorporation mechanism of Fe and Al
A. Nakatsuka
98 1.1 MB
  Planetary Formation:    
    CO2-bearing fluid discovered in a meteorite: evidence of dynamic evolution of the solar system
A. Tsuchiyama
100 1.5 MB
  Industrial Applications    
  Li-ion Battery:    
    Investigation of reaction mechanism of crystalline aromatic dicarboxylate in Li+ intercalation by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
R. Mikita and N. Ogihara
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  Skin Care Products:    
    Moisturizing mechanism of glycerol and diglycerol on human stratum corneum
A. Habuka, T. Yamada and I. Hatta
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  Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 106 730 KB
  Beam Performance - Recent update on accelerators 107 618 KB
  New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology    
    • Hard X-ray nanobeam scanning using advanced Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors and prisms
J. Yamada and M. Yabashi
108 1.2 MB
    • Guidelines for high-efficiency/accuracy data collection with multiple small-wedge data collection using the automatic data collection ZOO system
S. Baba
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    Beam Performance 113 962 KB
  Facility Status 114 705 KB
    SPring-8 Facility Status 115 2.8 MB
 Machine Operation
 User Program and Statistics
 Research Outcome
 Budget and Personnel
 Research Complex
 SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)
 Outreach Activities
    SACLA Facility Status 128 602 KB

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