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Research Frontiers 2011

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Scientific Frontiers 9 797 kB
  A Place in the "X-ray" Sun – 2011 Breaktrought of the Year 10 773 kB
  Life Science: Structural Biology 14 1.4 MB
    Structure of photosystem II oxygen-evolving complex at 1.9 Å resolution
Y. Umena, K. Kawakami, J. R. Shen and N. Kamiya
16 852 kB
    Nitric oxide reductase; a key enzyme in understanding structural and functional conversionof respiratory enzymes in their molecular evolution
Y. Shiro
18 258 kB
    Crystal structure of O2-tolerant [NiFe] hydrogenase reveals the mechanism of O2-tolerance attributable to a redox-dependent conformational change of [4Fe-3S] cluster
Y. Shomura and Y. Higuchi
20 216 kB
    Crystal structure of SecDF, a Sec translocon-associated membrane protein
T. Tsukazaki and O. Nureki
22 277 kB
    The flagellar type III protein export apparatus and F/V type ATPases share a common architecture
K. Imada, T. Minamino and K. Namba
24 438 kB
    Crystal structure of the proton pumping rhodopsin ARII from marine alga Acetabularia acetabulum
T. Wada and S. Yokoyama
26 282 kB
    X-ray structure of functional full-length dynein motor domain
T. Kon, K. Sutoh and G. Kurisu
28 308 kB
    Structure of florigen activation complex
I. Ohki, K. Shimamoto and C. Kojima
30 230 kB
    Crystal structure of the human CENP-A nucleosome: Implications for the molecular architecture of centromeric chromatin
H. Tachiwana, W. Kagawa and H. Kurumizaka
32 256 kB
    Structural basis of type II topoisomerase inhibition by the anticancer drug etoposide
C. C. Wu, T. K. Li and N. L. Chan
34 300 kB
  Life Science: Medical Biology 36 937 kB
    A new approach for structure analysis of two-dimensional membrane protein crystals using X-ray powder diffraction data
R. A. Dilanian
38 327 kB
    Hard X-ray Fourier transform holography from an array of oriented referenced objects
H. Iwamoto
40 273 kB
    Discontinuities in the gradient index structure of eye lenses
M. Hoshino, N. Yagi and B. Pierscionek
42 289 kB
    Phase-contrast X-ray imaging of auditory ossicles in osteopetrotic mice
K. Matsuo, N. Nango and A. Momose
44 277 kB
    Visualization of circadian ticking of cyanobacterial clock protein KaiC in real time
A. Mukaiyama, T. Kondo and S. Akiyama
46 562 kB
  Materials Science: Structure 48 865 kB
    Discovery of iron-based superconductor with platinum arsenide layers
M. Nohara and H. Sawa
50 688 kB
    Colossal negative thermal expansion in BiNiO3 induced by intermetallic charge transfer
M. Azuma, M. Mizumaki and T. Watanuki
52 350 kB
    Structural and valence transitions of EuHx exposed to high pressure H2 conditions
T. Matsuoka and K. Shimizu
54 669 kB
    Orbital state of excited electron identified by polarization-analyzed resonant inelastic X-ray scattering
K. Ishii, S. Ishihara and Y. Murakami
56 289 kB
    Atomic and electronic structures of binary silicate glasses
S. Kohara and J. Akola
58 632 kB
    Application of polyelectrolytes to novel adhesion system
M. Kobayashi, M. Kikuchi and A. Takahara
60 394 kB
  Materials Science: Electronic & Magnetic Properties 62 1.1 MB
    Ferroelectric transition and soft-phonon dynamics associated with off-center displacement of magnetic ions in perovskite Sr1–x Bax MnO3
H. Sakai, Y. Taguchi and Y. Tokura
64 420 kB
    Imaging doped holes in a cuprate superconductor
Y. Sakurai and K. Yamada
66 761 kB
    Change of electronic structure from itinerant to localized state in heavy-fermion Ce compound : A Compton scattering study
A. Koizumi
68 729 kB
    Discovery of paramagnetism with anomalously large magnetic susceptibility in high-pressure phase β(fcc)-cobalt
N. Ishimatsu
70 375 kB
    High-magnetic-field soft X-ray spectroscopy using a 30 T pulse magnet
T. Nakamura and Y. Narumi
72 370 kB
    Linear and circular magnetic dichroism in angle-resolved hard X-ray photoemission from Heusler compounds
G. H. Fecher
74 452 kB
    Clarifying bonding nature in aluminum hydride using soft X-ray synchrotron radiation
Y. Takeda
76 361 kB
  Chemical Science 78 805 kB
    Observation of free-electron-laser-induced collective spontaneous emission (superfluorescence)
M. Nagasono, J. R. Harries, H. Iwayama and E. Shigemasa
80 370 kB
    Interatomic electronic decay following multiple ionization of rare gas dimers
K. Ueda, K. Sakai and H. Fukuzawa
82 543 kB
    Multifunctional porous crystals by hybridizing coordination polymers
K. Hirai, O. Sakata, S. Kitagawa and S. Furukawa
84 238 kB
    Structural memory effect in solid-state transformation of kinetic coordination networks
J. Martí-Rujas and M. Kawano
86 525 kB
    Single crystal structure determination using synchrotron X-ray of molecular spheres synthesized by temporary labilization of the metal-ligand association
S. Sato and M. Fujita
88 188 kB
    Heterogeneous nanoscale structure in alkyl-methylimidazolium bromide ionic liquids: a step towards greener solvents?
B. Aoun, M. A. González and M.-L. Saboungi
90 674 kB
    Ethanol-water structures at the microschopic level studied by X-ray Compton scattering: extreme sensitivity to geometries
M. Hakala, I. Juurinen and K. Nakahara
92 276 kB
    Green ammonia synthesis from nitrate with photocatalytically generated hydrogen on CuPd nanoalloys supported by TiO2
M. Yamauchi, R. Abe and K. Kato
94 305 kB
    μ-XAFS analysis of a single catalyst particle of NiOx/Ce2Zr2Oy on a SiO2 membrane using X-ray μ-beam
M. Tada, N. Ishiguro and T. Uruga
96 381 kB
  Earth & Planetary Science 98 1.1 MB
    Three-dimensional structures of Hayabusa samples using X-ray microtomography
A. Tsuchiyama
100 480 kB
    Melting relation of FeS-H system under high pressure: Implications for the core of Ganymede
Y. Shibazaki, E. Ohtani and H. Terasaki
102 294 kB
    Effect of iron content on electrical conductivity of ferropericlase with implications for the spin transition pressure
T. Yoshino
104 260 kB
    Phase transition in FeO and its implications for two-layered convection in Earth’s outer core
H. Ozawa
106 1.3 MB
    Spin crossover and iron-rich silicate melt in the Earth’s deep mantle
K. Hirose
108 306 kB
  Environmental Science 110 779 kB
    Metal complexation inhibits the effect of oxalic acid in aerosols as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN)
Y. Takahashi
112 487 kB
    Speciation of iodine in soil-water system based on XANES and HPLC-ICP-MS
Y. S. Togo, Y. Takahashi and Y. Terada
114 335 kB
    Chlorinated aromatics in municipal-solid-waste fly ash inhibited by thermochemical zinc behavior
T. Fujimori and M. Takaoka
116 280 kB
    Presence of HgSe(tiemannite) in various tissues of the striped dolphin: evidence obtained by μ-XRF-XRD and XAFS analyses
I. Nakai, Y. Terada and A. Hokura
118 786 kB
    Identification of wood of archaeological heritages by X-ray micro-CT imaging
S. Tazuru-Mizuno and J. Sugiyama
120 249 kB
  Industrial Applications 122 927 kB
    Investigation of the extraction method for hexavalent chromium in plastic samples
M. Oki
124 425 kB
    In situ analysis of electrochemical reaction inside a fuel cell: Growth limit in behavior of platinum oxides formed on Pt-skin layers on Pt-Co bimetallic electrocatalysts
H. Imai
126 277 kB
    Study of mixed ionic–electronic conduction mechanism in perovskite oxides using Rietveld refinements and the maximum-entropy method analysis of in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction data
T. Itoh, K. Osaka and I. Hirosawa
128 306 kB
    Structure analysis of acrylic emulsion particles and films by small-angle X-ray scattering
T. Yamamoto, T. Inoue and K. Kida
130 272 kB
    Imaging of polymer foam by three-dimensional computed tomography
J. Tateishi and T. Nishiwaki
132 420 kB
  Nuclear Physics 134 2.3 MB
    Evidence for the κ(800) meson exchange in γp → Κ*0 Σ+ reaction at Eγ = 1.85 - 3.0 GeV
J. K. Ahn
136 283 kB
    LEPS2: the new high-intensity GeV photon beamline BL31LEP
M. Yosoi
138 318 kB
Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 140 723 kB
  Beam Performance 141  
    Developments and Upgrades of Storage Ring and Booster Synchrotron 141 843 kB
    Developments and Upgrades of Linac 146 124 kB
  New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology 147  
    The RISING (Research & Development Initiative for Scientific Innovation of New Generation Batteries) beamline 147 592 kB
    A high-flux undulator beamline for high-resolution inelastic X-ray scattering 149 264 kB
    The SR nanobeam analysis center for green/nanotechnologies at BL37XU and BL39XU 151 311 kB
    Cheating the diffraction limit using X-ray nonlinear diffraction 153 283 kB
    Direct observation of X-ray induced atomic motion using SR-based STM 155 341 kB
    Two-dimensional approach to fluorescence yield XANES measurement using silicon drift detector 157 3.4 MB
Facility Status 159 588 kB
    Introduction 160 95 kB
    Machine Operation 162 227 kB
    Beamlines 163 398 kB
    User Program and Statistics 166 516 kB
    Research Outcome 168 205 kB
    Budget and Personnel 168 205 kB
    Research Complex 169 330 kB
    Users Societies, Conferences and Other Activities 171 789 kB
SACLA 173 93 kB
    Construction and Operation Status of SACLA 174 506 kB
NewSUBARU 178 757 kB
    Major Activity of NewSUBARU 179 686 kB

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