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SPring-8/SACLA Research Frontiers 2017

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Editor's Note 6 811 KB
Scientific Frontiers 7 140 KB
  sacla The Engine of Life Driven by Light – Structure of Photosystem II and the Mechanism of Water-splitting
J.-R. Shen
8 1.8 MB
    Evolution of Nuclear Resonant Scattering Research at SPring-8
M. Seto
12 1.7 MB
  Life Science    
  Time-resolved crystallography:    
  sacla A molecular movie of structural changes in the light-driven proton pump bacteriorhodopsin
E. Nango and S. Iwata
16 662 KB
  sacla Nanosecond time-resolved XFEL structure analyses of bovine cytochrome c oxidase reveals the timing of proton-pump channel closure
T. Tsukihara, H. Ago and S. Yoshikawa
18 759 KB
  Protein crystallography:    
    Protein-phospholipid interplay in a Ca2+-pump revealed by X-ray solvent contrast modulation
C. Toyoshima and Y. Norimatsu
20 624 KB
    Structural biology study of human cannabinoid receptor CB1
T. Hua and Z. Liu
22 634 KB
    Crystal structure of overlapping dinucleosome reconstituted with human histones
H. Kurumizaka, D. Kato and A. Osakabe
24 622 KB
    Crystal structures of the NAD+-reducing soluble [NiFe]-hydrogenase
Y. Shomura and Y. Higuchi
26 613 KB
  Crystallography technique:    
  sacla Multi-wavelength anomalous diffraction de novo phasing of serial femtosecond crystallography data using two-color pulses at SACLA
A. Gorel and I. Schlichting
28 671 KB
    A vagal reflex mediates the lung aeration-induced increase in pulmonary blood flow at birth
J. A. R. Lang, J. T. Pearson, M. J. Kitchen and S. B. Hooper
30 552 KB
  Cell biology:    
    Imaging of Br-labeled fatty acids in mammalian cells by scanning X-ray fluorescence microscopy
M. Shimura
32 694 KB
  Physical Science    
  Charge density analysis:    
    Direct observation of molecular orbital distribution by synchrotron X-ray diffraction
S. Kitou and H. Sawa
34 616 KB
  Electromechanical response:    
    In situ observation of crystal structure dynamics in ferroelectric films under application of an electric field
H. Funakubo, T. Shimizu and O. Sakata
36 830 KB
  Charge glass formation:    
    Crystallization and vitrification of strongly correlated electrons on a geometrically frustrated triangular lattice
K. Hashimoto and T. Sasaki
38 773 KB
  Li-ion battery:    
    Probing the energy storage in Li ion batteries with hard X-ray Compton scattering
B. Barbiellini, A. Bansil and Y. Sakurai
40 665 KB
    X-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy for voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy in FePt/MgO multilayer system
S. Miwa
42 708 KB
    Gigantic spin waves induced by ultrashort laser pulses
T. Ohkochi
44 683 KB
  Hydrogen science:    
    Hydride complex with ninefold H-coordination
S. Takagi
46 978 KB
  Atomic physics:    
    Charge transfer to ground-state ions in Ne-Kr mixed clusters producing slow electrons
D. You, H. Fukuzawa and K. Ueda
48 726 KB
  Nuclear scattering:    
  sacla Multi-photon superradiance from a nuclear ensemble
A. Q. R Baron and A. I. Chumakov
50 852 KB
  Inelastic scattering:    
    Water molecules in action, in real space and time
T. Egami
52 583 KB
  Coherent diffraction imaging:    
    Use of Kramers–Kronig relation in phase retrieval calculation in X-ray spectro-ptychography
Y. Takahashi and M. Hirose
54 667 KB
  Fracture imaging:    
    Damage micromechanisms in dual-phase steel investigated by combined phase- and absorption-contrast tomography
K. Hirayama, H. Toda and M. Kobayashi
56 746 KB
  Chemical Science    
    Mathematical design of molecular self-assembly
D. Fujita and M. Fujita
58 640 KB
    Magnetic circular dichroism in X-ray emission
T. Inami
60 651 KB
  Mössbauer spectroscopy:    
    Crystal-site-selective spectrum of Fe3O4 obtained by synchrotron Mössbauer diffraction
S. Nakamura, T. Mitsui and S. Shimomura
62 785 KB
  RMC modeling:    
    Formation of metallic cation-oxygen network in binary phosphate glass with anomalous thermal expansion coefficients
H. Masai, Y. Onodera and S. Kohara
64 780 KB
  Energy science:    
    Structural characterization of nanoparticulate GaN-ZnO electrode for artificial photosynthesis
Y. Imanaka and N. Awaji
66 760 KB
  Surface science:    
    Dehydration processes of metal cations during electrodeposition
M. Nakamura, O. Endo and O. Sakata
68 1.1 MB
  Photoresponsive crystal:    
    Photochromic hollow crystals showing scattering of crystals and dispersal of included objects mimicking Impatiens
K. Uchida, E. Hatano and M. Morimoto
70 617 KB
  XPS technique:    
    X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy under ambient pressure conditions
Y. Takagi, T. Yokoyama and Y. Iwasawa
72 600 KB
  Fuel cell research:    
    Operando three-dimensional XAFS imaging of the degradation of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell Pt/C cathode electrocatalyst
H. Matsui, N. Ishiguro and M. Tada
74 693 KB
  Physical chemistry:    
    Platonic micelles: A new concept of micelles since their discovery 100 years ago
S. Fujii, R. Takahashi and K. Sakurai
76 647 KB
  Waste processing:    
    In situ analysis of Cs species in an alkali-activated solid waste incineration fly ash and pyrophyllite-based system
K. Shiota and M. Takaoka
78 739 KB
  Earth & Planetary Science    
  Mantle dynamics:    
  The pyrite-type high-pressure form of FeOOH
M. Nishi
80 1 MB
  Mantle dynamics:    
    Intermediate-depth earthquakes triggered by localized heating in peridotites
T. Ohuchi
82 735 KB
  Mantle dynamics:    
  sacla Effect of ferrous iron on elasticity of bridgmanite: Possible origin of anticorrelated seismic velocity anomaly observed in the lower mantle
H. Fukui, S. Kamada and A. Yoneda
84 1 MB
  Core dynamics:    
  sacla Melting experiments on Fe–Fe3S system to 254 GPa
K. Hirose
86 654 KB
  X-ray fluorescence analysis:    
    Ancient glassware that traveled the Silk Road
Y. Abe
88 756 KB
  Industrial Applications    
  Body soap:    
    Disruption of human stratum corneum lipid structure by sodium dodecyl sulfate
K. Yanase and I. Hatta
90 4.3 MB
  Automotive tires:    
    HAXPES for a better tire performance: Chemical state analysis of adhesive interface between rubber and steel cords
K. Ozawa, T. Kakubo and N. Amino
92 877 KB
  Synthetic fibers:    
    Effects of spinning speed and draw ratio on the fibril structure development of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fiber after neck-drawing
Y. Ohkoshi, R. Tomisawa and K. H. Kim
94 701 KB
  Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 96 185 KB
    Beam Performance 97 355 KB
  New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology    
    • A new high-resolution X-ray spectrometer for studying electronic dynamics
D. Ishikawa and A. Q. R. Baron
98 791 KB
    • Fresnel zone plate with apodized aperture for hard X-ray Gaussian beam optics
A. Takeuchi, K. Uesugi and Y. Suzuki
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    Beam Performance 102 478 KB
  Facility Frontiers 103 441 KB
    SPring-8 Facility Status 104 1.8 MB
Machine Operation
User Program and Statistics
Research Outcome
Budget and Personnel
Research Complex
SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)
Outreach Activities
    SACLA Facility Status 116 456 KB

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