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Research Frontiers 2004

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Contents 1 1,800
Editor's Note 6 504
Preface 7 180
Scientific Frontiers 8 108
  Life Science: Structural Biology 9 100
    Crystal Structure of the Calcium Pump with a Bound ATP Analogue
C. Toyoshima and T. Mizutani
10 116
    Crystal Structure and Function of MexAB-OprM Antibiotic Efflux Pump Subunits of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
T. Nakae
12 112
    Low-spin Heme of Cytochrome c Oxidase as Driving Element of Proton
T. Tsukihara
14 120
    Crystal Structure of C-Terminal Clock-oscillator Domain of KaiA from Thermosynechococcus elongatus BP-1
T. Nakatsu
16 108
    Crystal Structure of Human DNA Recombinase, Dmc1
T. Kinebuchi, H. Kurumizaka and S. Yokoyama
18 112
    Crystal Structure of Elongation Factor P from Thermus thermophilus HB8
K. Hanawa-Suetsugu, S. Sekine, M. Shirouzu and S. Yokoyama
20 108
    Anaerobic and Aerobic Structures of Ferredoxin II from Desulfovibrio Gigas
Y.-C. Hsieh, M.-Y. Liu and C.-J. Chen
22 104
    Collapse and Search Dynamics of Apomyoglobin Folding Revealed by Submillisecond Observations of a-Helical Content and Compactness
S. Takahashi, T. Uzawa and T. Fujisawa
24 104
    Wide-angle X-ray Scattering can Reveal Hierarchical Map of Unfolding-refolding Transition of Protein
M. Hirai and M. Koizumi
26 460
    β-Helix is a Likely Core Structure of Yeast Prion Sup35 Amyloid Fibers
A. Kishimoto, K. Hasegawa and K. Namba
28 112
  Life Science: Medical Biology 30 72
    Structural Transients of Contractile Proteins upon Sudden ATP Liberation in Skeletal Muscle Fibers
J. Wakayama
31 232
    Real Time In Vivo Measurements of Crossbridge Dynamics in Cardiac Muscle
J. T. Pearson, M. Shirai and N. Yagi
33 144
    Observation of Kinetic Response of Mineral and Collagen Phases in Bone by X-ray Diffraction
M. Todoh
35 132
    Analysis of Microvasculature of Transplanted Rat Tumors using Synchrotron Radiation Microangiography System
R. Tokiya, K. Umetani and Y. Imajo
37 168
    2D and 3D Visualization of Peripheral Lung Structure by Synchrotron Radiation CT
H. Ikura and K. Shimizu
39 144
  Materials Science: Structure 41 92
    Direct Observation of Intermolecular Interaction for Organic Magnet by Low-temperature X-ray Diffraction
Y. Wang and J.-J. Lee
42 312
    Disordered Zinc in Thermoelectric Material Zn4Sb8 with Phonon-glass and Electron-crystal Properties
E. Nishibori, G. J. Snyder, P. Rabiller, M. Christensen and B. B. Iversen
44 96
    Doping Effect of Cu-O Bond Stretching Phonon in La2-xSrxCuO4 Studied by Inelastic X-ray Scattering
J. Mizuki, T. Fukuda and K. Yamada
46 516
    Crystal Structure of Superconducting Sodium Cobalt Oxide
K. Takada and I. Nakai
48 236
    High-quality As-grown MgB2 Film Fabrication at Low Temperature using In-plane-lattice Near-matched Epitaxial-buffer Layer
O. Sakata, S. Kimura and S. Kubo
50 88
    X-ray Diffraction Study of Charge-density-wave Phase Transition on In/Cu(001)
T. Aruga and S. Hatta
52 104
    Strain Field under the SiO2/Si(001) Interface Revealed by Phase-sensitive X-ray Diffraction Technique
W. Yashiro
54 88
    Structural Determination of Topological Crystal
S. Tanda, Y. Nogami and N. Ikeda
56 328
    Glass Forming at Limit: How glass forms when there is insufficient network former ?
S. Kohara, K. Suzuya and K. Takeuchi
58 232
    Direct Observation of Macroscopic Separation of Dense Fluid Phase and Liquid Phase of Phosphorus
Y. Katayama
60 228
    Observation of Fast Sound in Expanded Fluid Mercury Accompanying Metal-nonmetal Transition
M. Inui, D. Ishikawa and K. Tamura
62 252
    Collective Dynamics of Supercritical Water
T. Yamaguchi, K. Yoshida and S. Hosokawa
64 496
  Materials Science: Electronic & Magnetic Properties 66 116
    Magnetic Compton Profiles of Co/Pd Multilayers
H. Sakurai
67 280
    Direct Evidence of Ferromagnetic Spin Polarization in Gold Nanoparticles
Y. Yamamoto and H. Hori
69 956
    Real-space Imaging of Phase Separation Near Mott Transition in Organic Superconductor κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)]2Br
T. Sasaki
71 264
    Soft X-ray Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy of Strongly Correlated Bulk Electronic Structures of SrCuO2 and Sr2RuO4
S. Suga and A. Sekiyama
73 172
    Hybridization of Cr 3d-N 2p-Ga 4s in the Wide-band-gap Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Ga1-xCrxN
J.-J. Kim, H. Makino and T. Yao
75 260
    Electronic Excitations in La1-xSrxMnO3 Studied by Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
K. Ishii and T. Inami
77 188
    Extended Spin-polarized X-ray Absorption Near-edge Spectra of MnO
H. Hayashi
79 352
    Actively-controlled Oxidation of Cu(100) with Hyperthermal O2 Molecular Beam
M. Okada, T. Kasai and Y. Teraoka
81 204
    Depining Process and Dynamic Phase Transition of Charge-density Wave in K0.3MoO4
C.-H. Du, M.-T. Tang and S.-L. Chang
83 204
  Chemical Science 85 88
    Ultrafast Fragmentation Processes of CF4 Studied by Electron-ion Momentum Coincidence Spectroscopy
G. Pruemper, K. Ueda and Y. Tamenori
86 184
    Real-time Observation of Filler Aggregate Structure using Two-dimensional Ultra-small-angle X-ray Scattering
Y. Shinohara, H. Kishimoto and Y. Amemiya
88 260
    Guest Shape-responsive Fitting of Porous Coordination Polymer with Shrinkable Framework
R. Matsuda
90 184
    Direct Observation of Hydrogen Molecules Adsorbed in Microporous Coordination Polymer
Y. Kubota, M. Takata and S. Kitagawa
92 84
    Direct Observation of Charge Ordering Pattern in an Organic Conductor (EDO-TTF)2PF6
S. Aoyagi, H. Yamochi and G. Saito
94 272
    Study on [FeN6] Core of [Fe(2-pic)3]Cl2•EtOH in Photo-induced High-spin State by Nuclear Resonant Inelastic Scattering
G. Juhász, M. Seto and Y. Maeda
96 140
    Dependence of Molecular Shape Resonance Energy on Inter-nuclear Distance Probed by High-resolution Core-level Photoelectron Spectroscopy
C. Makochekanwa, H. Tanaka and K. Ueda
98 188
    Ordering of Hydrogen Bonds in High-pressure Low-temperature Ices
Y.Q. Cai, H.-K. Mao, J.S. Tse and C.C. Kao
100 352
  Earth & Planetary Science 102 76
    Post-perovskite Phase Transition in MgSiO3
K. Hirose
103 164
    Ultrahigh Pressure Generation in the Kawai-type Apparatus: Application to the Wurztite-rocksalt Transition in GaN
E. Ito
105 1,100
    New High-pressure Form of KAlSi3O8 Hollandite under Lower Mantle Conditions
Y. Sueda and T. Irifune
107 284
    XAFS Study of Liquid Germanate under Pressure
O. Ohtaka, H. Arima and A. Yoshiasa
109 120
    Three-dimensional Structures of Cosmic Dust by Microtomography
A. Tsuchiyama, T. Nakano and K. Uesugi
111 108
  Environmental Science 113 52
    XAFS Analysis of Fine Structure of Palladium Species Immobilized on Hydroxyapatite Surface
K. Kaneda
114 444
    Change in Chemical Form of Copper in Fly Ash at Temperatures Suitable for Dioxin Formation
M. Takaoka
116 84
    Individual Micrometer-size Aerosol Particle Analysis with On-site Combination of Electron
Microscope and Synchrotron X-ray Microscope
Y. Tanaka, T. Tanabe and J. Kawai
118 84
  Industrial Applications 120 68
    XAFS Study of Local Structural Changes in Ge-Sb-Te during Optical Recording below the Diffraction Limit
A.V. Kolobov, P. Fons and J. Tominaga
121 88
    Structural and Electronic Properties of Platinum Nanoparticle Surface in an Aqueous System Probed by In Situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
H. Imai and K. Izumi
123 172
    Effect of Interfacial Layers on Stress Depth Profile of Ceramic Layers for Cutting Tools
S. Tsuchiya
125 104
    White X-ray Topography Combined with a Topo-tomographic Technique for Determining Three-Dimensional Dislocation Structures in Silicon
S. Kawado, S. Iida and Y. Chikaura
127 104
    Observations of RAF-SiC Single Crystals by Synchrotron X-ray Topography
S. Yamaguchi, D. Nakamura and Y. Hirose
129 88
    Mechanism of Curing Reaction for Polymer-modified Cement Waterproofing Membrane
M. Kotera, I. Matsuda and K. Miyashita
131 136
    In Situ High-resolution X-ray Tomography of Fracture Micromechanisms in Aluminium Foam
H. Toda, T. Ohgaki and K. Uesugi
133 112
  Instrumentation & Methodology 135 64
    Characterization of Synthetic IIa Diamonds for Third and Fourth Generation X-ray Sources
K. Tamasaku
136 192
    Characterization of Beryllium Windows using Coherent X-rays
S. Goto
138 204
    High Spatial Resolution Phase Measurement by Micro-interferometry using a Hard X-ray Imaging Microscope
T. Koyama and Y. Kagoshima
140 112
    Verification of a New X-ray n-Beam Dynamical Theory using an Arbitrary-polarization-generating X-ray Phase-retarder System
K. Ohkitsu
142 108
    Development of Quarter-wave Plates and Full Polarization Measurement near 400 eV
T. Hirono and H. Kimura
144 108
  Nuclear Physics 146 40
    φ - Meson Photoproduction Near the Threshold
T. Mibe, W.C. Chang and T. Nakano
147 100
    Is the Property of Mesons Modified in the Nuclear Medium? – φ Meson Photoproduction from Nuclei –
T. Ishikawa and M. Fujiwara
149 180
Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 151 88
  Beam Performance and Upgrades of the Storage Ring 152 1,400
  Developments and Upgrades of Linac 157 948
  Insertion Devices
   • Development of Cryoundulators
159 112
   • One-dimensional Microstrip Detector
   • Pixel Detector and Microstrip Detector
   • Flat Panel Detector
162 164
  New Apparatus & Upgrades
   • High-resolution Micro-CT System using 10-Megapixel-CCD X-ray Detector
   • Extending the Limits of Inelastic X-ray Scattering: 12 Analyzers and 1 meV Resolution
   • New Surface Microscopy – Spectroscopic Photo-emission Electron Microscopy and Low Energy Electron Microscopy (SPELEEM) with Synchrotron Radiation
   • Development of Monochromator Stabilization System
166 556
Facility Status 172 124
    Machine Operation 173 96
    Beamlines 174 112
    User Operation 177 872
    Budget and Manpower 180 244
    Organization 181 272
    International Conferences and Workshops 184 72

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