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Research Frontiers 2012

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Preface 7 989 kB
Editor's Note 8 649 kB
Scientific Frontiers 9 686 kB
  Life Science: Structural Biology 10 1.4 MB
    Crystal structure of channelrhodopsin light-gated cation channel
H. E. Kato, R. Ishitani and O. Nureki
12 1.1 MB
    Structure and function of dimeric assembly in voltage-gated H+ channel
Y. Fujiwara, A. Nakagawa and Y. Okamura
14 1.2 MB
    Structural insights into a bacterial homologue of glucose transporters GLUT1-4
L. Sun and N. Yan
16 985 kB
    Crystal structure of membrane-bound pyrophosphatase, a primary proton pump
S.-M. Lin, J.-Y. Tsai, R.-L. Pan and Y.-J. Sun
18 1.1 MB
    Structure of a presenilin family intramembrane aspartate protease
S. Dang and Y. Shi
20 1.1 MB
    Peristaltic mechanism of bacterial multidrug efflux transport
R. Nakashima and A. Yamaguchi
22 1.1 MB
    Crystal structure of Shigella flexneri effector OspI
T. Mizushima, T. Sanada, M. Kim and C. Sasakawa
24 1.2 MB
    The 2.8 Å crystal structure of dynein motor domain
T. Kon and G. Kurisu
26 1.1 MB
    Crystal structure of CENP-TWSX: A novel histone-fold complex at eukaryotic centromere
T. Nishino and T. Fukagawa
28 1.1 MB
    Crystal structure of Zucchini, an essential endoribonuclease for piRNA biogenesis
H. Nishimasu and O. Nureki
30 1 MB
  Life Science: Medical Biology 32 1.3 MB
    A compact intermediate state of calmodulin in the process of target binding
Y. Yamada, T. Matsuo, H. Iwamoto and N. Yagi
34 1 MB
    Optimization of calcium concentration of saliva with phosphoryl oligosaccharides of calcium (POs-Ca) for tooth enamel recrystallization in the early stage of caries
T. Tanaka, T. Kobayashi and H. Kamasaka
36 1.1 MB
    Beneficial effects of vitamin K on morphometric and material bone properties during growth
T. Matsumoto
38 1.1 MB
    Phase-contrast X-ray microtomography of mouse fetus
M. Hoshino, K. Uesugi and N. Yagi
40 975 kB
    Functional microangiography of in vivo mouse pulmonary circulation
T. Sonobe, K. Umetani and M. Shirai
42 1.6 MB
  Materials Science: Structure 44 1.2 MB
    Tetra-magnetism: all-in /all-out spin arrangement on the pyrochlore lattice
J. Yamaura
46 1.2 MB
    Nematic and metanematic transitions in iron-based superconductors
T. Shibauchi, S. Kasahara and Y. Matsuda
48 1.2 MB
    Slow dynamics of supercooled liquid o-terphenyl
M. Saito and M. Seto
50 1.2 MB
    Capturing instantaneous lattice distortion of tetragonal BaTiO3 induced by application of voltage for millionths of a second
C. Moriyoshi and Y. Kuroiwa
52 1.1 MB
    Synthesis of hollow spherical cages with polyhedral structures and application to the encapsulation of a whole protein in the cage
S. Sato and M. Fujita
54 901 kB
    "Negative photographic film"-like diffraction phenomenon found in photoelectron energy loss process
F. Matsui, T. Matsushita and H. Daimon
56 1.5 MB
  Materials Science: Electronic & Magnetic Properties 58 1.4 MB
    Mechanism and functionality of perpendicular exchange bias using α-Cr2O3
Y. Shiratsuchi
60 2.6 MB
    Unveiling the hidden paramagnetic nature of diamagnetic bulk gold
M. Suzuki
62 1.2 MB
    A new approach for analyzing electronic properties of high-temperature liquids using high-energy inelastic X-ray scattering
J. T. Okada and P. H.-L. Sit
64 1.5 MB
    Novel mechanism of DNA damage induced by soft X-ray irradiation as observed by an electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy
T. Oka, A. Yokoya and M. Ukai
66 1.1 MB
    Prominent 5d-orbital contribution to the conduction electrons in gold probed by polarization-dependent hard X-ray photoemission
A. Sekiyama, A. Higashiya and S. Imada
68 1.1 MB
    Observation of oscillatory relaxation of surface photovoltage effect by time-resolved soft X-ray photoemission spectroscopy with synchrotron radiation
I. Matsuda
70 1 MB
  Chemical Science 72 1.5 MB
    Visualization of Pt/C cathode catalyst layers in polymer electrolyte assemblies by X-ray computed laminography XANES
T. Saida and M. Tada
74 1.1 MB
    Multiple-decker phthalocyaninato dinuclear terbium (III) single-molecule magnets with dual-magnetic relaxation processes
K. Katoh, N. Yasuda and M. Yamashita
76 784 kB
    Discotic ionic liquid crystals as excellent dispersants for single-walled carbon nanotubes
J. J. Lee and Y. Yamamoto
78 1.5 MB
    A dynamic view of [NiFe] hydrogenase by means of nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy
H. Wang, H. Ogata, W. Lubitz and S. P. Cramer
80 1.5 MB
    Pressure-induced structural change of intermediate-range order in a polymer melt
A. Chiba, N. Funamori and M. Takenaka
82 1.1 MB
    Dinuclear complexes of tetravalent cerium in an aqueous perchloric acid solution
A. Ikeda-Ohno and T. Yaita
84 1.2 MB
    Charge and energy transfer in argon-core-neon-shell clusters irradiated by free electron laser pulses at 62 nm
K. Nagaya, M. Yao, H. Fukuzawa and K. Ueda
86 986 kB
  Earth & Planetary Science 88 1.5 MB
    Interfacial tension of Fe-alloy liquids under pressure: Size of core-forming liquid in terrestrial magma ocean
H. Terasaki
90 975 kB
    Sound velocity measurements in dhcp-FeH by inelastic X-ray scattering method: Implications for the hydrogen concentration in the Earth's core
Y. Shibazaki, E. Ohtani and H. Fukui
92 1.4 MB
    Mineralogical model of lower mantle inferred from high-pressure and -temperature sound velocity data
M. Murakami
94 1.1 MB
    Toward precise thermal/chemical modeling of lower mantle
Y. Tange
96 1.9 MB
    Lattice thermal conductivity of MgSiO3 perovskite and post-perovskite at the core-mantle boundary
K. Ohta
98 1.7 MB
  Environmental Science 100 1.5 MB
    New method of observing in situ microbe-metal-mineral interaction by μ-XAFS-FISH technique
S. Mitsunobu and F. Shiraishi
102 1.3 MB
    Role of node in controlling traffic of cadmium, zinc and manganese toward rice grains
N. Yamaguchi, S. Ishikawa and Y. Terada
104 1.6 MB
    Chemical speciation of Pb in contaminated soils: (Im)mobilization by plant root growth and chemical amendments
Y. Hashimoto, Y.-S. Ok and M. Takaoka
106 1.1 MB
    Changes in iron species and iron solubility in Asian dust during the long-range transport from western China to Japan
Y. Takahashi
108 1.5 MB
  Industrial Applications 110 1.4 MB
    In situ total-reflection XAS study on LiCoO2 electrod/electrolyte interface of lithium-ion batteries
D. Takamatsu
112 1.1 MB
    Structure-property relationships of a semiconducting polymer based on naphthobisthiadiazole
I. Osaka and K. Takimiya
114 1.1 MB
    Development of hard X-ray magnetic circular dichroism microscope and its application to the NdFeB magnet
A. Nambu
116 1.1 MB
    X-ray microbeam three-dimensional topography imaging and strain analysis of basal-plane dislocations and threading edge dislocations in 4H-SiC
R. Tanuma
118 1 MB
    Synchrotron microbeam X-ray diffraction system provides an important hint for developing better carbon fiber
T. Kobayashi, K. Sumiya and K. Tashiro
120 1.5 MB
    Shear-induced conformational fluctuations of polystyrene probed by 2D infrared microspectroscopy
Y. Zhao and G. Matsuba
122 1.6 MB
  Nuclear Physics 124 1.3 MB
    New results on Θ‰+ from LEPS
Y. Kato
126 1.3 MB
    High time resolution resistive plate chambers for LEPS2 experiment
N. Tomida
128 1.5 MB
Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 130 1.1 MB
  Beam Performance 131  
    Developments and Upgrades of Storage Ring 131 3.8 MB
  New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology 137  
    Development of quick-scanning X-ray absorption spectroscopy system with servo-motor-driven channel-cut monochromator 137 1.4 MB
    New XAFS beamline BL36XU for catalytic reaction dynamics for fuel cells 139 1.1 MB
Facility Status 141 1.2 MB
    Introduction 142 715 kB
    Machine Operation 144 842 kB
    Beamlines 145 873 kB
    User Program and Statistics 148 1.4 MB
    Research Outcome 150 744 kB
    Budget and Personnel 150 744 kB
    Research Complex 151 856 kB
    Users Societies, Conferences and Other Activities 153 1.1 MB
SACLA 155 669 kB
    Operation Status of SACLA 156 2.6 MB
NewSUBARU 160 767 kB
    LSI mask pattern observation for EUV lithography using lensless microscope 161 942 kB

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Note: The principal publication(s) concerning each article is indicated with all author's names in italics in the list of references.