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SPring-8/SACLA Research Frontiers 2020

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Scientific Frontiers 7 835 KB
    Recent progress in advanced SR characterization of fuel cells at SPring-8
Y. Iwasawa
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    Recent achievements using X-ray fluorescence holography and photoelectron holography
K. Hayashi and T. Matsushita
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  Life Science    
  Protein crystallography:    
    Crystal structure of the first orphan GPCR
X. Lin and F. Xu
16 1.6 MB
    Crystal structure of an antagonist-bound ghrelin receptor
Y. Shiimura, S. Iwata and M. Kojima
18 1.4 MB
    Structural basis for the inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum hexose transporter
X. Jiang and N. Yan
20 2 MB
    Structural insights into isoform-selective regulators of mammalian Cryptochromes
S. Miller and T. Hirota
22 1.4 MB
    Structural basis of the intracellular interaction between type IIa receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases and Liprin-α
S. Fukai
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  Protein Crystallization:    
    A new powerful research tool for GPCR structure determination
H. Miyagi, S. Iwata and J. Saito
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  Drug Delivery System:    
    Characterizing DDS nanoparticles containing therapeutic DNAs or RNAs
M. Sakuragi and K. Sakurai
28 1.9 MB
    Exercise regulates microRNAs to preserve coronary and cardiac function in the diabetic heart
D. O. Schwenke, K. Umetani and J. T. Pearson
30 1.4 MB
  Cancer Chemotherapy:    
    Visualization of platinum accumulation by synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence in cancer tumor of patients treated with oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy
M. Nishibori and R. Koba
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  Physical Science    
  Valence Electron Distribution:    
    Direct determination of 3d orbital state in perovskite-titanate by synchrotron X-ray diffraction
S. Kitou and H. Sawa
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  Gate Adsorption Kinetics:    
    Time-resolved in situ X-ray powder diffraction measurements to clarify the kinetic nature of adsorption-induced structural transition on metal-organic frameworks
S. Hiraide, M. T. Miyahara and H. Tanaka
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  Solid-liquid Interface:    
    Early stages of iron passivation: defective growth of oxide layer observed by quick X-ray reflectometry
Y. Wakabayashi
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  Quasi-elastic Scattering:    
    Direct observation of molecular motions in soft materials: study of basic and applicational liquid crystal systems
M. Saito
40 1.3 MB
  High-resolution Compton Scattering:    
    Extreme Fermi surface smearing in maximally disordered NiFeCoCr solid solution
S. B. Dugdale
42 1.3 MB
  Order within Disorder:    
    Understanding diffraction patterns of disordered materials
S. Kohara, Y. Onodera and O. Sakata
44 1.6 MB
  Liquid Structure:    
    Very sharp diffraction peak in dense oxide liquid with the formation of distorted tetraclusters
C. Koyama, S. Kohara and T. Ishikawa
46 1.7 MB
  Magnetic Compton Scattering:    
    Depth dependence of spin-specific magnetic hysteresis loop observed by magnetic Compton scattering
N. Tsuji
48 1.1 MB
  Optical Vortex:    
    X-ray microscope for discriminating spiral orientation of structures inside materials
Y. Kohmura
50 1.5 MB
  Phonon Softening:    
    Nematic correlation length in iron-based superconductors probed by inelastic X-ray scattering
A. M. Merritt, F. Weber and D. Reznik
52 1.3 MB
  Peritectic Solidification:    
    Impact of massive-like ferrite to austenite transformation during and after solidification on microstructure evolution in steels
H. Yasuda
54 1.9 MB
  Magnetization Reversal:    
    Observation of magnetization reversal process for (Sm,Ce)2(Co,Fe,Cu,Zr)17 magnets by soft X-ray magnetic circular dichroism microscopy
Y. Matsuura, R. Tamura, K. Ishigami and T. Nakamura
56 1.9 MB
  HAXPES Depth Profiling:    
    Skewing of electronic band along the direction of electric polarization in ferroelectrics
J. Kano and N. Oshime
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  c-f Hybridization:    
    Electronic structure of Yb compounds probed by hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy
H. Sato
60 1.3 MB
  Bulk Photovoltaic Effect:    
    Evidence of Fermi level tuning in multiferroic BiFeO3 thin films by Mn doping for high photovoltage generation
S. Nakashima and H. Fujisawa
62 1.4 MB
  Nano-beam XMCD:    
    Time-resolved imaging of an operating hard-disk-drive write head using nanobeam X-ray magnetic circular dichroism
H. Suto, A. Kikitsu and Y. Kotani
64 2 MB
  High-pressure Physics:    
    High-pressure X-ray diffraction studies of the supercritical fluid of hydrogen
Y. Akahama
66 1.1 MB
  Cluster Dynamics:    
  sacla Ultrafast structural dynamics of highly excited nanoparticles in intense laser fields
T. N. Hiraki, Y. Kumagai, K. Nagaya and K. Ueda
68 1.3 MB
  Photo-induced Demagnetization:    
  sacla Studying ultrafast dynamics of element-dependent magnetization dynamicsin ferromagnetic Co/Pt multilayer thin films using femtosecond X-ray magneto-optical Kerr effect measurement
K. Yamamoto and H. Wadati
70 1 MB
  Nuclear Physics:    
    Search for ηʹ-meson bound nuclei using a GeV photon beam
N. Muramatsu and N. Tomida
72 2.6 MB
  Chemical Science    
  Crystal Volume Shrinkage:    
    Charge transfer transitions stemming from 6s0 and 6s2 charge degree of freedom in valence skipping Bi and Pb ions
M. Azuma, T. Nishikubo and Y. Sakai
74 2.8 MB
    Identification of Fe3+ single-atom sites for CO2 conversion to CO using operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy
J. Gu, C.-S. Hsu, H. M. Chen and X. Hu
76 2.4 MB
  Nonlinear Multiple Ionization:    
  sacla Formation of Xe 4d double-core-hole states in intense EUV-FEL fields studied by multielectron-ion coincidence spectroscopy
M. Fushitani, Y. Hikosaka and A. Hishikawa
78 1.3 MB
  Chemical Bond Formation:    
  sacla Femtosecond X-ray liquidography captures the birth of molecular vibrations mediating bond formation
J. Goo Kim, S. Adachi and H. Ihee
80 2.6 MB
  Colorimetric Humidity Sensor:    
    A novel porous molecular crystal that varies its color in response to the change in surrounding humidity
H. Yamagishi and Y. Yamamoto
82 1.7 MB
  Porous Material:    
    Structural characterization of acid-responsive hydrogen-bonded organic frameworks with permanent porosity
I. Hisaki and Y. Suzuki
84 2.7 MB
  Molecular Cage:    
    Formation of large confined spherical space with small aperture using flexible hexa-substituted sumanene
Y. Yakiyama and H. Sakurai
86 2.1 MB
  Artificial Ion Channel:    
    Tubular aggregate with hydrophilic interior formed by one-dimensional assembly of cyclic peptide amphiphile in nonpolar organic media
S. Kanazawa and I. Akiba
88 1.2 MB
  Haem Dynamics:    
  sacla Unravelling the “transition-state” of the respiratory function
M. Chergui
90 1.9 MB
  Dioxin Formation:    
    Mechanistic investigation of chromium-chloride-promoted formation of dioxins by in situ XAFS
M. Zhang, T. Fujimori and M. Takaoka
92 1.3 MB
  Radioactive Microparticle Analysis:    
    Characterization of two types of cesium-bearing microparticle (CsMP) emitted from the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident using multiple synchrotron radiation analyses
H. Miura and Y. Takahashi
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  Earth & Planetary Sciense    
  Earth’s Core:    
    Equation of state of liquid iron under extreme conditions
Y. Kuwayama and K. Hirose
96 1 MB
  Earth’s Mantle:    
  Viscosity measurement of silicate melts under mantle conditions infers the primordial structure of Earth’s silicate mantle
L. Xie and A. Yoneda
98 1.7 MB
  Earth Science:    
    Phase transition of aluminium hydroxide at extremely high pressure
M. Nishi
100 1.7 MB
  Historical Geology:    
    What happened after the meteoroid impact at the end of the Cretaceous Period? - Paleoenvironmental reconstruction based on synchrotron XRF images
T. Maruoka
102 1.4 MB
  Planetary Science:    
    In situ preservation of nitrogen-bearing organic matter in carbonates from ancient Mars
M. Koike, R. Nakada and T. Usui
104 1.6 MB
  Industrial Applications    
  Steel Structural Mechanics:    
    Microscopic 3-dimensional stress distribution inside crystalline grains of bulk steel under plastic deformation measured by scanning 3-dimensional X-ray diffraction microscopy
Y. Hayashi, D. Setoyama and H. Kimura
106 1.7 MB
  Polymer Science:    
    Interpenetration of polymer chains on particle surfaces in latex films determined by small-angle X-ray scattering
T. Kureha
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  Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 110 730 KB
  Beam Performance - Recent update on accelerators 111 813 KB
  New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology    
    • Development of X-ray imaging detector for 200 keV X-ray microtomography
M. Hoshino, K. Uesugi and N.Yagi
112 1.7 MB
    • A high-efficient X-ray emission spectrometer of SPring-8 BL39XU beamline
N. Kawamura
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    Beam Performance 116 1.5 MB
  Facility Status 118 706 KB
    SPring-8 Facility Status 119 3.1 MB
 Machine Operation
 User Program and Statistics
 Research Outcome
 SPring-8 Users Community (SPRUC)
    SACLA Facility Status 132 600 KB

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