SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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Research Frontiers 2006

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Contents 1 457
Editor's Note 6 76
Preface 7 1,009
Scientific Frontiers 8 212
  A Place in the "X-ray" Sun - Endeavors at Frontiers of Research
M. Takata

9 6,349
  Life Science: Structural Biology 13 127
    Crystal Structures of a Bacterial Multidrug Transporter Reveal a Functionally Rotating Mechanism
S. Murakami
14 1,638
    Crystal Structure of the DsbB-DsbA Complex Reveals a Mechanism of
Disulfide Bond Generation
K. Inaba and K. Ito

16 1,024
    Substrate Translocation Mechanism of Membrane-binding ATP-dependent Protease FtsH
R. Suno, M. Yoshida and K. Morikawa
18 1,229
    Structural Basis for RNA Unwinding Caused by DEAD-box Protein Drosophila Vasa
T. Sengoku and S. Yokoyama
20 735
    How RNA Guides Pseudouridine Formation
K. Ye and L. Li

22 893
    Structural Basis for Histone N-terminal Peptides Recognition by Human Peptidylarginine Deiminase 4
K. Arita, T. Shimizu, H. Hashimoto and M. Sato
24 721
    Structural Basis of Bioluminescent Color Control in Firefly Luciferase
T. Nakatsu
26 844
    Structure of Geranylgeranyl Pyrophosphate Synthase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Mechanism of Product Chain Length Determination of trans-prenyltransferases
T. H. Chang, P. H. Liang and A. H. J. Wang
28 1,229
    Crystal Structures of γ - Glutamyltranspeptidase from Escherichia coli and its Reaction Intermediate
K. Fukuyama and T. Okada
30 668
    Signaling Pathway in Two-component Regulatory System Revealed by Combination of X-ray Crystallography and Solution Scattering Technique
S. Yamada, S. Akiyama and Y. Shiro
32 575
    Quaternary-structure Change of Fatty Acid β-Oxidation Multienzyme Complex as Revealed by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Analysis
D. Tsuchiya
34 938
    Scaling Relationship in Initially Collapsed Conformation of Protein Folding
S. Takahashi and T. Fujisawa
36 970
    Microbeam X-ray Diffraction Study on Insulin Spherulites
N. Yagi
38 530
    Research Activities from Individual Analysis Program of the National Project on Protein Structural and Functional Analyses (Protein 3000 Project)
K. Miki
40 3,891
    Research Activities of the Comprehensive Analysis Program in the National Project on Protein Structural and Functional Analyses (Protein 3000 Project)
S. Yokoyama
42 3,482
  Life Science: Medical Biology 44 137
    Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Domains in Outermost Layer of Skin that Play Important Role in Barrier Function
I. Hatta, N. Ohta and N. Yagi
45 731
    Fine Structure of Porous Canal Network in Cortical Bone
T. Matsumoto
47 575
    Dose Distribution of Microplanar Beam Array for Microbeam Radiation Therapy
M. Torikoshi
49 766
  Materials Science: Structure 51 161
    Accurate Structure Factors from Synchrotron Powder Diffraction Data at SPring-8
E. Nishibori, S. Aoyagi and M. Sakata
52 761
    Structural Basis for Fast Phase Change of DVD-RAM
S. Kohara, N. Yamada and M. Takata
54 705
    Element-specific Surface X-ray Diffraction Study of GaAs Surfaces
M. Takahasi
56 764
    Cd-Yb Alloy Rich in Order-disorder Transitions - Clue to Understanding of Nature of Quasicrystalline Icosahedral Lattice -
T. Watanuki
58 825
    New Helical Chain Structure for Scandium at 240 GPa
Y. Akahama, H. Fujihisa and H. Kawamura
60 1,434
    O8 Cluster in the ε Phase of Solid Oxygen
H. Fujihisa, Y. Akahama and Y. Ohishi
62 985
    X-ray-induced Dissociation of H2O and Formation of an O2-H2 Compound at High Pressure
W. Mao
64 3,891
  Materials Science: Electronic & Magnetic Properties 66 346
    Low-Energy Charge-Density Excitations in MgB2: Striking Interplay between Single-Particle and Collective Behavior for Large Momenta
Y. Q. Cai and A.G. Eguiluz
67 661
    Incident Energy and Polarization Dependent RIXS Study of La2CuO4
J. N. Hancock, G. Chabot -Couture and M. Greven
69 315
    Coexistence of Localized and Itinerant eg Electrons in a Bilayer Manganite
A. Koizumi
71 876
    Electronic Structure of Heavy Fermion Superconductors
S. Fujimori
73 490
    Electronic Structure of LaNiO3 Thin Films Studied by Soft X-ray Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
S. Shin
75 515
    Interatomic Coulombic Decay from Auger Final States in Argon Dimer
Y. Morishita, N. Saito, I. H. Suzuki and K. Ueda
77 313
    Recoil Effects in High-energy Molecular Core-level Photoemission
E. Kukk and K. Ueda
79 322
    Field-induced Lattice Staircase in a Frustrated Antiferromagnet CuFeO2
N. Terada, Y. Narumi and K. Katsumata
81 830
    Direct Observation of Step-induced Magnetic Domain Formation in Manganite Films
H. Kumigashira, T. Taniuchi and M. Oshima
83 694
    Microscopic Origin and Role of Uncompensated Antiferromagnetic Spins in Mn-Ir Based Exchange Biased Bilayers
M. Tsunoda, T. Nakamura and C. Mitsumata
85 557
    Thickness-degradation-free Dielectric Thin Films
H. Funakubo and O. Sakata
87 763
  Chemical Science 89 137
    Study on Structural Change of Pd Nanoparticles with Hydrogen Absorption/Desorption Process
H. Kobayashi, M. Yamauchi, H. Kitagawa and M. Takata
90 668
    Guest-Induced Instant and Reversible Crystal-to-Crystal Transformation of 1,4-bis(ferrocenylethynyl)anthraquinone
M. Kondo, H. Nishihara and E. Nishibori
92 944
    Observation of Gas Adsorption Process on Porous Coordination Polymer by X-ray Diffraction
Y. Kubota, M. Takata and S. Kitagawa
94 815
    First Direct Observation of Nano-Nucleation by Small Angle X-ray Scattering on Polymers
K. Okada, K. Watanabe and M. Hikosaka
96 585
    Structural Model of a Poly(vinyl-alcohol) Film Uniaxially Stretched in Water
T. Miyazaki
98 661
    Characterization and Degradation Behavior of Segmented Poly(urethaneurea)s with Lysine-Based Diisocyanate
A. Takahara, M. Hadano and S. Sasaki
100 1,126
    In situ Investigation of Annealing Effect on Higher-order Structure of Polyethylene Thin Films by Synchrotron Grazing-incidence Small-angle and Wide-angle X-ray Scattering
S. Sasaki, H. Okuda and M. Takata
102 879
    Structural Transition of Poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate] Single Crystals on Heating as Revealed by SAXS and WAXD
M. Fujita, T. Iwata and K. Ito
104 476
    Synchrotron Radiation Research for Progress of Self-regenerative Function to Rh-, and Pt-perovskite Catalysts
H. Tanaka and Y. Nishihata
106 830
    Nuclear Spectroscopy of Nitrogenase and Hydrogenase
S. P. Cramer, Y. Xiao and Y. Guo
108 489
  Earth & Planetary Science 110 132
    Composition, Mineralogy, and Three-dimensional Structures of Particles Derived from Short-period Comet Wild 2
T. Nakamura and A. Tsuchiyama
111 421
    Anomalous Compression of Basaltic Magma: Implications to Pressure-induced Structural Change in Silicate Melt
S. Urakawa, T. Sakamaki and E. Ohtani
113 286
    Higher-pressure Generation to Simulate the Earth's Deep Interior
Y. Tange and T. Irifune
115 606
    Post-perovskite Phase Transition in Earth's Deep Mantle
K. Hirose
117 426
  Environmental Science 119 137
    Study of Mechanisms for Transportation and Storage of Heavy Metals in Cadmium Hyperaccumulator Plant Using High-energy μ-XRF Analysis
A. Hokura, N. Kitajima, Y. Terada and I. Nakai
120 337
    Thermal Treatment of Soil Contaminated by Organic Arsenic Compounds
H. Harada, S. Hamano and M. Takaoka
122 461
    Reductive Aggregation and Oxidative Redispersion of Silver Species as a Crucial Step in De-NOx Catalysis
K. Shimizu
124 249
    New Method to Observe Chemical Reactions at the Solid-water Interface by QXAFS Combined with a Column Reactor
S. Mitsunobu, Y. Takahashia and T. Uruga
126 635
    Detection of Very Small Amount of Asbestos by Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction
K. Kato
128 324
  Industrial Applications 130 122
    Evaluation of phase separation of Hf-silicate films by In-Plane SAXS
N. Satou and M. Takahashi
131 749
    Evaluation of global and local strain induced for carrier mobility enhancement in Si substrates
A. Ogura
133 305
    Interfacial Magnetic Structure of Mn between Ferromagnetic / Antiferromagnetic Bilayers in Magnetic Sensor Heads
T. Hirano, T. Nakamura and H. Osawa
135 816
    Real Time Monitoring of an Electrochemical Reaction Inside a Fuel Cell: A time-resolved Hard X-ray Diffraction Study
H. Imai and K. Izumi
137 886
    Crystal Structure Analysis of La-Mg-Ni-based Hydrogen Storage Alloys
M. Watada and T. Ozaki
139 472
    Evaluation of Local Homogeneity Fluctuation of Sinter of Small Chip MLCCs by Mid-infrared Spectroscopy
K. Tsuzuku, T. Hagiwara, S. Takeokaa and Y. Ikemoto
141 931
    Nondestructive Three-dimensional Observation of Crystal Defects in Single Crystal CaF2 by Step-scanning White X-ray Section Topography
T. Mukaide
143 789
    Structural Study on One-dimensionally Aligned Polyfluorene Thin Films for Application of Polarized Organic Light-emitting Diode
Y. Yoshida, M. Misaki and K. Fujisawa
145 381
    Deformation Behavior of Isotactic Polypropylene Spherulite during Hot Drawing Investigated by Simultaneous Microbeam SAXS-WAXS and POM Measurement
Y. Nozue, Y. Shinohara and Y. Amemiya
147 509
    Application of Wide Angle X-ray Diffraction to Hair Conditioners
N. Sano
149 203
    Three-dimensional Imaging of Fatigue Cracks by Microtomography with Refractive Contrast Effect
Y. Sano and K. Masaki
151 388
    Where do Crystals Start to Grow and How is the Microstructure Evolved? - Solidification of Zn-Al Alloys for Improving Zn-coated Steel Sheets -
H. Yasuda and H. Harada
153 624
  Instrumentation & Methodology 155 129
    Mail-in Data Collection and Beamline Automation at SPring-8 Structural Biology Beamlines
G. Ueno, N. Okazaki and K. Hasegawa
156 961
    High-resolution Powder Diffraction from Purple Membrane
T. Oka
158 1,843
    Photoelectrons Kicks Back: Recoil Effects in Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Y. Takata and Y. Kayanuma
160 303
    Application of Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) Method to Materials Physics
A. Higashiya, S. Suga and T. Ishikawa
162 426
    Picosecond X-ray Stroboscopy Probing Crystal Lattice Deformation Induced by Pulsed Laser Irradiation
Y. Tanaka and Y. Hayashi
164 529
    Nuclear Excitation by Electron Transition on 197Au around the K-absorption Edge
S. Kishimoto
166 255
    Reinforcement of High Tc Superconducting Bulk Rings for Short-Period Undulators
T. Tanaka
168 222
    Single-shot High-resolution Spectrometry for X-ray Free-electron Laser
M. Yabashi, K. Yamauchi and T. Ishikawa
170 344
  Nuclear Physics 172 105
    K+Meson Photoproduction off the Neutron at BL33LEP
H. Kohri
173 259
    Search for the Pentaquark Baryon Associated with Photoproduction of Λ(1520) from a Liquid Deuterium Target
N. Muramatsu
175 358
Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 177 178
  Beam Performance 178 1,843
    Developments and Upgrades of Storage Ring
    Developments and Upgrades of Linac
  New Apparatus & Upgrades 187 683
    Status of Engineering Research Science II Beamline BL14B2
    Diamond Double-crystal Monochromator for SPring-8 Undulator Beamlines
Facility Status 190
  General 191
  Machine Operation 193
  Beamlines 194
  Proposal Scheme, Utilization Statistics and Research Outcome 198
  Budget and Personnel 202
  Research Complex 203
Project XFEL 207 101
  First Lasing of SCSS Test Accelerator 208 401

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