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Research Frontiers 2013

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  Page Size
Contents 1 763kB
Preface 5 2.2MB
Editor's Note 6 271kB
Scientific Frontiers 7 1.4MB
  Life Science: Structural Biology 8 3.6MB
    Crystal structure of the trypanosome cyanide-insensitive alternative oxidase
T. Shiba, K. Kita and S. Harada
10 1.9MB
    Structure-based drug design of small-molecule Ras inhibitors having anti-tumor activity
S. Fumi and T. Kataoka
12 1.1MB
    Crystal structure of bacterial selenocysteine synthase SelA in complex with tRNASec reveals the selenocysteine formation mechanism in bacteria
Y. Itoh and S. Yokoyama
14 2.1MB
    Molecular recognition mechanism of peroxisomal targeting signal–2, PTS2
D. Pan and H. Kato
16 1.2MB
    Crystal structures of innate immune RNA receptor human TLR8
H. Tanji, U. Ohto and T. Shimizu
18 1.5MB
    Crystal structure of Na+, K+-ATPase with bound sodium ion
C. Toyoshima, H. Ogawa and R. Kanai
20 2.3MB
    Rotation mechanism of V1-ATPase
K. Suzuki and T. Murata
22 1.4MB
    Crystal structure of multidrug transporter MATE
Y. Tanaka, R. Ishitani and O. Nureki
24 2.3MB
    Crystallographic and NMR evidence for flexibility in oligosaccharyltransferases and its catalytic significance
J. Nyirenda, S. Matsumoto and D. Kohda
26 1.4MB
  Life Science: Medical Biology 28 2.7MB
    Wing-beat mechanism of insect revealed by ultrafast X-ray movies
H. Iwamoto and N. Yagi
30 2.6MB
    Irregular organization in the human chromosomes revealed by X-ray scattering
K. Maeshima, Y. Nishino and Y. Joti
32 1.9MB
    Talbot-defocus multiscan tomography to study the lacuno-canalicular network in mouse bone
N. Nango, K. Matsuo and A. Momose
34 1.5MB
    NRVS definition of the non-heme FeIV=O intermediate in a halogenase and its control of reactivity
E. I. Solomon, M. Srnec, S. D. Wong and K. D. Sutherlin
36 827kB
  Materials Science: Structure 38 1.4MB
    Laser pump and synchrotron radiation probe microdiffraction of Ge10Sb90 phase-change nanometer-sized dots
N. Yamada, T. Matsunaga and S. Kimura
40 1.1MB
    Complex host-guest structure of calcium phase VII at high pressure
H. Fujihisa, Y. Nakamoto and M. Sakata
42 2.1MB
    The origin of antiferroelectricity in PbZrO3
S. Vakhrushev, R. Burkovsky and A. Q. Baron
44 2.1MB
    Imaging chirality-domain morphology in racemic mixed crystal of CsCuCl3
H. Ohsumi, Y. Kousaka and T. Arima
46 1.2MB
    Clarification of proton-conducting pathway in a highly oriented crystalline metal-organic framework nanofilm
K. Otsubo, G. Xu and H. Kitagawa
48 1.3MB
    Characterizing self-assembled nanoparticles employed in drug delivery
K. Sakurai
50 1.3MB
  Materials Science: Electronic & Magnetic Properties 52 2.4MB
    Bias-voltage application in a hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study of the interface states at oxide/Si(100) interfaces
Y. Yamashita, T. Chikyow and K. Kobayashi
54 650kB
    Electric field-driven chemical reaction at the buried FeCo/MgO interface for potential use in low power spintronics devices
F. Bonell and Y. Suzuki
56 775kB
    Operando soft X-ray emission spectroscopy of iron phthalocyanine-based oxygen reduction catalysts
H. Niwa, Y. Harada and M. Oshima
58 804kB
    Orbital orientation of the 4f ground state in CeCu2Si2
A. Severing, L. H. Tjeng and N. Hiraoka
60 1.2MB
    Quantum compass interaction in post-perovskite iridate CaIrO3
K. Ohgushi
62 1.2MB
    Spin and orbital magnetization loops obtained using magnetic Compton scattering
M. Itou
64 1.2MB
  Chemical Science 66 3.2MB
    Programmed arraying of metal complexes in a supramolecular system: Stacked assembly of porphyrin and phthalocyanine
K. Tanaka and Y. Yamada
68 1.2MB
    Compton scattering confirmation of the anomalous ground state of the electrons in nano-confined water
G. F. Reiter, A. Deb and S. J. Paddison
70 1.3MB
    A metallic phase of elemental chalcogens: One-dimensional crystals of sulfur inside carbon nanotubes
T. Fujimori
72 1.3MB
    A new class of aluminum-based interstitial hydrides, Al2CuHx
H. Saitoh
74 10MB
    Synchrotron infrared spectroscopy of water on polyelectrolyte brush surface
D. Murakami and A. Takahara
76 987kB
    Sequential multiphoton multiple ionization of xenon atoms by intense X-ray free-electron laser pulses from SACLA
H. Fukuzawa, K. Motomura and K. Ueda
78 586kB
    Attosecond X-ray interaction with core-hole atoms
K. Tamasaku
80 602kB
  Earth & Planetary Science 82 1.8MB
    Separation of supercritical slab-fluids to form aqueous fluid and melt components in subduction zone magmatism
T. Kawamoto, M. Kanzaki and K. Mibe
84 688kB
    A magma "traffic jam" between lithosphere and asthenosphere
T. Sakamaki
86 684kB
    Sound velocity of hexagonal close-packed iron up to core pressures
E. Ohtani
88 970kB
    Decomposition of Fe3S above 250 GPa
H. Ozawa
90 1.1MB
    Generation of pressure over 1 Mbar in the Kawai-type multianvil apparatus
D. Yamazaki
92 882kB
  Environmental Science 94 3.9MB
    Environmental and biological influence on seasonal fluctuations of sulfur in a giant clam shell
T. Yoshimura
96 895kB
    Seasonal changes in Fe species and soluble Fe concentration in the atmosphere in the Northwest Pacific region based on results of the speciation analysis of aerosols collected in Japan
Y. Takahashi
98 1.1MB
    Differences between immobilizations of arsenite and arsenate by calcite
Y. Yokoyama, K.Tanaka and Y. Takahashi
100 921kB
    Thermochemical behavior of lead during formation of chlorinated aromatics determined by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
T. Fujimori and M. Takaoka
102 656kB
  Industrial Applications 104 2MB
    Soft X-ray spectromicroscopic study on graphene toward device applications
H. Fukidome, M. Kotsugi and H. Hibino
106 1.2MB
    Hydration structure around CO2 captured in aqueous amine solutions observed by high energy X-ray scattering
H. Deguchi, N. Yamazaki and Y. Kameda
108 670kB
    Operando XAFS study of Cu/CeO2 for automotive three-way catalysts
Y. Nagai
110 1.9MB
    Visualization of dual-phase structure in duplex stainless steel
D. Seo, H. Toda and M. Kobayashi
112 1.2MB
    Tackling the safety issue of lithium ion batteries at Kyoto University & NEDO beamline
K. Ohara, K. Fukuda and E. Matsubara
114 1.6MB
  Nuclear Physics 116 1.7MB
    LEPS and LEPS2 beamlines - Overview
M. Yosoi
116 1.7MB
    Search for the Kpp bound state using the photon induced reaction at BL33LEP
A. Tokiyasu
118 802kB
Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 120 1.4MB
    Beam Performance  
      Developments and Upgrades of Storage Ring and Linac 121 3.3MB
    New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology  
      New protein crystal mounting method using humidity control and hydrophilic glue coating to improve X-ray diffraction experiments 127 1.4MB
      High repetition rate X-ray chopper for time-resolved measurements 129 1.3MB
    Beam Performance 131 1.2MB
    New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology 133 1.2MB
Facility Status 135 830kB
    Ⅰ. Introduction / Ⅱ. Machine Operation 136 1.7MB
    Ⅲ. Beamlines 138 1MB
    Ⅳ. User Program and Statistics 141 1.4MB
    Ⅴ. Research Outcome / Ⅵ. Budget and Personnel 144 683kB
    Ⅶ. Research Complex 145 935kB
    Ⅷ. Users Societies, Conferences and Other Activities 147 6.4MB
    Ⅰ. Introduction / Ⅱ. Machine Operation & Beamlines / Ⅲ. Beamlines / Ⅴ. Research Outcome 150 3MB
NewSUBARU 152 1.2MB
    Laser Compton scattering γ-ray beamline at NewSUBARU 153 1.4MB

Cover   2.5MB
Colophon   535kB
Back Cover   2.5MB

Note: The principal publication(s) concerning each article is indicated with all author's names in italics in the list of references.